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Hamsaduta (Part 5)

Rupa Gosvami Prabhu bestows his special teachings on the sadhaka in Sri Hamsaduta. How will the sadhaka become qualified to meet Krsna? How will he understand the desire of Krsna? Therefore Gosvami wrote this story in which Lalita-devi teaches the swan Hamsa. She told him, ”Go to Govardhana, Radha-kunda, Syama-kunda, Kaliya-dhana, and Bandhiravana. Offer pranama there, sit for a while, and pray, and then these holy places will help you. All types of anuraga are present there. Krsna distributed transcendental rasa in the gardens of Vrndavana. If you go there and pray, you will realize Krsna’s pastimes, and then you can understand Krsna and go to meet Him in Mathura. If you go to Him trying to categorize Him with your mundane perspective, He will cheat you.

Vanchet trubenadibi bhukti mukti..

Service to oneself does not result in bhakti but mundane attainments. Visnu, Brahma, and Siva, who are always engaged in creating, maintaining, and destroying the material Universe, give such attainments to the jivas. Krsna is nirguna, para-tattva. If jivas approach Him with mundane desires, He will not bestow bhakti on them.

Therefore the Vraja-devis even taught a swan the process of self-realization. The Guru-varga calls the sadhakas to Vrndavana to have darsana of Krsna’s lila-bhumi and to pray for prema-bhakti. Krsna does not accept anything for someone who does not have prema-bhakti. Krsna has no desire for anything other than the love of His devotees. Once your love is pure you will be able to render service to Krsna. This love will not be contaminated or shared with anyone else. People devoid of this pure love buy mangoes and first offer half of the amount to their family, one fourth they take for themselves, and whatever there is left they offer to the lord. Krsna is not greedy for presentations such as mangoes, and if your love is divided, Krsna does not accept your offering. Krsna even accepted His devotee’s remnants, but only if the devotee is one-pointed to Krsna and does not share his love with others.

The Vraja-devis again and again explain the glories of Kaliya-hrada to the swan. Krsna happily danced on the top of the snakes hoods. The Vraja-devis say, “We are so unfortunate compared to Kaliya for Krsna never put His feet on our heads. Our heads are very hard and therefore Krsna did not dance on them. The hood of a snake is very soft and therefore Kaliya is very lucky. Kaliya received all the blessing of Krsna. He had much anarthas, jealousy, and fire, but Krsna cooled all his fires and made him very sweet and humble. How can we go to Krsna if we are not sweet and humble? Krsna would not like us and reject us.”

Previously Saubhari Rsi performed austerities on the bank of Kaliya-hrada but because of asat-sanga he later lost all the results from his austerities. He was immersed in water for ten-thousand, doing tapa surrounded by fishes and other aquatics. One day Garuda came, caught a big fish, and ate it. Thereafter the children of that fish came crying to Saubhari Rsi and said, “Garuda killed our father and widowed our mothers.”

Saubhara Rsi did not take the side of Garuda but the side of the fishes. He was associating with fishes and therefore took on their nature and became more favorable toward them then to towards the carrier of the supreme Lord. He then cursed Garuda, so that his head would become separated from his body whenever he would return to that place at the bank of the Yamuna. Hearing thus, Kaliya thought this place to be ideal to hide form Gaura, since the two were inimical towards each other and always got involved in fights.

While immersed in the Yamuna, the rsi observed the fishes that were always eager to enjoy, and thus his mind changed completely. When someone watches the unrestricted enjoyments of other people or even animals then he will not be able to control himself. The rsi gave up his tapa and japa, and went to Mathura which was ruled by King Mandata who had fifty daughters. Saubhara Rsi requested him, “Please give one of your daugthers in marriage with me.”

After being immersed in water for ten-thousand years, the sage’s body only consisted of bones and skin, but the king was afraid of getting cursed if he would refuse to give one of his daughters. The king said, “Go to my palace and if one of my daughters likes you, you can marry her.”

Saubhara Rsi thought that no one would be attracted to this old and wrinkly body of his, and therefore acquired a young, strong, and beautiful body. When he went back to the king’s palace all the fifty princesses offered him to get married. Without the permission of the king they all got married to the rsi who enjoyed the company of his wives for another ten-thousand years, yet neither his nor the princesses’ desire for sense enjoyment ceased. By pouring ghee inside a fire it only increases. By enjoying the object of the senses it is never possible to pacify such desires and become peaceful. The fire will only increase.

Kaliya now went to that place on in the Yamuna where the rsi previously had done austerities. Garuda only ate only of the fishes, but Kaliya ate their entire dynasty. From this pastime we can conclude that when a senior austerity appears to do mistakes, we should not judge since we cannot understand his actions with our conditioned vision. If we go and complain to others, then we ourselves will be finished as well as our dynasty and followers.

When Garuda came and ate the fishes, he offered their souls to the service of Lord Narayana. He ate the body, but the soul does not die when the body dies. Whatever a sadhu like Garuda accepts he will offer to Good. They do not use this for themselves. This is not the nature of sadhus. Garuda is the servant of God and his nature is pure. Saubhara Rsi judged the actions of this pure servant with his mundane ideas and cursed him. Saubhara Rsi committed a serious offence to this servant of the Lord, and as a result he forgot his bhajana, lost his bhakti, and got a desire for sense enjoyment. On one hand the rsis live was finished and on the other hand the lives of the fishes were finished because the poisonous Kaliya came and inhabited these waters. This is called a curse. Garuda did not speak this curse, but Saubhara Rsis curse backfired.

Once Sanaka, Sanandana, Sanatana and Sanat-Kumara cursed Jaya and Vijaya, and they became Hiranyakasipu and Hiranyaksa in their next lives. They then disturbed everyone. The curse of sadhus and yogis is very dangerous. Not only the cursed but also the whole world suffers because of the influence of such a curse.

Lalita-devi said to the swan, “Collect unconditioned love and then go to Krsna. He will then understand the separation of the Vraja-devis and the Vrajavasis. Otherwise if you go to Mathura without having this love, then Mathura’s opulence will make you forget Vraja.”

Text 32

Lalita-devi said, “Let Krsna know that Vraja-mandala is in a very serious condition. The peacocks stopped dancing and talking, the trees do not bare fruits anymore, and the cows do no longer give milk. The forests of Vraja used to be flourishing and beautiful, but now all the trees are dried out and uprooted. Feeling intense separation for Krsna, the trees in Vraja are only weeping and suffering, and therefore they lie down. They have no strength to stand.

At the bank of Yamuna-devi there is Madhupuri , the friend of Yamuna-devi, with its huge pillars and flower gardens. When you go there do not touch anything. There are many lakes with sweet water, but do not drink their waters, and don’t eat the grasses on their shore.

Text 34

“The swan carrier of Lord Brahma sometimes comes to Mathura, but cannot touch him. Karttikeya has a peacock carrier that eats sankes.” Therefore there are no snakes in Vraja-mandala. Kaliya is very powerful, but he always hides himself in the water and never. In the same way Kaliya was envy of Garuda, sankes also does not like peacocks. For six months of the year, snakes do not eat and drink and only make love with their wives, but the peacock is a brahmacari. His color is the one of Krsna, his feathers are very soft, and the sound he makes is very high and sweet. He never disturbs anybody but poisons creatures. Lalita-devi continues, “Indra came with his elephant carrier. He also likes Madhupuri.”

Text 35

When Krsna entered Mathura for the first time, all the ladies of Mathura came out in the street to see Him. Whatever svarupa of Krsna they thought of, whether it be Govinda, Gopala, Mukunda, Madhusudana, Murari, or Rasabihari, Krsna revealed Himself in that particular svarupa to them. They all became maddened by looking at Krsna’s beauty and forgot their own husbands and duties. They did not return back to their houses, but followed Krsna’s procession, greedy to see Krsna. But Krsna did not talk to them. He only smiled at everyone and accepted the Mathuravasis’ offerings of cumcum, goracana etc. They did not only offer flowers and other gifts but they offered their own hearts to Krsna. Whoever has darsana of Krsna will only follow Him as if attached with a chain. They do not know why, but fearlessly and despite of all obstacles and difficulties they only run behind Krsna. They forget to wear their garments properly. They wear their ankle-bells around their necks, their nose-rings on their toes, and their earrings on their fingers.

Text 36

One foot is anointed with kumkum and the other foot is blank. In whatever condition the ladies of Mathura were in, they run out of their homes chanting the names of Krsna and Baladeva. The informed each other and then run out in the streets, greedy for Krsna’s darsana. Whether they were old, blind, or lame, they all went out. If someone asked the blind what he can see, the blind would say, “I have no eyes to see, but I heard that Krsna gives eyes to any blind people that come to Him.” The lame would say, “I heard that Krsna straightened the body of crippled Kubja, and therefore I will go to Him and help Him in his task of killing Kamsa.”

One of the ladies in Mathura watched Krsna through her wooden window. When Krsna was close by, she broke her window with her heard and jumped outside. She was not afraid to break her legs. Krsna thought that she would be dead after jumping from such a height and took her on His lap. The lady then stood up and gazed at Krsna.

Krsna’s darsana is very sweet. He is ornamented with earrings made of flowers and He never directly looks at anyone. He is very tricky and steals one girl after another.

Lalita-devi said, “Krsna looks at everyone, but He does not become pleased. He only thinks of the Vraja-devis who are innumerable times more glorious then the ladies of Mathura, yet they remain humble. The ladies of Mathura appear to be very sweet externally, but inside they come to Krsna to cheat and steal Him. How can we understand that they have wicked intentions? They do not respect and favor each other, but always have competitions amongst themselves. They decorate themselves with garlands and ornaments, comb their hair, and apply make-up on their face, and then they go to steal Krsna. Krsna knows everything, and therefore He never looks at their faces or meets with them. He is alone.”

Text 40

Lalita-devi said, “If Krsna were happy and pleased He would certainly talk, but He does not talk and joke with anybody there. Go to Mathura where the streets are clean and beautifully decorated. Listen to what the ladies discuss amongst themselves. They know how to steal the heart of Krsna. This is a very hard time for the Vraja-devis, since the ladies of Mathura conquered Krsna. His mind changed and He is no longer Damodara, Rasika-sekara. He is now the king of Mathura.

Text 41

In the middle of the town of Mathura, the Vrsnis and Yadhus reside in big houses. To welcome Krsna they offer Him special drinks in golden pots decorated with many jewels. In this way they steal the heart of Krsna and change Him. Otherwise Krsna had never left Vraja-dhama and went to Mathura to meet with them.”

“Hey Rajahamsa, listen to my description of Krsna’s residence, so that you can find it. His house is very big and opulent and guarded by many guards around the clock. These guards control Krsna and follow Him at every step. Watch out for Krsna’s footprint, and when you see them, touch them with your beak and take the dust of His lotus feet. When Krsna was in Vraja-dhama, He never wore shoes, but now in Mathurapuri he wears shoes. He never takes His shoes inside the house, but always leaves them outside. Collect Krsna’s foot dust for these shoes if you see them. Bring some of that dust back here for Radharani. She will regain conciseness as soon as that dust touches Her body. Otherwise She will never come back to Her senses and die. She is only waiting for Krsna’s darsana and blessings.”

“On the roof of Krsna’s house there is a big, shine flag that let’s everybody know that Krsna is present there. Many Mathuravasis come every day to worship Krsna. When they wake up in the early morning, they first bath and dress themselves, and then go to Krsna to worship Him and recite prayers about His good qualities and glories. Mathura has much opulence and therefore the people offer Krsna many things with great respect. Ugrasen Maharaja and Padmahamsa come to Krsna with presentations and glorify Him. If they would not do that, they would not feel happy because they know that Krsna might leave Mathura. Krsna cannot stay at a place devoid of love. But the Mathuravasis’ love is duplicitous. None of them has genuine love for Krsna.”

Kamsa died now. Asti and Nasti went to Jarasandara and Jarasandana will certainly attack Mathura. What can they do to protect themselves? The Mathuravasis know that while Krsna is with them, they will be protected, and if He leaves, they would die. Therefore they think Krsna to be their well-wisher and worship Him every day.

Lalita-devi then continued, “Krsna went Uddhava who came and looked at everybody in Mathura. At that time the gopis in their separation sent two parrots to Krsna. These parrots know everything. There is only male and one female parrot and there are both very qualified. They gave the following message to Krsna: ‘Oh dear Krsna, I am present at the bank of the Yamuna in a kunja. Nobody can find me here. When You appear, whoever looks at your face becomes happy.’ They taught the parrots Suka and Sari to tell this to Krsna and then sent them on their way while waiting for their answer. When Krsna went to Mathura, He left His peacock feather, flute, Natavara-dress etc. He left everything. Suka and Sari went to Mathura to talk to Krsna, but once they arrived in Mathura they forgot everything. They did no more think about Vraja-dhama. This is the mood of Mathura. When they saw the opulence, respect, and people that talked to them sweetly, they forgot Vraja-dhama and did not come back. Watch out that this will not happen to you.”

Text 42

“Hamsa, black smoke will come out of Krsna’s residence, and there will be many clouds. The peacocks recite their prayers from the morning on. When they sing for a long time, then one can understand that the monsoon season is about to start. Therefore you should first go to Mana-sarovara. During the monsoon season there are many thunderbolts. Therefore all the peacocks leave and go to Mana-sarovara. If you go there, you will become fearless.

Text 46

The sakhas came to Krsna’s lila-bhumi and remember many pastimes of Krsna. But in the place of Kamsa, such pastimes are not possible to happen.

Text 47

Krsna’s palace is decorated with beautiful jewels. The peacocks sleep on the roof, and Krsna respects these peacocks. He likes them and thinks them to be good friends because they help Him while staying in Mathura. Sometimes Krsna sees a soft seat and beautiful room, but when then someone calls Krsna, His mind becomes restless. When He is about to go to the Yamuna, someone catches Him in the midway and disturbs Him. They want to serve Krsna, but Krsna does not accept anyone’s service in Mathura. He does not have a heart-to-heart relation with them. If anybody serves but his heart is divided, then he contaminates that place. A dirty heart makes everything dirty, and a sweet heart emanates sweetness.

Text 50

“Hey Rajahamsa, don’t meet with the Mathuravasis, otherwise you will suffer like them. The Yadhus recite and sing many stories from the Puranas. Krsna sits with Akrura and talks. They are afraid of the Vraja-gopis to come and steal Krsna away, and therefore they carefully guard Krsna.

Text 51

Krtavarma and Satyaki fan Krsna with camaras from both sides. Brhaspati’s disciple Uddhava guards Krsna around the clock and restricts the Vrajavasis from entering the palace.

Text 52

“Oh Hamsaraja, Garuda is always present in front of Krsna and waits for His order and advice. He every day reads from the Sama-veda together with all the Brahmacari-students of Mathura. Out of the four Vedas the Sama-veda is most respected by Garuda.

Text 53

“My mind becomes restless and I always think of when I will attain Krsna’s toenails. When you are going there, you cannot remember these things. You have to explain to Krsna our separation. This is your duty.”

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