Book excerptsŚrī Brahma-saṁhitāŚrī Brahma-saṁhitā. Verse 20

Śrī Brahma-saṁhitā. Verse 20

Verse 20

yojayitvā tu tāny eva
praviveśa svayaṁ guhām
guhāṁ praviṣṭe tasmiṁs tu
jīvātmā pratibudhyate


tāni yojayitvā tu eva – having mixed (the separate gross principles of material nature in their collective form and creating unlimited billions of illusory material universes); svayam – He personally; praviveśa – entered; guhām – those cavities, i.e. entered within the universes as the universal form and in the form of the aggregate of living entities (Hiraṇyagarbha Prajāpati); praviṣṭe tu – when He had indeed entered; tasmin guhām – within those caves; jīvātmā – the universal form and the aggregate living entities; pratibudhyate – awoke from their sleep after the period of universal dissolution.


When Bhagavān mixed together the individual essential realities, He manifested unlimited numbers of material universes. After that He personally entered into His hidden abode, the innermost region of each universe. At that time, all the living entities woke up from the sleeping condition in which they had passed the duration of the cosmic dissolution.

Ṭīkā translation

Now there is a description of Bhagavān’s third type of procedure. After combining the individual gross essential realities, Bhagavān accepted mystic slumber. In between the activity of amalgamating the essential realities and accepting mystic slumber, He entered His hidden abode, the body of the universal form. Then, all the living entities who had been sleeping during the cosmic dissolution woke up; that is, they immediately became absorbed in enjoyment and activities in accordance with their past impressions.


The term “hidden abode” assumes a variety of connotations in numerous places throughout śāstra. In some places the unmanifest pastimes have been called “hidden abode.” In other places “hidden abode” refers to the location of the indwelling witness. In many instances the inner chamber of every jīva’s heart has been called “hidden abode.” In essence, the term “hidden abode” is used to indicate any place that is imperceptible to the common man. In the previous creation, countless living entities were absorbed into the bodily limbs of Śrī Hari at the time of the cosmic annihilation at the end of Brahmājī’s lifespan. These living entities again became manifest within the creation according to their previous fruitive desires.

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