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Guru Wants One Thing – My Loyalty

“I will take you to Lord Sri Krsna, but there is one condition. I don’t want anything from you – I want only your loyalty. Why did you first perform guru-puja when I arrived this morning? Can we achieve bhakti without the help of Guru? I want you all to become loyal.

What is loyalty to guru? You should know that a real and qualified guru is not like an ordinary person. Do not think that guru dies like a mortal person.

I have never told anyone of you that you should come to me and I will make you acarya, and that you will be guru of all. Have I told you this? If anyone wants this, he is not being loyal. If anyone conceals something from guru – if he is keeping something secret from guru – guru, not me – what will guru do? He will not give bhakti to that person. You can learn so many philosophical conclusions (siddhantas), but you will not receive real bhakti from him. He has the right to reserve it.

It depends on you. If you are loyal and have nothing to take from Gurudeva – only his bhakti – he will know this. He will give you bhakti with realization. Otherwise, bhakti will never, never, never be possible for you. If you are a cheater, you should know that guru is the cheater of the cheaters. He is the best cheater. He will cheat you. Nowadays this cheating inclination of disciples is in the air. Be careful about this.

Some whistling winds are coming; some idea that, “We should keep something for ourselves.” Some are thinking, “Later on, when guru will die, this and that will happen. We will do this and that.” In such persons eyes guru dies – and they want that guru will die very soon, so that “we will be acarya.” But guru will never die. So you should be alert – very, very careful. Don’t mix with persons who have this idea. I want to stop that influence. I don’t want to waste your time and your life. I want only to give you bhakti. Some wrong ideas are coming, and we should try to stop this nonsense.”

Los Angeles, California
June 8, 2005

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You must always be of the firm conviction, “I am in Mahaprabhu’s line.” People have no idea that Mahaprabhu has Himself requested and begged everyone to follow Ekadasi. People don’t know of the glories of Ekadasi-devi. I am my Guru Maharaja’s foot step follower, I follow Ekadasi on the day he does. Time is not guru. If anyone understands the grave importance of this, they will seriously follow Ekadasi. Otherwise, you can do as you like. You can make your own choices. How does the Nimbarka sampradaya follow Ekadasi..?

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When Kṛṣṇa plays His flute, the gopīs immediately want to leave their homes and run to meet with Him. Sometimes they get stopped by their mothers or sisters-in-law, who lock the door and brandish sticks. The gopīs who are thus trapped feel so sad and lowly that they leave their bodies and enter into another gopī body manifested by svarūpa-śakti. Then when they see their husbands and in-laws in the house, they feel as if they have absolutely no connection to them. This can only happen because they had the mood of tṛṇād-api-sunīcena...

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One who has taken birth will have to die. And if a person hasn’t done bhajan, then he will have to take birth again even after he dies. But if a person has done bhajan, then he or she will not have to come to this world. This world is the bhava-sagara; the endless cycle of birth and death. Therefore, Maharaja Pariksita asked Sukadeva Gosvami, “I have two questions. The first question is, ‘What is the duty of a person who is going to die immediately? And what is the duty of a person who is going to die today, tomorrow, the day after, or after a hundred or two hundred years? Everyone has to definitely die.” Even if a person lives up to seven hundred years or a thousand years; yet, he will have to die. According to earthly estimation, Brahmaji’s age is trillions of years. But, even he has to die. Indra also has to die. In one day of Brahma, fourteen Indras change. In this way, everyone has to die. We will also die one day. Yesterday, we were children and now, we have become adults. Tomorrow, we will become old and then, we will see what will happen.

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