Acaryas Quotes Gurudeva said today First Have an Idea About Bhakti — And Then Uttamā-bhakti

First Have an Idea About Bhakti — And Then Uttamā-bhakti

Devotee: If a person is on the neophyte platform, and he is cultivating devotional service in practice and trying his best even though he is full of desires, is that considered in the class of uttamā-bhakti? Or, does he have to be on the spontaneous level to be classified as an uttama-bhakta?

Śrīla Gurudeva: This question is wrong. Uttamā-bhakti is not for general persons. It is beyond the calculation of kaniṣṭha-adhikārīs. You are not even qualified to ask this question. Better to hear and serve Gurudeva. By continually hearing, the proper questions will come. I request you to hear more and more, and first have an idea about bhakti—and then uttamā-bhakti. In bhakti, whatever you do is done for Kṛṣṇa. This is simple. This is bhakti, but not uttamā-bhakti. You should try to realize what I have said, otherwise you cannot develop properly.

April 29, 2001 Eugene

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“This mahāmantra is endowed with thirty-two syllables and can destroy all sins. Just as fire destroys, this mahāmantra can destroy all evil habits and bestow dharma, artha, kāma and mokṣa. Its beautiful form (svarūpa) is capable of stealing all of one’s foolish, ignorant mentality, and it is the giver of śuddha-sattvika intelligence. It bestows the symptoms of prema-bhakti. It is worshipable and is worthy of being served by all. Śrī nāma fulfills everyone’s desires. All are qualified to serve this mahāmantra, meaning all are qualified to perform saṅkīrtana of the mahāmantra. This mahāmantra is the personal well-wisher of everyone and is endowed with the potency to attract all. It is the destroyer of all afflictions. It does not consider the rules of dīkṣā, and is not restricted by time. The mahāmantra is worshipped just by saying it. No external paraphernalia is required. It is capable of giving results simply by its contact with the tongue, without considering the rules pertaining to time, place and circumstance.”The Pippalāda branch of the Athārva-veda states:sva-nāma-mūla-mantreṇa      sarvaṁ hlādayati vibhuḥsa eva mūla-mantraṁ japati     harir iti kṛṣṇa iti rāma iti"That mahāmantra, which is composed of the name, form, etc., of Śrī Kṛṣṇa, the origin of all avatāras‚ is making everyone joyful. He Himself, in the form of Śrī Kṛṣṇa Caitanya Mahāprabhu, is clearly chanting the hare kṛṣṇa mahāmantra, the source of all mantras." (click on the Title to see more)

Saphala Ekadasi

Gurudeva taught us to engage every minute in God’s service. He taught us not to collect material things, for they will take us very far away from God and His associates. We will run away to try to enjoy. How many hours do we work to maintain ourselves? We only eat a little bit of pasta, or a piece or two of pizza, or some bread or sandwich, but for that, we are slaves throughout our whole life, simply to maintain this dead material body. How can we come close to God? This Saphala Ekadasi is our helper. She does...

The Hearts of the Vrajavasis

We pray with these songs so that we can develop natural love. Do not think that this praying is useless. This is very powerful. You should be serious when you pray. Then, everything will come in your heart. The Vrajavasis will see and hear your prayers, and then they will be pleased with you and the rays of their love will enter your heart. When you are engaged in these prayers and kirtanas, many well-wishers will come to help you go closer to Krsna...

Krsna Defeated by the Gopis – Radlett, U.K. – 15 May 1996

Krishna told the gopis, “You should return to your homes now that you have seen the beautiful scenery of this Vrindavana forest. The moon is shining radiantly, the water of the Yamuna is sparkling. All the peacocks and parrots are making such enchanting, sweet sounds! You have seen how lovely the forest is, but now you should return and serve your husbands...”

Mischief and Mirth – Govinda-lilamrta

If you have desire for pāramārthika dīkṣā from the eternal world, you must follow the proper process. Take shelter of līlā-śakti. She bestows līlā dhatu sobhaya. She decorates you with goodness, good qualities, good ideas and intelligence to follow the good way. Becoming trained in this process, then you will be like a lotus inside the water without getting wet. You will stay in this world with the body and mind, but will have no relation with the body and mind, and you will have no more relation with those who want to have bodily business with you. You will be separate from all mundane people. By having relation with līlā-śakti, you will continuously drink transcendental nectar. The sad gosvāmīs did not spend time collecting opulence, livestock, gardens and houses. To sustain their lives they ate buttermilk or chickpeas and sometimes fasted. They drank the ambrosia bestowed by līlā-śakti at every moment. Thus they were decorated by līlā-śakti with all goodness. Day and night they were floating, bathing and drowning in līlā-rasa. Now, we have heard something of niśānta-līlā. Kṛṣṇa was resting in brāhma-muhūrta when the time for kuñja bhanga līlā began. Kakkhaṭī, the peacocks, parrots and other animals came and gave news to Rādhā Kṛṣṇa, “The sun is rising, he is not waiting any longer. Please wake and return to Your abodes.” In this world there are many people with antagonistic mentalities. They don’t like the service of God. They want people to follow them. They are very greedy to make one separate from the service of God. Why? “Why are you following God? Why don’t you follow me? I am your parent, your brother, your guardian. Follow me.” All try to steal and make others their slaves. When the sun rises, people get strength from the power of the sun. Where do they use this? They endeavor only to make others their slaves. They learn many processes with this in mind and become very clever. By hook and crook they try to capture you. They give food, lodge, so-called love and affection and all types of mundane help. Then, when you are close and caught, they say, “You are mine, you are in my society, my family.” But after what result comes? Look at that. Think about that. Do they help you gather knowledge of the soul and Supreme Soul? Do they advise you to serve the Supreme Soul? After sometime the mundane body is lost. We become old, devoid of all power, and then our so-called relatives kick us out. When we have no more blood, they kick us out. When we have no more wealth, they kick us out. When we are strong, everyone likes to share our blood and power. As the various animals in Vraja help awake the Divine Couple in niśānta-līlā, pastimes at the end of night, the guru-varga travel around the world, going house-to-house, door-to-door, performing nāma-saṅkīrtana.

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