Hari-katha Events Acarya of World Vaisnava Association stays in Radhe Kunj

Acarya of World Vaisnava Association stays in Radhe Kunj

Srila Gopananda Bon Maharaja, present acharya of the World Vaisnava Association (WVA), is currently staying in Sri Radhe Kunj, where he is giving morning and evening hari-katha, and inspiring the devotees by leading Aratis and kirtanas, playing mrdanga, and dancing, at the advanced age of 92!

Along with that, today by the mercy of Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga, exalted Vaishnavas from various Gaudiya Mathas came to visit our Radhe Kunj Temple in Vrindavan. They sang the Holy Names, had such sweet exchanges with the devotees, honored Prasadam, and gave blessings. We are very grateful for their association and opportunity to serve near and dear devotees of the Lord. Such special energy and mercy.

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