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Be Fully Purged of the Enjoying Spirit …To Be a Member of the Infinite World

No trace of exploitation should be traced in us. We should not run after any type of enjoyment including even the enjoyment of God-association. We must be fully purged of the enjoying spirit. If a trace of enjoyment remains in us, we shall have to remain in one of the planes of this brahmanda, this universe, such as Bhur-, Bhuvar-, Svar-, Mahar-, Janar-, Tapar-, and Satya-loka. And if any tinge of renunciation or retiring spirit is in us, we will not be allowed to enter into the world of infinity, Vaikuntha. Kuntha means ‘limitation,’ and Vaikuntha means the unlimited world. We want to be a member of the infinite world. ‘Finite’ only refers to the attempt of our separate interest to measure the infinite, and thereby, we conceive of finite. When our ego wants to measure a portion of the infinite, considering, “This is my kingdom, that is my friend’s kingdom, etc.,” then whatever we see with our separate interest is maya – misconception and misunderstanding in the infinite. All such things must be dissolved. And the attitude of retirement, “If I can’t enjoy, I shall stop work; I shall go on strike” – that type of reactionary mentality must also be abandoned.

[Excerpted from the Chapter One: “Homeward Journey” of “Sermons from the Guardian of Devotion Vol. 1.” From Srila Bhakti Rakshak Sridhar Maharaja’s Folio]

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