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Entering the Kingdom of Love

If we can remember the guru-varga and Holy abode it is our great fortune. Our practice is to obtain permanent relation with our rupanuga guru-varga and the Vrajabasis. Then mundane things will not be able to sway us from the Holy abode. In the forest there is a great fire destroying everything, but then the rainy season comes and the forest become more lush then before. People follow strong vairagya, after some days they think that their desires are all quenched and burnt, but suddenly many crocodiles and lions will again attack one. If we remember the guru-varga and Holy abode, they will protect us.

Śrīla Gurudeva tells, “Kṛṣṇa took birth in Vraja land, many problems came but the Vrajabasis never left Vraja land. Kṛṣṇa left, but the Vrajabasis never left, they had strong relationship with Śrī Vraja Maṇḍala. The Vrajabasis have deep faith and never leave for even a moment. How can we make relationship with the Vrajabasis and serve them. This is not possible by practice-bhakti, only by anuragamayi-bhakti, raganuga-bhakti is this possible.

Many people have no faith for  Śrīla Gurudeva, but  Śrīla Gurudeva always has love and affection for his disciplse. He opened the center in Seva Kunja to make his disciples qualified. There are good tutors and under the guidance of Śrī Guru pāda-padma one will be qualified and newer and newer desires for service will come and all understanding of the process will come.

Śrīla Gurudeva is very kind. For a long time he was waiting for a place in Śrī Vṛndāvana, Param Gurudeva had a desire to open one center, but it was not possible in his lifetime.

Śrīla Gurudeva told many times, “Go look for land in Śrī Vṛndāvana. Someone will help.”

But already, it was cheap, like free. Someone gave the land for Rupa Sanatana. Gurudeva was very happy. He said, “ Śrī Rādhārānī is very merciful, She gave some seva qualification in Her seva Kunja. This place is the heart of Gaudiya vaiṣṇavas.”

There are many acaryas centers here, like Bhakti Pramode Puri Gosvami Maharaja.

Imli tala, Srila Sridhar Maharaja, all gaudiyas have some place here. All the followers of  Śrī Rādhārānī will be present nearby Seva Kunja. This process of service is very tricky. People can’t understand. We must pray to Seva Kunja for admission.  Śrīla Gurudeva has given admission, but we don’t go to the classes. It is a great difficulty we feel. If you really practice and follow, you will understand the love and sweetness there.

Seva Kunja is our aim and object, our goal!!!

By the mercy of our guru-varga and rupanuga acaryas for a long time we are following and remembering Śrī Guru pāda-padma and the vaiṣṇavas. Their special relation, affection and love, how do they use this always for God. The conditioned souls try, but they never use everything correctly, they misuse. Guru and vaiṣṇavas use everything perfectly for God’s service.

If anyone has relationship with God and God’s family, there is no need for any extra energy or meditation. Automatically everything will be done for God. They have relationship with God, then everything is done for God. The guru-varga, the abode for they have great love. In this world, all souls are the part and parcels of God. But by force anyone trying to control and enjoy another jiva for their own service, then punishment will come and one will go distance to the abode and God’s family. The guru-varga use everything, and themselves, guru and vaiṣṇavas une everything for God’s service. When will our bad mentality be cleaned. When will we engage everything in God’s service. God is not distant, He is everywhere, but we have no faith. Therefore, we are against and always fighting and cheating. We aren’t simple. God knows everything, how can we cheat Him? But we try to cheat. This disturbs all. In Śrī Vṛndāvana, or Ksetra Mandara or Navadvip mandala. Does God only stay there, or all the world? He is everywhere, but there is no center for God. Guru and vaiṣṇavas only make a reserved place for God. This is for you, not for anything to do with my sense enjoyment. Only everything for God, then that place is called a branch office of the abode, or a temple, ashram. We must reserve our body, mind and senses for God’s service. Practice, this is called practice. First use one hour, then two, three, four, gradually increase. Śrīla Raghunātha Dāsa Gosvāmī used 18-20 hours in God’s direct service. The gosvamis use all their time for God, even when sleeping, chappana danda.…

Śrīla Gurudeva wrote many many books, how many reading? This is called guru seva, first read, learn and practice all his philosophy. Then teach others, “this is my Guru Maharaja’s teachings.” Don’t cheat and plagiarize his books and put your own name there, and tell, “I am his near and dearest, I am the best, follow me.” GHANTA! No realization coming. No distributing to anyone. Then how will I be near and dearest to Gurudeva. Now you must learn and practice everything, then automatically all help will come. All will be present. Gurudeva is present with mantra and his advice and books. He is directly present there. If there is no desire and proper mood to chant mantra, then read and pray, How can I realize and follow.”

Now Śrīla Gurudeva has printed so many books, rasa pancadhyayi, venu gita, so many books he has given. Have we read one? We have no time, we are very busy!! Are we nearby Gurudeva, or our own sense enjoyment and recreation, HOW CAN WE GET SIDDHA PRANALI? One foolish man only following Guru’s instruction and opening the Bhagavad-gītā, and God, Mahāprabhu and Guru gave all mercy. Guru is watching. “What do my disciples want? Do they pray for realization? DO they read and pray for help?” Otherwise, all is wrong and garbage, after some time big storm and hurricane coming and destroying everything. So called disciples, then crash and fight and like the yadavas all destroying. No relationship with guru, then who is there protector? Who is there Guru? They are their own guru. They run here and there, “You give me shelter, you give me advice, help me!” Here and there business with no relationship. We must be present in Seva Kunja,  Śrīla Gurudeva has given admission, we must follow the lessons, then we can get siddha pranali. Daily sit in one place and sincerely read and follow his instructions.  Śrīla Gurudeva has many eyes, he will see and help. Then  Śrīla Gurudeva will send sat sanga, and they will glorify ones guru. They will never glorify themselves. Any vaiṣṇava coming, you respect and tell, “You are God’s representative, but my Gurudeva is my everything, he has given me shelter and entrance into bhakti yoga, he is my everything, I am respecting and offering obeisance, please give your blessings that my relationship will be fixed and strong with my Śrī Guru pāda-padma and I will understand his heart and language, then I can progress towards Siddha pranali.”

This is the rule and nature of Bhakti. This is one side and angle of Seva Kunja.

Now we are ending here, otherwise all passing in their clothes!

Śrīla Gurudeva calls everybody to Śrī Vraja Maṇḍala ever year to make relationship and make the conditioned souls understand the glories of the trees, creepers, stones and all of the Vrajabasis. If you come but don’t pray, then why are we wasting our time and money? IF we waste everything coming only for touring and recreation, then everything will be lost.

In the 1970’s there was not such a large crowd going on parikramā. The Vrajabasis were very nice and would arrange places for Śrīla Gurudeva to stay. They gave madhukari and called Śrīla Gurudeva, “Please stay at our house.” But Śrīla Gurudeva said, “This place is very nice for us.”  Śrīla Gurudeva stayed in the sands on the bank of the Yamuna with the Brahmacaris. We tried to cook in the sand, but  Śrīla Gurudeva said, “No, we will take madhukari.” For many years, we never cooked in that area, all the Vrajabasis arranged for the parikramā party. Kṛṣṇa is Bihari and He is always present there in Biharavan. There are now also many thousands of cows there, over a hundred acres of land and gardens are there for Kṛṣṇa’s service. If we go there and pray, we can get so much benefit.  But we are not under the guidance of Śrī Guru pāda-padma, we will not be connected. We will think, “This is a very good place for sense enjoyment.”

We must always be present with Śrīla Gurudeva in Śrī Vraja Maṇḍala. This is his desire. Don’t leave Śrī Vraja Maṇḍala and Śrīla Gurudeva even for a moment. The body or mind may be anywhere, but don’t follow them.

Always be related to Śrī Guru Pāda-padma and one day he will give us this Vraja rasa and make our relationship with the Vrajabasis.  Śrīla Gurudeva is always present and serving Kṛṣṇa and Śrīmatī Rādhikā. If we always remember him, we will be connected.

By the causeless mercy of the mahā-bhāgavata vaiṣṇavas, guru-varga and siksa gurus we are present here. We are praying at their lotus feet. This world is full of bribes to cheat people from their true soul life. After a while, time passes and nothing is left. There is no result!

We came to sad-guru in the line of bhakti. Many helpers come, but they only cheat. They give more love and affection then Guru and Vaisnavas. But that isn’t helpful for the practitioners. The guru-varga give an example. One mother had a son, she was a widow, but she cared well for her son. She didn’t properly eat, she worked for others to maintain her son and send him to college, cloth, good food and everything. Then the son became qualified.  She used every drop of her blood for her son. The son became qualified and started a sucessful business. She arranged his marriage. The new wife came to the house. The mother is was very happy with her daughter in law and she also served her very nicely. One day, the son came home after his work, he saw that his wife was not talking and very sad, he asked her, “What is the problem?” She didn’t speak. The mother said, ‘I don‘t know.” Next he asked the neighbors, “Did my mother quarrel with my wife?” The neighbors said, “Yes, she doesn’t give her food or water, she always treats her very badly.” He was very angry and on returning back to the house he beat his mother and kicked her out of the house. The mother thought, ‘Why has he gone crazy? I gave him every drop of my blood to serve and maintain him and now he is beating my hands and legs!” She thought, ‘This is my bad karma, my beloved son is now beating and punishing me.”

For twenty five years the son was maintained with love and affection by his mother, but now in one moment it was lost, he believed his neighbors and wife, but not his mother. The mother had taken care of him as a beggar. She thought. “Why did I make attachment with my son, why didn’t I make relationship with God?” Then no one looked after her.

The sadhu has no attachment with son, father, mother, or anyone. He only serves and prays to God. In this way the whole world, so many girls and boys, doctors, engineers and barristers, they all come and help him. All serve along with him.

Sad-guru always helps, serves and makes his disciples qualified. But after some time, bribers and cheaters come, they show more love and affection, more greatness, more sweetness, and more help, but after, what happens? They destroy everything! The son lost his relationship with his mother, will his life be happy and good? Will satisfaction come? Who has nourished him with motherly love? Sad-guru accepts his disciples and makes them qualified and helps them follow the rules of bhakti. He collects the conditioned souls and brings them to Vraja abode. But now, people come to bribe the disciples, “Why are so many with him?” But why haven’t they collected disciples? If they were qualified, they would go and collect and take care of many. But now, like tigers and lions, they go and look for nice livestock in a farmhouse, they catch, eat, drink blood and flesh and run.

Śrīla Gurudeva has made this beautiful garden full of Brahmacari and Brahmacarinis, but now are all greedy to steal and enjoy them. “How can I bribe them and make them all respect and worship me and follow in my footsteps!” But why haven’t they collected and nourished the jivas. Why are they going to catch the disciples like lions? Why aren’t they helping one to follow guru-bhakti? They only show sweet speak to bribe, but who will take care of the disciple? Will they take responsibility?

Sad guru has taken responsibility and collected everyone, but now  Śrīla Gurudeva watches, “How much are they following me, or how much are they going to bribe men?” Will Śrīla Gurudeva be pleased with our misconduct? This is impossible! Be strong, strict and straight.  Śrīla Gurudeva is my eternal guardian. His blessings are continuously flowing. I’m his! Why will I run? What will another give? What power do they have? This is only cheating! We think, “I am the follower of Gurudeva, why will I lick the toes of any other? Does my Śrīla Gurudeva have no strength?” Why am I weak? Is Śrīla Gurudeva any ordinary person? Why hasn’t the other collected anyone with hard labor? This is disobeying Śrīla Gurudeva and the punishment won’t be simple and easy. Neglecting Śrīla Gurudeva, guru-avajna, this will create a big problem.  Śrīla Gurudeva’s family is enough for this life, my brothers and sisters are enough for me.  Śrīla Gurudeva left so many books and property for his disciples, why are we beggars going door to door? Respect is necessary for all, but this doesn’t mean we will become any other’s slave! How can we respect anyone else as equal to  Śrīla Gurudeva? Our love is reserved for Śrīla Gurudeva!! Am I a prostitute!?! How can I say to any other, “Sri Guru carana Padma, krpa bindu diya!” All are vaiṣṇavas, we can pray to them as vaiṣṇava , but never as guru.

Many times  Śrīla Gurudeva gave advice, ‘The wife tells “you are my husband.” She never tells, ‘Everyone is my husband.” A chaste wife is related to one husband. A chaste disciple is related to their own guru. All others are vaiṣṇavas, but not Gurudeva!

Due to western culture, one husband, then divorce, next day new husband, then again divorce!! Is this vaiṣṇava philosophy? With this mentality a big problem will come in our lives.

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