Gaudiya Vaisnava Songbook App


Sri Sri Guru Gaurangau Jayatah!

Dandavat Pranamas!

On the occasion of this auspicious Sri Navadvipa-parikrama maha-mahotsava, we are happy to introduce a new Android app for Vaishnava songs. This is a great Kirtan companion for anyone. The App is available to download in the Google Play Market

The Main Features are:
- Fault tolerant search: Find songs by entering in your best guess spelling of the first line.
- Translations for most songs: Read the translations of most songs with new songs being translated everyday.
- Recent activity: Quickly return to recent and frequently sung songs.
- Organized song index: Songs arranged by tattva and time of day among other different sorting options.
- Custom lists of songs: Create lists of songs for easy access.

Coming soon:
- Listen to the song: Use the app audio player to hear and practice the different songs.
- Multilingual Support: Transliteration in different languages with translations and word for word in various languages.

All songs are open to the public to review and request changes to, so please help and contribute! For any feedback on the app or help including the songs on your website or application please contact Krsna Dasa by email at