Audio Katha Gopal campu Gopal-campu, Sastras, 2.19 - Prabhuji, 18 Jan 2021

Gopal-campu, Sastras, 2.19 – Prabhuji, 18 Jan 2021

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The Only Way To Be Happy

We have told from the beginning that, without bhajana, no one can be happy. Actually, we are not this physical body. We are different from this body. But by the illusory energy of Krsna, we are thinking that we are this body. The happiness and problems we experience come from the mind. But actually, this is illusory. We are the eternal servants of Krsna. But we have forgotten Him. And that is why the illusory maya has covered over us, and we are thinking that we are this body. And whatever we do is not to please Krsna, but rather, to be pleased ourselves. But this is quite wrong. You cannot be happy independently. This has been true since time immemorial...


In the late 1980’s and early 90’s, Śrīla Gurudeva received regular visits at his headquaters in Mathurā by various...


...Who is the source of love for Śrī Kṛṣṇa? The answer is it is Śrī Rādhā only. Who is Śrī Kṛṣṇa’s most beloved? The answer is Śrī Rādhā, the repository of all transcendental qualities, and no one else. Her hair is very curly, Her eyes are always darting back and forth, and Her breasts are firm. Thus, Śrī Rādhā alone is able to fulfill all of Kṛṣṇa’s desires, no one else...


Who is a sādhu? Sādhnoti sādhayati ca kṛṣṇa-prema iti sādhu—that person who himself is performing sādhana-bhajana to awaken kṛṣṇa-prema and who helps engage others in this type of sādhana-bhajana as well, is a sādhu. The sādhus do bhajana and engage others in sādhana and bhajana also. This is their specialty. When the sādhu sees a person running for māyā, he catches that person and says, “No! Stop running. Come back. Do bhajana!” This is their nature. They are very strange. They never help anyone jump into māyā. They will bring them back. The seed of bhakti will automatically be planted in sat-saṅga. They can plant this seed anywhere they desire.

06 march 2017 Sri Gita Govinda – Akanksa Pundarikaksa

Once, Krsna was sitting at Bandhiravan with His sahkas, eating, playing, and having a good time while the cows grazed. The cows very happily ate the fresh grass. They noticed an area of grass that was particularly large and fresh and they headed for that place. A little further away they saw even more tasteful grass and they went there. Thus they followed their tongues to a dead end and soon found that they were trapped in a terrible forest fire. They could not return from that place...

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