Hari-katha Events Radhe Kunj Kitchen Seva Pics!

Radhe Kunj Kitchen Seva Pics!

Radhe Syama!

Check out some of the latest pictures from Sri Radharani’s kitchen in Sri Radhe Kunj, Bhakta Bandhav Vrindavan. Every day Prabhuji cooks 10-12 items for the lunch maha-prasada feast, open to all the Vrajavasis, and all guests and devotees. Prabhuji also cooks all the sweets for Thakurji–Sri Sri Radha Vinoda Bihari and Sri Panca Tattva.

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To resolve the situation, Tansena took his sitar and started singing, but he sang off-tune and out of rhythm. His gurudeva, Svami Haridasa, chastised him, saying. “Is this how I taught you to sing?” He took Tansena’s sitar and started to sing himself. At that time, a big cloud appeared in the sky and it started raining. The demigods came and offered flower petals, while the Gandharvas were dancing. Bihariji also came and danced there. All the flower trees started to bloom and drop honey, and everybody present was crying in separation. When the king saw this scenery, he became astonished and understood that God is really present in this world with his devotees.

The Appearance of Radha-kunda

Mahaprabhu first bathed in Radha-kunda. Afterwards He bathed in Syama-kunda. This is the rule and custom. Mahaprabhu prayed at Radha-kunda, “Just as Srimati Radhika is the nearest and dearest beloved of Krsna, similarly, Her kunda, Radha-kunda, is the nearest and dearest of Krsna, and is non-different from Radharani. All the Vraja-devis in Srimati's group are present at Radha-kunda. That kunda and Radharani are selfsame. Krsna plays with Srimati there at Radha-kunda and performs all srngara-rasa pastimes with Her. If anyone bathes there once he becomes completely pure and achieves bhagavat-prema.” Radharani becomes pleased with those who bathe in Her kunda and She gives them Her shelter and mercy. The madhurena, sweetness and glories of Radha-kunda are limitless. How can these be explained in ordinary words? In Govinda-lilamrta, Kaviraja Gosvami describes the glories of Radha-kunda. “Radha-kunda is the same as Radharani. All Her power is present there. Krsna always plays there, bathes there, and He then feels, 'I have the love of Radharani with Me. She is happy with Me.' By offering pranama to this kunda and bathing there, one receives Radharani's mercy. Then, one becomes energized completely with kriya-sakti and will always remain active in blissful service.” Krsnadasa Kaviraja Gosvami explains this. Mahaprabhu prayed and danced in ecstasy at Radha-kunda. Then He took the clay from Radha-kunda and adorned Himself with tilaka. Many sadhus therefore use Radha-kunda clay for tilaka. Mahaprabhu told His sevaka, Balabhadra, “Collect this clay and carry it with us. I will use this for My tilaka.”


Indra is always envious. He doesn’t want anyone to go to Goloka-Vaikuṇṭha. If anybody tries doing bhajana, Indra will disturb that person in many ways. He will try to have him enjoy name, fame, and popularity. He will give that person many friends, and disciples. He will also give much wealth. If you reject all his presentations, he will try disturbing you with some ‘responsibilities.’ Bharata Mahārāja was given the responsibility of an infant deer. Similarly, Indra will also give you many responsibilities. Indra sent many damsels to Śiva Ṭhākura, Nārada Ṛṣi, Viśvāmitra, and the others. Therefore...

Sri Gita-Govinda, Introduction – 15 Nov 2016 p.m.

Jayadeva Kavi is teaching us here what real beauty and sweetness is and is thus showing us the proper direction and sadhana. He is manifesting this rasa-tattva for the benefit of all sadhakas. He has brought this from the transcendental world. He is showing us the method to catch on to the lotus feet of Srimati Radhika...


Then the very special mood of the Vrajavāsīs will automatically enter your heart. Thus, it will be very easy to achieve vraja-sevā. You will gain entrance into Vraja-bhūmi. You will not be far away from guru-sevā. Guru Mahārāja is watching every one of us. He sees our services. By his mercy, his services in the spiritual world will manifest in your heart. For instance, when Śrīla Gurudeva would go to America and other countries, all of us would become orphans in Mathurā and Vṛndāvana. Although we had no physical connection—the class he would give would also automatically manifest in our classes. We would become so happy then...

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