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Hamsaduta (Part 2)

Hari-katha inspired by the Guru-varga

Text 5

tatas tam nyastangim urasi lalitayah kamalini-
palasaih kalindi-salila-sisirair vijita-tanum
paravrtta-svasankura-calita-kanthim kalayatam
sakhi-sandohanam pramada-bhara-sali dhvanir abhut

Lalita-devi put Srimati Radharani to rest on her chest, fanned Her, and sprinkled cooling Yamuna water on Her with lotus petals. Radharani did not breathe and it seemed as if She had left Her life. Immersed in grief, the sakhis prayed to Yamuna-devi and to the Sun-god. At the end they prayed to Krsna, “Oh Krsna, You are gone. The last wealth in our lives is Radharani. Will You take Her as well? Akrura came riding a chariot and stole You. Now we have lost Radharani too.” Broken hearted, they were crying and rolling on the ground. After they lost the association of Krsna, their only reason to stay in this world was Radharani, but on this day they became hopeless.

Text 6

nidhayanke pankeruha-dala-vitankasya lalita
tato radham niraharana-saranau nyasta-carana
milantam kalindi-pulina-bhuvi khelancita-gatim
dadarsagre kancin madhura-virutam sveta-garutam

Lalita-devi arranged for a bed made with lotus petals and put Srimati Radharani’s body there. She then went to the Yamuna to take water, and at the bank of the Yamuna she saw a white swan. He was as pure as his white color, had red legs, a red beak, soft white feathers, and beautiful eyes. Making sweet sounds, he came to Lalita and said, “Oh Lalita, how can I help you? The order of the Vraja-devis is my life and soul. Don’t doubt my sincerity and loyalty. I am not black, crooked, or hypocritical; I am white and clean, outside as well as inside. Therefore my body is white and my beak, legs, and eyes are red. Engage me in your service. I will do whatever service you wish.”

Text 7

tad aloka-stokocchvasita-hrdaya sadaram asau
pranamam samsanti laghu laghu samasadya savidham
dhrtotkantha sadyo hari-sadasi sandesa-harane
varam dutam mene tam ati-lalitam hanta lalita

When Lalita-devi looked at the swan, she obtained some hope. She thought the swan to be an ideal messenger to inform Krsna about the sad state of Srimati Radharani. “When Krsna hears about this,” she thought, “He will not be able to tolerate it and will come back. Krsna would not hear anybody chanting the names of Radharani while in Mathura. Rupa Gosvami quoted the following song by Ramananda Raya:

kalayati nayanam disi disi valitam
pankajam iva mrdu-maruta-calitam

If the swan chants the names of Radhika into Krsna’s ear and delivers Him the message, then Krsna will not stay in Mathura for even one more minute. Many times Radharani fainted when She experienced durjaya-mana because of Krsna’s absence. The sakhis thought that Krsna’s desire to meet Radharani would increase drastically when He would receive the swan’s massage and then He would come. Lalita offered pranama to the swan and praised him. She told the swan, “Krsna is present in the royal assembly in Mathura. You should secretly go there to deliver a message to Him. Once you are there, you just chant ‘Radhe Radhe’ and when Krsna hears this, He will come to you. Then you have to tell Him the situation you have seen here.”

Text 8

amarsat premersyam sapadi dadhati kamsa-mathane
pravrtta hamsaya svam abhilasitam samsitum asau
na tasya doso ‘yam yad iha vihagam prarthitavati
na kasmin visrambham disati hari-bhakti-pranayita

The Vraja-devis have an unbreakable loving bond with Krsna. Therefore, without hesitating, Lalita-devi instructed the swan how to fulfill their desire. She told him how to meet Krsna and what he should say to Him. She also said that Krsna should not be blamed for leaving Vraja. If the Vraja-devis would blame Krsna for going to Mathura then this is envy and this should not be offered to Krsna. The gopis think, “Krsna is not happy with us because we are villagers born in families of cowherds. In Mathura there are many beautiful princesses. They wear nice dresses and are very educated. Krsna meets with them and makes new friendships. We are ugly and not worthy of having His association. We should not blame Krsna for going away from us.”

Lalita-devi cannot tolerate the position of Srimati Radharani and therefore has hard feelings for the ladies of Mathura. She said, “Oh my dear swan, you don’t know the hardship we are undergoing. But you have devotion and faith in Krsna. I will give you strength to go to Krsna. He likes all animals and birds and He likes trees and creepers. He fulfills everybody’s desire. Do you feel separation from Krsna and do you want to meet Him?”

“Yes,” the swan said, “if you send me, I will go. But I have love for Srimati Radharani. I am Her follower.”

Lalita-devi said, “Go to see the present state Srimati Radharani is in and then go to inform Krsna.”

Text 9

pavitresu prayo viracayasi toyesu vasatim
pramodam nalike vahasi visadatma svayam asi
ato ‘ham duhkharta saranam abala tvam gatavati
na yanca sat-pakse vrajati hi kadacid viphalatam

Lalita-devi prays, “Oh king of the swans, you are always staying in clean water. There is nothing hard. In the water you are always engaged in playing and moving about. You also follow a good and pure diet. You eat the seeds, fruits, honey, and stems of the lotus flowers. Therefore your body and mind are very clean. You never give pain to anyone and none of the other animals are your enemies. You are not influenced by tama or raja. Your face is bright and effulgent, but we are full of grief and distress. Our situation is hopeless and nobody is there to help us. Please be compassionate to us and go and request Krsna to come. You will surely be successful and return with good news.”

The symptom of a good person is that he is clean outside and inside. He is not dark and dirty and he is not crooked or a cheater. Seeing all these symptoms present with in the swan, Lalita-devi requested him to help them.

Text 10

ciram vismrtyasman viraha-dahana-jvala-vikalah
kalavan sanandam vasati mathurayam madhuripuh
tad etam sandesam sva-manasi samadhaya nikhilam
bhavan ksipram tasya sravana-padavim sangamayatu

Lalita-devi said, “Oh my dear swan, the hearts of the gopis are burning. They are suffering intensely. Krsna is full of qualities and skilled in all the different arts. He is present in Mathura drinking the nectar of Madhu-puri. He is happy there. We are not calling Him to also become happy. We do not want to disturb Him and deprive Him of His own happiness. If we again attain His service, our distress will cease. Therefore we pray to Him.” Lalita-devi thus requested the swan and prepared him to deliver the message of the Vraja-devis.

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