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Give up Everything

A certain section claims, like the philosopher Carvaka, that, No, no, there is no God or higher substance. Whatever we see on the surface is everything.” But deeper faith says that the cause is He from whom everything emanates, He by whom everything is maintained, and He into whom everything finally enters:

yato va imani bhutani jayante, yena jatani,
yat prayanty abhisamvisanti, tad vijijnasasva,
tad eva brahma
(Taittiriya Upanisad, 3.1.1)

Merely the effect is not everything, but the cause has its existence. And what is the nature of the cause? Some identify Him as Brahman, some as Paramatman, and some as Bhagavan. God is the destiner and designer of everything – He has created everything, and He is controlling everything. Everything is automatically existing with Him, as a particular potency of His.

Give up everything; try only to have faith, and everything will be found. Everything is there (sakala chadiya bhai, sraddhadevira guna gai). Do not demand for any proof, because that is meanness. To search after proof as to whether He ‘is’ or ‘is not’ is meanness. With deep faith, automatically it is known, “Yes, He is.”

yo mam pasyati sarvatra, sarvan ca mayi pasyati
tasyaham na pranasyami, sa ca me na pranasyati
(Bg. 6.30)

“For one who sees Me in everything and everything in Me, I do not remain unseen and he also is not un-noticed by Me: he never sways in his thought of Me.”

Everything is in Him, and He is also everywhere. This is the characteristic of He for whom we are searching.

Omkara, the monosyllable Om, is the seed of theism. Om means Yes. Always, wherever we cast our glance to search in one word the answer is yes. “Yes, what you are searching for, is. You are searching for happiness, pleasure, joy, fulfillment. You are in want, and in one word, – ‘yes,’ fulfill-ment is there.”

[Excerpted from the 2nd Chapter: “The Direction to Your Wealth ” of “Sermons from the Guardian of Devotion Vol. 1.” From Srila Bhakti Rakshak Sridhar Maharaja’s Folio]

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