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ARE MILK AND DAIRY PRODUCTS GOOD FOR YOU? – What is the Vedic version?

People come to Vraja and see so many nice cows and say, “Don’t drink milk, this is the cows blood. If you drink milk it is like being a meat eater.” In this way demons come to Vraja and say, “Don’t drink milk. Don’t take buttermilk. Don’t take ghee. Don’t take paneer.” Why do they say like this? Do you really have to serve the cows?  They say if you do not drink milk or take sweet rice then you will also not maintain the cows, then the cows will move around like dogs in the street. No one will take care of them. If you don’t take milk then who will maintain and serve the cows? Then they will become like any ordinary animal that is neglected.

They are even worse than cruel demons that they do not want to let the mother give milk to her child. Just say, “Oh do not let the mother give her milk,” this is better. If you don’t drink milk then where will spiritual power and strength come? Where is the protein? How will you get power in your body? Fruits in the form of mother’s milk and cow milk are not the same. They give benefit to everyone. If you give up  the milk of your mother then  weakness will come within you and will not be able to correct that.

Then you will want to eat animals. This is a demonic tendency. This is against devotion. People who spread these ideas are against the demigods and the Lord. They make all these new policies like don’t take milk. They want you to stop serving the cows of this world. They are go-mata. They are not just cows, they are called go-mata – mothers. Mothers give their milk naturally. When you try to stop mothers from giving milk to their infants, then that is just cruelty. They say, “Do not take paneer, this is like meat, it is like poison.” These are demons! They try to convert good people, and make them like them. Does Krsna not take milk? Krsna maintains everyone with milk in Vraja, and everyone is happy. Was anyone sick taking milk in Vraja. But now we say do not follow Krsna, do not take milk, this milk is poison, do not drink milk. If you associate with these demons it will contaminate your mind. They say don’t eat anything that is mixed with milk, don’t even touch it, not paneer, not cheese, nothing. Such wicked, evil demons!

If you don’t take the cows milk then you become like a demon. If you take milk then a mode of goodness will come – sattva guna. You will get strength to follow dharma and be very powerful and intelligent. But if you don’t take milk then your intelligence will become like dry straw or grass. If you take potatoes then you get a potato mind. If you take grass, your mind will become like grass.

Jagannatha does not take cauliflower or other vegetables. Why? These vegetables are not good. They will make you like a vegetable. But if you take the milk of mother cow then naturally her qualities will come within you, which is sattva-guna. But you don’t want to be sattvic, you don’t want goodness and peace, you only want to fight with people. Therefore you are always fighting with others and trying to stop them from taking shelter of their mothers. In this way you are only spreading the influence of quarrel and fighting in kali-yuga. The rsis and maharsis – sages – would stay in the jungle and serve cows and take the cow milk.

When Visvamitra came to Vasistha’s  ashram what did he see there? He offered pranams. Visvamitra was a King and Vasistha was a very famous sage. When he came Vasistha said, “Oh King you have come here with all your soldiers. If you like I will give spiritual instruction and arrange prasad for all of your soldiers, animals and elephants.”

Visvamitra replied, “Oh you are just a brahmana. You have only a simple ashram. How can you maintain and serve all of us? You cannot even give us water for our elephants, horses and soldiers.”

Vasistha said, “No if you request then I will do it.”

Visvamitra replied, “Ok if you can. To serve the guest is always very good.”

Then Vasistha brought nice water, food and made nice arrangements for everyone. Then Visvamitra said, “Oh how have you done all this so quickly? Even in my palace there is not such nice food arrangements and accommodations. There is not even as much happiness as compared to here. You have fed us all and given nice arrangements for my whole army. How is this possible that you have arranged all this from such a simple ashram?”

Vasistha said, “Oh King. I have one cow, go-mata, she is kama-dhenu – wish-fulfilling – and she gives us everything that we need.” Visvamitra replied, “Oh you have a cow like that? Do you know that whatever  wealth is in the kingdom is to be considered the kings wealth?  So this is my wealth and this is my kingdom and I am going to take her!”

Vasistha said, “Oh, all the property in the kingdom is to be considered the King’s, then take her if you like.” The Surabhi cow said, “If he takes me, then he will not be satisfied by my milk, he will try to take everything. Oh sage will you please protect me?” Vasistha said, “How can I fight with the King?” Surabhi said, “Can I protect myself?” Vasistha said, “Oh yes, if you like.”

Then what did Surabhi cow do? She began to moo very loudly and with that sound so many soldiers appeared. They began to severely beat Visvamitra and all his soldiers. They kicked them very far away, and they all ran. But what happened after that? Their demonic tendency only increased.

So nowadays we are like this. When we see people drinking milk and becoming full of the mode of goodness, intelligent and strong, then what do we do? We say, “Oh do not take milk. This is evil and bad.” We will not let others take milk. They will not let people take ghee, cheese or paneer, or sweets made of milk. They want everyone to stop taking all milk products and have them become weak and foolish. They want to become snakes. They say, “Don’t take go-rasa, this is like blood. Milk and meat are the same. How can you be a devotee and drink milk? Therefore you must stop taking milk.” In this way these demons make so many wicked philosophies to destroy everyone and destroy everyone’s goodness, and to prevent them from getting any spiritual mood.


A mother gives milk for one year, but cows are like mothers who always give milk to their children. But people say, “Oh you are stealing this milk, this is wicked.” But the cows always keep some milk for their calves but they do not give everything to their calves as it would be too much, the calves stomach would be disturbed. So she is maintaining everyone.

In sastra it says the cow is the mother of man as well. Man has seven mothers, and one is the cow. So she is also like the mother of mankind and gives her milk. The cow is very intelligent. She will always save some milk for her calf. Even if you milk her, afterwards she will have some milk for her calf separately. Her milk is for everyone also. She will give that milk if she is taken care of with her love. So those who are caring for her nicely are not wicked people.

What is her mood? She thinks, “Oh I am a mother. My life is for service. I have taken birth just to serve.” So if we do not let her serve, then this is very foolish intelligence. It is like are trying to enter into the mode of ignorance, and are going on the pathway to hell like the other lower species of snakes that do not take milk. If people take milk and become sattvic then this milk has the power to protect you. It can free you from all types of illness and give all spiritual qualification.

So much power will come from that. In the milk of cows gold is present. Why? It is not only like a yellowish color, in real cow milk you will not have any lacking of anything in your body, that is why it is full of so much protein. But now our intelligence is contaminated and we are following these new philosophies. We will eat everything else. We say,” No problem. You can eat all these different chemicals no problem, but don’t take milk.” We come from mode of ignorance in demonic wombs – therefore we are like demons ourselves. In astrology there are three, ganas, a human, devatha, or rakshasa – demon. So nowadays these people will not support taking milk they are all like the followers of the rakshasas and are born like rakshasas in the rakshasa gana in astrology. They say, “Don’t serve the cows and take cow milk. Drinking this is sin.” Their minds are completely spoiled.

The mother is taking care of her child and feeding her child and also serving others. She does not only feed her youngest child, she also feeds her other children. A mother may give milk to more than one infant. Some demons will come and say, “We will not take cow milk, we cannot take it out.” Then they put machines on the cow and then milk comes and then blood comes. This is their cruelty and sinful activity because they are like demons. However this is not the sastric injunction, this is not how it is done in sastra.

How will you take milk? There is a proper process. Krsna said, “Oh all the sastras became like a cow and Arjuna is the calf and I am the milkman. I am distributing this jnana – knowledge – of the Upanishads of the cow. They are like mothers, they are here for the welfare of everyone. The cows and the sastra appear in this world to maintain everyone. They take the form of a mother.

If you look at the nature of animals that feed milk to their infants then just see their nature. Then look at the nature of animals that feed meat to their young.


Therefore do not become filled with this wicked mentality or foolishness. As long as you are living you should have this suddha-sattvic nirguna-bhava – pure mode of goodness mood. You should serve the cows and you should accept the gifts of the cows which is this milk and milk products. Even if you do not have any other food, if you are fasting all day, if you can get a few ounces of milk, then your body will be nourished and maintained. Your body will not be weak and your bones will not be weak.

Nowadays the bones and bodies of people are very weak. It was not like this before. People would work so hard and they would take care of cows and take cow milk. They would use cow dung to clean their bodies like soap. But we see nowadays people cannot do any hard work and they get sick very easily. In Gurudeva’s time I saw that the devotees and brahmacaris would work so hard. If sick people would come to Gurudeva he would say, “Go serve the cows and take cow milk,” and then they became so healthy and strong and full of the mode of goodness. The cows milk, their urine and dung, if one will take shelter of these things then all sickness will leave one.


In our Prabhupada Saraswati Thakur’s time he had a sevak who followed so much strong vairagya -renunciation. Then gradually he could not digest anything. He was doing so much renunciation, not eating anything, that he then could not digest anything, he would immediately pass it out. So Prabhupada said, “Vinoda take him to a good doctor.” Vinoda replied, “There is such a good doctor in my area where I was a landowner. If you like I will take him there.” He was a good sevak of the math. So Vinoda took him to the doctor and he told the doctor the symptoms. Then the doctor said, “No medicine will work for him. He cannot digest anything so how will he take medicine. I will tell you what to give him by which he will become healthy. What is that? Everyday give him cow ghee. Everyday give him one teaspoon in the morning and one in the evening. Then after some time give him two spoons. Gradually come to the point where you are giving him 250mls a day.” Vinoda said, “He can’t even drink water without throwing up or it passing through.” The doctor said, “Oh most of the ghee will go but something will stick and that will give him strength gradually. It will give him new life and strength.”

So they brought him back to Prabhupada and he told him to follow the doctor’s instructions. then everyday they would give him a spoon of ghee in the morning and evening. He would take it and pass most of it out. Sometimes he would pass involuntarily and his cloth would be soiled. Gradually however power and strength came into his body after a month or two and he was being given 250mls of ghee everyday.

If you take flesh and put it in a container and you open it after a week or two it is rotten and so many maggots are in it. But if you take ghee and open it a few weeks later then only fragrance will come out. So if you put meat in your body, such a horrible condition will come to your body. But if you put ghee in your body then your whole body will become effulgent and filled with so much strength. Before there was a rule that is someone came to your house you would give them ghee as a gift. Now this thing has left. People say, “Oh do not take ghee.” However before it was the custom if any guest would come you would give them ghee or some ladhu made with ghee. It was said that if you take these ladhus on the winter then you would not feel any coldness and you will be strong and healthy.

However nowadays what is the condition? Alas! People take vitamin tablets and capsules but they will not take any ghee or milk. They will say, “Oh I can not digest milk.” Why? Just see this person became healthy even though he was about to die. So when misfortune arises within us and we are brought up and maintained by demons then all these bad qualities come within us. However if we want to be happy in our life, then certainly we must take milk, yoghurt, ghee. Do not turn your face away with contempt.

I saw in Srila Prabhupada’s final time even, everyday there would be chappan-bhoga – 56 items for Thakurji, and everything was cooked with pure ghee. So Prabhupada said to his sevaks, “Oh you are making kichoris for Thakurji? Then after offering bring some prasadam.” They said, “Oh Gurudeva the doctor told you should not take any heavy food like this.” He said, “Oh the doctor is my master? He will stop my maha-prasadam? Now he is my ruler and controller?” Then he began to chastise the sevak so much. When he would take prasada Prabhupada would always take hot puris with ghee. He would only take puris that were cooked in fresh ghee, not ghee that was used many times. There is no taste like fresh ghee puris. So Prabhupada would always be served with fresh ghee. When something is made with fresh ghee it has some special quality. Therefore in Mathura there is gavah– a special sweet in certain a season. The ghee that is used to make the gayvah is only used once, and the next day they will make gavah with fresh ghee again. It is very tasty and when you eat it you feel like you have eaten something so wonderful in your life. It is made in winter time. They make so many nice sweets out of ghee and they make so much nice butter. What do people do now? They will make milk powder. The butter that comes out first, is pure, proper butter, not machine butter. It is very soft and golden or white.

When Krsna was sleeping in the morning,  Mother Yasoda would come and wipe His mouth with a damp towel, and then put the makhana – butter – in His mouth. Then she would see Krsna smile so happily. She thought, “Oh His throat must be dry.” She had so much love for Him so she would think like this.


So please do not hear the rascal talks and foolish ideas of the demons and rascals. They have made some new philosophy to destroy the world. We are the followers of Krsna and we are following the path of bhakti. We should follow the sastra. Do not try to break the sastra and make some new thing and start some new philosophy. Do not be crazy like this. Either these people are crazy or they are very wicked rascals, therefore do not listen to these people. As long as you have life, if you can, serve the cows. And even to your last days if you are serving the cows and taking their milk then you will not have any problem. If you cannot do that then help those who are serving the cows. If you pay even for milk then that money will also go to help support the cows, if you are supporting a proper goshala. And whatever sweet you make should be made with milk products. There is no need to eat any other minerals and things like that, you do not need any other medicines and so forth.

I remember we served Gurudeva so much. In the morning and evening we would bring Gurudeva milk. Gurudeva would take one bowl of milk in the morning and the evening otherwise he would not take anything. If we gave him rotis then he would put some ghee on the rotis. Otherwise Gurudeva would say, “A roti without ghee is like a widows roti. How will you offer this roti to the Lord without ghee? It is like thinking the Lord is like a widow without any money.”

Nowadays we are wearing tilak and preaching against milk and ghee? Wicked followers of kali. This is like the biggest activity of the demons and now they are entering our temple and preaching. Therefore do not fall into the grip of these crazy people or your heart will become contaminated and filthy and you will not be able to do bhajan.

Krsna is God Himself but in the morning He takes the cows out to graze. When He calls the cows with His flute they come to Him. Why? Because they are taking Krsna’s adharamrta – the nectar from His flute playing. When they hear the beautiful transcendental sound of Krsna’s flute a very good mood comes within them and they immediately come to Krsna. If you have served cows in your life, then by the mercy of Kamadhenu you can achieve everything. You will certainly get the mercy of Surabhi-mata. Therefore follow the sastra and do not make any new idea, do not follow a foolish person. Do not become a blind sheep and follow other blind sheep.

Excerpted from the up and coming Bhakta Bandhav publication, “Rasa-pancadhyayi”

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