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Hamsa Bhavana

[Hari-katha inspired by the Guru-varga]

Adi Guru Brahma once came to Navadvipa-dhama. Savitri-devi is Brahma’s wife. She is a great tapasvi, versed in all the Vedas. Being a brahmani, she helped Brahma in all his Vedic ceremonies.

Every year Lord Brahma used to perform a sacrifice at Brahma-sarovara. One year, all of the demigods and sages were present and ready to complete the yajna, but Savitri-devi had not yet arrived. For a householder, a fire sacrifice cannot be completed without the presence of the spouse. Brahmaji sent his son Narada to quickly call his mother to come be present for the completion of the yajna. Savitri-devi, being a woman, was taking her time bathing, decorating herself and looking in the mirror again and again. The priests told Brahmaji that the sun was going down and the time for completing the yajna was rapidly passing.

Narada returned and informed his father that Savitri was coming soon, but was at present busy preparing herself.

The rishis advised Brahmaji, “You must take a second wife to complete the yajna, or else the entire yearlong sacrifice will be rendered useless.”

They convinced Brahmaji, and he went to a nearby village, where he saw a cowherd girl making cow dung patties.

Brahmaji told her, “O girl, please come and marry me.”

“Who are you?” she replied, “you appear strange with four heads, and you are so much older than me. How can I marry you?”

Brahmaji requested her so many times that she finally relented. They returned to the sacrifice center and the rishis had them exchange garlands in the fashion of a gandharva wedding. She then sat on the left side of Brahma and the yajna was completed. Her name was Gayatri. As the sacrifice was completed, Savitri arrived and, seeing what had occurred, she shouted at Brahma, “I have been your faithful wife for so long and now you have left me and given my share in the yajna to a low caste cowherd girl! I am leaving!”

Brahma answered, “Go, do as you please.”

In jealous anger, Savitri went and performed austerities on top of a mountain. Brahma left with Gayatri-devi. Savitri-devi performed austerities atop a mountain for millions of years, through Satya, Dvapara, and Treta-yuga. When Mahaprabhu appeared in Kali-yuga, Savitri-devi came to Navadvipa and saw that Brahma had come on his swan and joined Mahaprabhu’s sankirtana party. She prayed and surrendered at Mahaprabhu’s feet.

Sometimes a wife becomes proud and tries to control everything and everyone. Savitri did all austerities with the intention of defeating Gayatri-devi. Lord Brahma loved Gayatri, and told everyone, “She is my Gayatri.” Everyone was favorable towards Gayatri, except for the brahmanas who were followers of Savitri.

Savitri waited for three yugas, but Brahma did not call her, or even think much about her. She came to Sriman Mahaprabhu in Kali-yuga and prayed to Him to settle and mend the disagreement.

She prayed, “May my husband accept me back. I promise that I’ll never complain about any of His decisions anymore. My husband is everything to me. Please request him to accept me again.”

Sriman Mahaprabhu told Savitri, “Let it be so. You will be the worshipable ishtadevi of the brahmanas, and Gayatri will be worshipped by the Vaishnavas.”

Savitri further requested the Lord, “May no woman receive the brahmana-diksha-mantra, or they will try to control Brahma.”

If a woman chants a man’s name constantly, gradually she will control that man’s mind. Similarly, if ladies are always calling for Brahma with the brahma-gayatri-mantra, he will be conquered by them.

Sriman Mahaprabu then went to Brahmaji and said, “It is not correct that you have left and ignored your wife. Accept her back. She will be respected as your senior wife and Gayatri-devi as her junior.”

On the order of Mahaprabhu, Savitri stayed on one side of Brahma and Gayatri on the other. Vaishnavas only follow Gayatri, because she helps us make a relationship with Krishna, and she has the same relationship with Krishna that we aspire after.

When going to Hamsa Bhavana in Navadvipa, we do not go to the side of Savitri. We follow Gayatri. If we follow Savitri, then we will never become humbler than a blade of grass, as Mahaprabhu desires us to be.

Brahmana-diksha is called Savitri and Vaishnava-diksha is called Gayatri. No woman is given savitridiksha, because Savitri would be jealous and angry that another woman is being made into a brahmani. Up to this day, women are not allowed to receive the Savitri diksha. However, Gayatri mantras are given to Vaishnavas and Vaishnavis, because Gayatri helps everyone come to Krishna.

Brahma took diksha initiation into Mahaprabhu’s nama-prema-dharma and gave diksha for the welfare of all souls in his disciplic succession. If anyone receives these diksha-mantras from a sad-guru, and takes full shelter of Gayatri-devi, then his mind will never be restless and his relationship with Guru, Krishna, and Mahaprabhu will not be lost.

[CC-by-NDNC Bhakta Bandhav]

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