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Vraja-vilasa-stava. Sri Radha-Prasad

[Hari-katha inspired by the Guru-varga]

By the causeless mercy of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu and the Guru-varga, we are all present in Vrndavana-dhama, hearing the message of the Gosvamis. The Gosvamis performed bhajana in Vrndavana-dhama.

Yesterday, we heard the glories of Vrinda-devi. She looks to see what your desire is, and what you like.

A child may disobey his parents, refuse to go to school, and engage in many mischievous activities, still his parents can never forget him. He does not do anything and only destroys everything. One day, when the boy’s mind changes, he thinks, “I will go to school and learn a trade and I will respect my parents.” On that day, the parents will be so happy, and the neighbors, villagers, and other citizens will also be happy.

All conditioned souls are in Maya, moving throughout the 8,400,000 species of life, in different countries, planets, and environment, such as in the water, the air, and on land. There, they fight and kill each other, but they never want to change. They are all selfish. Everyone here has come to the garden of Vrnda-devi in Vrndavana-dhama. Pray to her as follows:

vinyasa-vijnam vraja-vanditanghrim
sri-paurnamasim sirasa namami


We pray to Bhagavati Paurnamasi-devi for help. Even Siva Thakura prayed to Paurnamasi-devi. If she had not allowed him entrance, then Siva Thakura could not have witnessed Rasa-lila as Gopisvara Mahadeva in Vrndavana.

When a child tries to follow proper etiquette and regulations, then all his family members will try to help him. Everything is maintained in this world by Paurnamasi Yoga-maya’s expansion Maha-maya Katyayani. She is the authority in this world. She looks and sees if a jiva has a little desire to change and to serve God. Then, she will be so happy and will help so much. However, even coming here, people want to enjoy.

When parents become old, their children say, “Give me money. I will drink and go gambling.” They always try to take their parents’ money. This makes the parents so sad.

Miyaya aneya iti maya—that which can be measured in this world is all Maya while God is immeasurable. Maya has everything available for us in this world, but she is like a mother with many naughty children. Those who are good children will take the gifts of Maya, and offer them to God. By the mercy of God, one then receives the shelter of a sad-guru.

Once, a guru gave ten rupees to each of his two disciples. One week later, he asked his disciples, “Do you have money?”

One of them said, “No.”

“What did you do?”

“I went and bought something for me to eat from the market.”

He asked the other disciple, “What did you do with your money?”

The disciple said, “Gurudeva, I bought something in the market, and then I resold it a week later and I have doubled the profit.”

Then, the guru gave him a hundred rupees, and when the other disciple came, he only gave him five rupees. The disciple, who was given a hundred rupees, turned his money into a thousand rupees within one month, and the other disciple wasted his five rupees as well. Gurudeva told him, “I will not give you another coin.” As for his other disciple, he made him an authority in his temple and asrama.

In this world, Katyayani is Mohini-maya. She is like a mother. She has love and gives everything for all jivas. We are all born naked without even a shred of cloth, but Maya gives us our food, friends, cloth, a house, family, and everything. When we are young, we should think about our future. Instead, we always ask Maya for more and more. We have no common sense and we only destroy ourselves and others. We pray to Vrnda-devi and she first teaches us to give respect to Maha-maya. When she is happy with us, then she will help us progress. She arranges everything for us, but we still do not change ourselves and become purified.

Vrnda-devi teaches us to first respect her followers. A Guru would teach the child first to touch the feet of his parents and respect his parents. Guru would say, “Your parents have helped you from your infancy. Respect them.” When a lady comes, Guru would say, “Respect your husband. He maintains you and takes care of you. If you neglect him, how will you be happy?” This is the first etiquette. You should understand how to give proper respect to your guardian and maintainer. From him, the flow of his happiness will come to you, and then you will get willpower from him. If you think that you can neglect everyone, and that you are everything, and everyone is meant to serve you, then you cannot enter the spiritual world. This is not possible there. In the spiritual world, everyone is under anugatya.

We heard yesterday that we must be krsnanusilanam. We cannot enter the spiritual world without following anugatya. Without guidance, you will be blind in the spiritual realm. Therefore, we first pray, “Katyayani Maha-maya—O Mohini maya, please help me.” What does that mean? Ma-ya—Ma means, “You are mother,” and ya means yes. Hence, the sadhaka should pray, “You are our mother and you take care of us. I used to not like or respect you, but you always helped me. Now, my mind has changed, and I respect you.”

kaha re koro ninda krsna krsna bole ajaya caitanya se jenibe kele

Do not insult anyone. You should respect everyone, knowing that they are your great helper. Everyone is your friend, especially Maya-devi. She arranges everything for us to progress. Even her apparent punishment is to help you progress. When you learn to properly study in the training-center of this world, then she will give you a chance to progress further, but if you do not respect her and if you do not pray for her help and mercy, then how will you progress?

You should not challenge her, saying, “Why don’t you help me? Give me all I need, and tell me how to progress!” You cannot challenge the divine personalities in the spiritual world. You cannot progress in that manner.

Rupa Gosvami therefore teaches us to follow anukulyena krsnanu silanam. Anukulya means what is favorable for the happiness of Krsna. How can we learn what this is? First, you should give proper respect to all jivas—jive sammana dibe jani krsna-adhisthana. Respect all the Guru-varga and all seniors, and respect God and His expansions, then offer your respect to the demigods and demigoddesses and to those who reside in Maharloka, Janaloka, Tapaloka, and Satyaloka. They are all respected. They are all great sages. You should offer them respect. Then, your character will be strong. When their mercy comes to you after you have respected them, you will be able to respect God and His family. This is called faith. But now, we have no faith. We have doubt everywhere; those who are tamasika and rajasika are mostly doubtful. They do not know how to clean themselves. They do not know how to clean their hearts. People who have spiritual power and love know how to help you. They know many processes. Before, people would clean clothes with soap powder, water, and a bucket, but now washing machines have been invented, and later more machines may be invented. But, this will not help to clean your heart. You should go to respected authorities, and when they give you blessings, you can become a little happy, and your anarthas will be removed. If you approach the family members of God, they will speak the glories of God to you. This will completely cleanse your heart. It will give you a new life, new energy, and so much strength.

Srila Raghunatha dasa Gosvami teaches us in Vraja-vilasa-stava on how to enter Vraja-bhumi, and how to make a relationship with all the Vrajavasis. Stava means a prayer. These prayers are not like the announcements of ordinary people. They say, “Take this and you will be happy. I give you a ten year guaranty. If you take this toothpowder, your teeth will be like gold, and if you take this ointment, your body will be like silver. You will be so strong.” Announcements like this are given in the marketplace to sell products, but the Gosvamis’ teachings are not like these announcements in the marketplace. The whole lives of the Gosvamis were dedicated in practicing bhajana and showering in Vraja-rasa. You cannot buy such satisfaction in the market, like buying a car, house, bungalow, or animals. You cannot buy happiness, and you cannot buy satisfaction. This happiness and satisfaction is present with the Guru-varga. They are continuously distributing this Vraja-bhakti-rasa, pure happiness. They give this by teaching the glories of the Vrajavasis. If you remember them, pray to them, or even if you only stay for a minute with those anuragi Vaisnavas, then you will get this happiness.

Where does the day pass by? Time is only running. In your mind, go to Giriraja Govardhana, offer pranama and bhoga, perform parikrama, offer obeisance, take prasadam and share it with others. What do you have to spend? The only thing you need is a little time to engage your mind. If you do not give this time to yourself, then the day is passing, the years are passing, and your life will pass by uselessly. The only result of your life will be nothing or even worse, bad karma. Therefore, you should find a little time every day to go to Nandagrama, Varsana, and all the places in Vraja-mandala, Gaura-mandala and Ksetra-mandala, and to all the acaryas and Guru-varga. Pray to them, remember them, think of them, and also remember why they are so glorious. By doing this, you will become able to serve in the eternal world. Then, you will beg them, “Please, give me some tendency to serve.” If you pray to the personalities in the spiritual world, then immediately God will send so many to help you in this world, or God’s associates themselves will appear to help you. All you need is some desire to serve Radha-Krsna.

Prabhupada Sarasvati Thakura was alone. Svami Prabhupada was alone. No one was with the Guru-varga when they began their preaching, but God arranges everything because of the purity of their desire and their hearts. You should think about this, and consider how to follow this pathway. This is a real teaching. If we follow this teaching, we will have no tension in life.

The next verse of the Vraja-vilasa-stava explains the glories of Nanda Maharaja’s dear wife and friend, Yasoda. The name Yasoda means that she distributes yash everywhere. What is yash? This is her own special power, her special love. This makes everyone famous. If someone has no qualities, if someone is dumb, lame, blind, and if his brain does not work, then how will he be famous? But, if you remember Yasoda Mata and pray to her, then she will give you all good qualities, and she will make you famous. This is the process to become famous. If iron touches a magnet, the iron becomes magnetic and acquires the power to attract. If you go to Yasoda Mata, offer her obeisance, and pray to her, then Yasoda Mata knows how you will be filled with special qualities, which will make you famous. She will make you connected to that yash, or fame. In this world, name and fame are temporary. But, how will you really be famous? When you have all good qualities and a service attitude, and when you have pure love without contamination, then you will be famous. This is all present with Yasoda Mata. Therefore, the wife and good friend of Nanda Maharaja is Yasoda Mata. We should offer pranama to her, and she will arrange for us to be able to serve her Lala, her dear son, Krsna.

Every day she sends Kundalata with many gifts to Yavata. These gifts are not only for Srimati Radharani, but also for Jatila, Kutila, Abhimanyu, and the other residents in her household, and also for their cows. She sends ornaments, saris, sweets, and so forth. When Kundalata goes there, the sakhis prepare the pathway for Srimati Radharani to go to Nandagrama. They decorate the pathway with soft petals of lotuses and roses. They put green, soft grass on the path and they sprinkle scented water so that there is no dust. Meanwhile, they sing songs describing Krsna’s glories that Srimati Radharani likes. On the way to Nandagrama, the sakhis sing Krsna’s lilas. They shower Vraja with lila-rasa.

vande nanda-vraja-strinam
pada-renum abhikshnasah
yasam hari-kathodgitam
punati bhuvana-trayam
—Srimad Bhagavatam 10.47.63


The Vraja-devis purify the three worlds with their singing of Krsna’s glories. When they reach Nandagrama, Yasoda Mata gives gifts and embraces Srimati Radharani, and picks Her up in her arms. Then, she washes Her feet, gives Her new outfits, and helps to prepare everything in the kitchen for Her to cook.

On the way to Nandagrama, Srimati Radharani sometimes stops at Tera-kadamba. She says, “Oh, I am very tired. I cannot walk further. Let Me rest a little bit.” Then, She sits under a kadamba tree to rest, and suddenly, Syamasundara comes from the cowshed with so much milk. He sends different fruits and roots with servants back to Nanda Bhavana. But then, they see that the road is blocked because so many sakhis are there. They have brought so many things for Yasoda Mata and Nanda Nandana. How can they carry everything when they come? Krsna tells the servants, “First carry these things to Nanda Bhavana.” Then, they go slowly. When Srimati Radharani is coming to Nandagrama, this pastime happens. Krsna’s servants go to Nanda Bhavana, and Krsna has a chance to have Srimati’s darsana in the early morning.

This is mangala arati—their first meeting after leaving the kunja. We do not know mangala arati. We have no realization of nisanta-lila. At this time, on one side the sakhis and manjaris came, and on the other Krsna comes and they first meet and look at each other’s eyes. Then, Krsna returns to the cowshed, and Srimati Radharani comes to Nanda Bhavana with the sakhis. Yasoda Mata is waiting there, and welcomes Radharani with arati and flowers. The sakhis are so happy. Anything that comes from the hand of Yasoda Mata is her great mercy and blessing. Then, they become more enthusiastic and strong to cook and serve. Along the whole way from Yavata to Nanda Bhavana, they are singing and playing on instruments. Now, they enter the household of Nanda Bhavana. Nanda Baba, Upananda, Sunanda, Abhinanda, and all the household servants welcome Srimati Radharani as She enters Nanda Bhavana. They know that Srimati Radharani is no ordinary lady. Millions of Maha-Laksmis wait simply for a glance of mercy from Srimati Radharani, Her krpa-kataksa. The munindras—the great sages—all wait and pray to Srimati Radharani.

Radharani now enters Nanda Bhavana. All the residents of Nanda Bhavana come and give Her gifts. Srimati touches the feet of Yasoda Mata, Nanda Maharaja, and the elders, and She receives their blessings. Then, Kisori enters the meeting-hall and sits there. She indicates which preparations will be cooked, and which drinks should be made when Krsna is coming from the cowshed. At the time of mangala arati, She looks in Krsna’s eyes and She knows what to make at once. She has this eternal mood of love. She has this loving tendency, and she distributes this to all the sakhis. When this mood goes to the sakhis, they are all ready to do everything.

What does the Guru-varga do? There are so many big festivals arranged. Then, the Guru-varga simply sit and everything runs on under their guidance.

Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu similarly would give garlands and candana to all the bhaktas. He said, “Now, go and clean Gundica Mandira.” Or, He would say, “Now, let us go for sankirtana”, or, “Let us go for candana-yatra.” Whatever Mahaprabhu would give, along with that, He gives His spiritual energy and power.

Similarly, Srimati Radharani gives a hint, and then the Gopis take off their ornaments and saris and dress themselves in kitchen cloth. They go to the room next to the kitchen which is reserved for them to dress. In the kitchen, everything has been prepared by Rohini, Yasoda, and some servants. There are 550 fire pits.

In Jagannatha Puri, there are also 550 fire pits. You have not seen this, and therefore you cannot believe this. I am very lucky that I have seen this. This year, I went and I got to see the whole kitchen including storehouse and fire pits. In the fire pits made of stone or bricks, there are lotuses, and in the middle, there is the fire placed. Each fire pit has seven different openings and one place to put the wood. They can put pots on each opening, and they stack a few pots on top of each other. In these pots, they give different sabjis, dal, and rice. Even in Kali Yuga, one who tastes the raja-bhoga in Jagannatha Puri can understand how nice this is. Some brahmacaris were with me during the time of ratha-yata, when His maha-prasada came every day to us. This was special bhoga which is only made in quantities and only given to special people who are close to the pandas and cooks. You cannot even get this by paying a lot of money or bribing them. Still, they would bring a small amount of this every day for the devotees. When we ate this, the smell did not leave our hands for the entire day. If such cooking is going on even in this world, then how wonderful is the cooking of Srimati Radharani in Nandagrama?

Kundalata arranges everything and from a distance, Yasoda Mata watches Srimati Radharani cooking. Once, Durvasa rsi came to Varsana. He came at midnight. He said, “O Vrsabhanu Maharaja, I am very hungry.”

“Okay Gurudeva, what would you like to eat?”

“You know that I only take amrta.”

“I do not know what amrta is?’

Durvasa said, “Yes, this is true.”

“Cows give amrta. Cook khira with this amrta, or milk. But, I will not eat the cooking from your hand, or the cooking of your wife’s hand. You are not pure compared to your daughter. I will only take your daughter’s cooking.”

“How can my daughter cook? She is only a little girl.”

“Call Her at once,” Durvasa said. “She must cook.”

Vrsabhanu Maharaja called baby Radharani and Durvasa asked Her, “Will You cook for me?”


“Do You know how to cook?”


Vrsabhanu Maharaja has so much love. He thought, “My daughter is just a little girl. How will She go at midnight to cook with wood and cow dung? Her body is like butter and She will melt. She is very soft, skinny, and white. How can She tolerate the heat in the kitchen?”

Durvasa rsi insisted that Srimati Radharani would cook, and when Vrsabhanu Maharaja suggested that Kirtida-devi would help Radharani to cook, Durvasa said, “No! Nobody will go inside the kitchen. She will cook alone.”

“Can Her grandmother help Her?”

“No. Everyone else is contaminated. She must cook alone.”

Then, Radharani went and cooked alone. How could She lift up the big pots? She would not cook a little amount. Durvasa rsi’s stomach is as big as the whole world. He can eat everything and take everything in his belly. He has so much hunger from millions of years of austerities. Srimati did not cook a little bit. She started a big fire. How could She put the pot there? At that time, they would use silver or gold pots. Otherwise, they would use thick clay pots.

In my own childhood, we would only use clay pots. We would use woks, rice cookers, and chapatti tavas made from clay, and we would also use clay pots to milk the cows.

Srimati Radharani cooked sweet-rice. Durvasa said, “Make malpua also.”

The Vrajavasis’ malpuas are very thick. They are a few inches thick and a few feet wide. In Jagannatha Puri, we can get these malpuas. They are 300 or 400 rupees each. Also now in Vraja-mandala, you get these big chapattis that are two feet wide and thin like paper.

Srimati cooked malpua and khira, and Durvasa sat. Then, She served him, and he ate and ate and when there was a little bit left, he smeared it in his dreadlocks, beard, and all over his body. In this way, he took it within and without. Then, he blessed Radharani. He said, “Whatever is cooked by Your hands is like nectar. I will give You a boon. Because You have fed me, I will be very strong and long-lived. I give You the boon that whatever You cook will make the life of one who eats it successful and long, and he will always be healthy and full of strength.” Then, Durvasa began to dance and chant Radharani’s name. He said, “May You be glorified, O Radharani.” He went all the way up to Brahma-loka, passing by Bhur, Bhuva, Svarga, Mahar, Jana, and Tapa-loka, and everywhere he went, he glorified Radharani. He told everyone, “Sing the glories of Radharani. By Her mercy, you can get amrta, immortal nectar. Amrta is not in Svarga, or heaven. It is in Vrsabhanu-pura with Srimati Radharani.”

Kundalata gave milk and different types of curds for Radharani to cook in Nandagrama. The next verse describes that Srimati Radharani would be so happy when She sees everything arranged for Her to cook. She looks at all the ingredients, touches everything, and then tells Kundalata, “Today, the cooking will be very light. When the moon rises at night, it cools everyone, and at daytime, it is very hot, and everyone become tired and sick. But, at nighttime, the moon gives nectar. Everything I will make today will be like the soothing rays of the moon. The love of Yasoda Mata, Rohini Mata, and the other mothers will be present in the cooking. O Kundalata, I am very happy because whatever you collected will please Krsna so much. Therefore, I will now start the cooking.”

Srimati Radharani offered pranama before starting to cook. She is the Supreme Goddess, but She Herself respects all Her helpers—the mothers, manjaris, kinkaris, Her grandmothers etc. She prays to everyone and says, “I will now go and begin the cooking. Please bless Me.”

She is the highest personality in all of existence, but She follows this etiquette of giving respect to everyone. If you want to be successful in any endeavor, you must offer respect to those who are your seniors.

Kundalata said, “O Radhe, how is Your husband Abhimanyu? I know that he goes far away with his cow sometimes, and he comes back after three or four days. He is occupied in Kamsa’s government, and he has good friendship with Kamsa. Sometimes, he goes outside for some days on the order of Kamsa. At that time, only Jatila and Kutila are in Your house. You should give them Krsna-prasadam. Taking this, their nature will change.” Lalita-devi also requested Radharani to do this, but Srimati said, “Not everyone has the adhikara to take Krsna-prasadam.”

The sakhis and manjaris have the right for Krsna’s direct remnants. Everyone cannot digest this great mercy. Those who do not have faith and respect for prasadam are like snakes, touching milk with their tongue, and thus making it poisonous. If you give Krsna’s prasadam to envious people who are like serpents without faith, then they will become stronger than demons instead of changing.

“You should give them honey and drinking this, they will be happy.” On the order of Radharani, Kundalata would go to Campakavana and Bahulavana. There, there are small flowers and in the summer season, they blossom and the honeybees go there and take this honey. If you drink this honey in the summer season, your body will be cool, and you will only sleep. This honey has such power. When you take honey mixed with yoghurt, you will sleep for a long time. You will be intoxicated.

Kundalata would tell the sakhis, “Go to the honeybees, and request them to give some honey. Then, make this honey liquid.” It is like water from the eyes. They would collect many pots, cool it, and then give it to Jatila and Kutila who would drink many glasses of this honey. A little later, they began to nod, and then they fell asleep and forgot everything. They would be sleeping outside their house, on the ground. Abhimanyu is not there. Then, when Jatila and Kutila would make no disturbance, Yasoda Mata would tell Srimati Radharani to make many preparations. She would make pakori, rasagulla, rasamalaya, rabari, rasavalli, khirasagara, and many other sweets and savories. The preparations they made exceeded that of the annakuta festival.

Yasoda Mata enters the kitchen and says, “O Radhe, how have You made all these preparations? I do not have so many ingredients here, but You have cooked so many things.”

Kundalata then said, “Invite everyone in Vraja today. Invite all the sakhas, sakhis, gopas, gopis, sages, the elders.”

At the time of mangala arati, Narada rsi came to Vrndavana and met Srimati Radharani on the pathway. She showed him respect, and then he said, “The rsis and maharsis desire to take prasadam. Durvasa made an announcement all over the universe, and invited everyone to come to Nanda Bhavana today. We have heard that You have made a huge feast, and we have all come to take prasadam.”

Narada rsi gave this message to Srimati Radharani in the morning. Radharani asked, “Where will everyone eat? There is not so much room in Nanda Bhavana.”

Narada rsi said, “No problem. The sages do not have big bodies. They have subtle forms. They will come.”

When prasada was ready, they saw countless sages, coming down on different swans, and they landed at Tera-kadamba, Pavana-sarovara, Uddhava-kyari, and Nanda-baga—all around the bottom of the hill of Nanda Bhavana. On the four sides of Nanda Bhavana, millions of people sat for prasadam. Everyone was overjoyed. Krsna Himself came out, and gave everyone darsana. The sakhas and servants arranged the place very nicely for everyone to eat. Do not think that they had their guests sitting on straw to eat, like animals. Krsna takes Srimati Radharani’s prasadam with great respect and distributes it to all the guests. Whoever would smell, touch, or taste a drop of this prasadam would immediately start to chant ‘Radhe, Radhe.’ Then, all around Nanda Bhavana, all the sages and Vrajavasis began to dance and sing Srimati Radharani’s names. They felt Her special mercy.

Do not think Durvasa rsi is only an angry sage who gives curses. He is always glorifying Srimati Radharani and the bhaktas. When he took Radharani’s prasadam, he became glorious. When the jivas come to Radharani and the Vraja-devis, they become glorious, but unless they come to the Vraja-devis, Yasoda Mata, and to the Gopis, they cannot become glorious, and they cannot satisfy each other. They will be sad, mad, and crazy. How can they help each other? Radha-prasad makes everyone glorious. Everyone becomes supremely happy and satisfied.

Meanwhile in Yavata, Jatila and Kutila were snoring and dreaming. In their dreams, they saw many people coming to them, offering them gifts, washing their feet, and paying obeisance. Then, fell into deeper sleep. While sleeping, they were very satisfied and free from envy.

Those who are opposed to bhakti and have the nature of demons need this soma-rasa. This is an intoxicant just like beer. People in this world say, “If you drink beer, you are my dear, and if you drink wine, you will be fine.” You will get worldly relationships by drinking this, but not spiritual relationships. For spiritual relationships, all such forms of intoxications must be rejected. You only need Radha-prasada, Radharani-sudhamrta. Who distributes that? Maharsi Durvasa. He realized the glories of this prasada in his own life, and became glorious by taking it. Therefore, he went everywhere to spread its glories.

Srila Gurudeva would teach us that when we go in the kitchen, we should first offer pranama and pray, “He Srimati, this is Your kitchen. You will do everything. I have come to You and taken Your shelter. Please accept my pranama.” If you follow this, you can maintain huge festivals. There will never be any concern about the quantities that need to be cooked and distributed. Srimati Radharani will give all knowledge inside your mind. You will not need any calculator. Pray to Srimati Radharani every morning, whatever you cook throughout the whole day will be very tasty and lovely. This will not be for you, me, or ordinary people. This will be for Krsna and all His followers. When you taste this prasada, you will get so much inspiration in bhakti and bhajana. This connection is so important. This is affection, which leads to attachment. Then, your life can develop, and you will learn the process of anugatya. But, if you do not follow any words, then how can you be a follower? You follow nothing. You have no desire to follow, and you have no ability to follow. You are very proud and grave. Who do you think you are—a prince, princess, king, or queen? This pride only keeps you at a distance from the spiritual happiness, which is real happiness.

While Srimati Radharani cooked, a parrot came and sat on Her hand. Srimati then fed the parrot with Her own hand; She gave pomegranate seeds to Suka. He ate this and then spoke with Radharani. Srimati Radharani knows the language of all beings. This Suka spoke with Radharani in his private language. He sat and ate some seeds of pomegranates, and then he said, “O Radhe, I am going to Anandavana and Campakavana. There, I will look to see how much honey is there.”

This honey is only kept for Syamasundara. The campaka flower’s honey is clear and very sweet. This is maha-bhava-rasa. This nourishes srngara-rasa. Vrsabhanu-nandini Srimati Radharani, embellished by Her moods of madanakhya-maha-bhava does everything for the pleasure of Krsna.

In Ujjvala-nilamani, the five categories of sakhis are explained. There have so much love and affection for Krsna. We offer pranama to Kundalata and Dhanista, and we should always pray to them. “O Radhike, O Lalite, O Visakhe, O Danisthe, O Dhanista; I pray to all of you.” Dhanista is always helping to look after Srimati Radharani. She does not let anyone disturb Radharani. After Krsna takes prasadam, He goes to rest. Then, Dhanista arranges for Srimati Radharani to secretly have darsana of Krsna, and to briefly meet with Him. Then, She returns to Yavata. Srimati is so eager for these few minutes of meeting. She enters into nikunja-mandira on Nandisvara hill. There, She briefly meets with Krsna. In Krsna-bhavanamrta, these pastimes are described.

Srimati Radharani called Dhanista and Kundalata to arrange for Her to meet Krsna secretly after He had finished taking prasada. Vrajesvari Yasoda meanwhile, collected Krsna’s remnants and gave them to the sakhis and manjaris. Then, Yasoda Mata said, “O Radhe, please take rest now.”

Radharani said, “I would like to hear the glories of prasadam, your son, your family, and the Vrajavasis.”

One who does this after eating has properly taken prasadam. We should know that after taking prasada we should not do any frivolous activities. This is not respectful to prasadam. Prasadam makes you able to do anything. You should also know that if you do not glorify Krsna after taking prasadam, it will make you a cheater. You take everything, but you do not respect anything. You take everything from Guru, but you do not say, “O Guru Maharaja, you have given everything, and because of your mercy, everything has come.” People do not praise their Gurudeva. Similarly, we take prasadam from Govinda, Gopinatha, Madana Mohana, Radha-Syamasundara, but afterwards, we do not glorify Radha-Ramana. Then, you are a great cheater. You are a thief and a dacoit. You only steal and enjoy. You should think about Krsna’s kindness that He has given you His prasadam. You should not talk while taking. You should have respect for prasadam, and afterwards you should glorify the prasadam. Without glorifying, how can you make a relationship?

In Nandagrama, Tungavidya begins singing songs in glorification of prasadam. Similarly, when Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu took prasadam, He said:


eka-dina santipure, prabhu adwaitera ghare,
dui prabhu bhojane bosilo
sak kori’ aswadana, prabhu bole bhakta-gana,
ei sak krishna aswadilo


heno sak-aswadane, krishna-prema aise mane,
sei preme koro aswadana
jada-buddhi parihari’, prasad bhojana kori’,
‘hari hari’ bolo sarva jan

When Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu took prasada in Santipura, he would glorify the prasadam. Nityananda Prabhu knows this, and therefore He had Raghunatha dasa Gosvami arrange for cid-dahi-mahotsava. After taking prasada, Nityananda Prabhu began kirtana that continued until the evening. How powerful this prasadam is! But here, you take prasadam and become like buffalos and sleep. Nityananda Prabhu does not teach us this. He ordered everyone, “Take prasada up to your neck. Don’t leave room for air, water, or anything. Take prasada up to you neck, and after that begin sankirtana. Then, this is honoring prasada properly. When you take prasada, you should chant harinama afterwards, and glorify prasada.

But, people say, “O Prabhu , please I need to rest. I am very tired. At night, I fought with Maya, and therefore I am very tired, and I need to rest.” How will this help us?

When Srimati finished cooking prasadam, everyone from all around Nanda Bhavana become inspired, and absorbed themselves in kirtana. Everyone danced in joy. Durvasa rsi danced ecstatically; his dreadlocks began to spin around like a whirlwind or a tornado. Durvasa rsi wore a natavara dress like a dancer, and began to whirl around. All the sages danced in great bliss after taking prasadam. While kirtana was going on, Srimati went to nikunja mandira in Nandisvara, and She met with Krsna. Then, She returns to Yavata and prepares everything for Surya-puja. She returns with Dhanista and the other sakhis to Yavata. Tomorrow, we will hear further.

Gaura Premanande Haribol!

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