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Why does God Create the World

First I’m praying to Hari, Guru and Vaisnava to make my relation with God’s family. Blood family is very easy. Little serving God family, then very sweet and strong relation coming. Then this generation going on for lives and lives. People don’t understand, therefore they are lost. Now I’m trying to explain a little specialty of the guru varga. How are they, how can they protect us, how can their mercy flow continuously 24 hours. God creates this world. Why? God is eternally in vraja mandala, Gauda Mandala, Ksetra Mandala, Dvaraka, Vaikuntha, why does he create this world? Many have this doubt? Why god making this world. Guru varga and our Gurudeva give answers. I was with him in 1976 in Jaipur, he gave 7 days classes. He gave very sweet answer. “Father has house, grandfather, grandmother, uncles, all have houses. But any children get birth, they like too much, 1-2-3 years they like, after they send to play school, primary, college, university. Why? They have no love? Why sending far away to school? All know. These boys with family, then they will never become qualified. Therefore a tutor is necessary. A guardian arranges school for their development. Not only for playing do they go to school. They go for their future. Prajapati Daksa arranged a nice place, and all his sons he gave to Narada Rsi. Narada Rsi taught his 10,000 sons. He gave good instructions. God created this world as a training center, as a babies play garden, all are god’s parts and parcels, sons.

“Mamaivamso jiva loke jiva bhuta sanatanah” (B.G.)

To train and make them qualified to properly make respect and make sweet relation with god, and understanding he is my everything, therefore god arranges this training center, play garden. Everything is like equal to vaikuntha, rama loka, all incarnations he sends to this world and makes a place, nice center. He arranges everything. He sends the jivas, and gives them good tutors and guardians. Acarya guru varga, god’s expansion, they come to help these jivas. Jivas are god’s near and dearest. 33 crores demigods he arranged to help the jivas. “You rain, you give fire, ether, fruits, medicine, cloth, flowers, cleaning pollution with fresh air. Water made by cloud, everywhere cleaning. God’s arrangement is perfect. He arranged so that all his children would get all facility and understanding how their beloved God is kind and their all and all. But conditioned soul came in this world and due to bad association they steal everything and acquire all and make thief business. Making groups and societies and stealing all god’s property. Therefore god arranges mohini maya. She is thousands of times more kind then one’s own mother. She gives punishment when the jivas steal god’s property. She breaks bones and gives strong punishment to change and purify jivas. This world is temporary, how getting permanent relation and relief. Therefore arranging subhadra yogamaya. 1 side baladeva and one side jaganatha, middle subhadra. Baladeva is guru tattva, gurudeva collects all and gives adhikara for krsna seva. Subhadra makes connection, inspiration and sweet relation to god. In vrndavan her name is vrnda devi, purnamasi. Kavi karnapura wrote in his books who all the vrajabasis are in gaura lila. After good training. God’s beloved jivas will be with him permanently. The conscious jivas try to steal everything with independent enjoy mentality. They don’t know I’m god’s property. If using all for god’s service then eternal happiness. Kanistha, madhyama, uttama. Guru varga are professors, and vaisnavas are tutors or nurses. Kanistha give first entrance, madhyama giving sastra knowledge. With uttama relation then getting svarupa siddhi or siddha pranali. No relation with maha bhagavat then never getting svarupa siddhi. Coming near maha bhagavat, than making relation only with kanistha. Rare people come near madhyama. Understanding if they have, because they will have good taste for service, hari katha, sastra, hari nama. They’ll never waste time. After crossing that, and going near maha bhagavat, than they are continuously doing manasi seva.

sevā sādhaka-rūpeṇa siddha-rūpeṇa cātra hi
tad-bhāva-lipsunā kāryā vraja-lokānusārataḥ
BRS 1.2.295


A sādhaka who has lobha for rāgānuga-bhakti should serve Śrī Kṛṣṇa both in the sādhaka-rūpa and the siddha-rūpa in accordance with the bhāva of the Vrajavāsīs who possess the same mood for which he aspires.

Sadhaka body with is outside people understanding, doing navadha bhakti, cooking cleaning parikrama. But internally they are serving. Understanding how? Swami Maharaja told, “I served my Gurudeva’s radha madhava mindly. One day they showed everything how I served them. 108 temples, many sevakas, gold temple.” If not serving internally, then not possible I’m opening center in this world.

I have no desire for chanting and god’s service, than meeting guru varga, they tell chant harinama and mantra, then I get big power, and energy and taste from them. But this will be lost when I’m going in association of kanistha. Guru-varga is eternal and everywhere, but I’m not with them 24 hours. I’m very small and foolish. “If they change us immediately, then one will become proud.”

ye ‘nye ‘ravindākṣa vimukta-māninas
tvayy asta-bhāvād aviśuddha-buddhayaḥ
āruhya kṛcchreṇa paraṁ padaṁ tataḥ
patanty adho ‘nādṛta-yuṣmad-aṅghrayaḥ
SB 10.2.32/CC Madhya 22.30


[Someone may say that aside from the Vaiṣṇavas, who always seek shelter at the Lord’s lotus feet, there are those who are not Vaiṣṇavas but have accepted a different process for attaining salvation. What happens to them? In answer to this question, Lord Brahmā states:] “O lotus-eyed Lord, although nondevotees who accept severe austerities and penances to achieve the highest position may think themselves liberated, their intelligence is impure. Although they may rise to the level of impersonal Brahman realisation, they fall down from their position because they neglect to worship Your lotus feet.”

You will be qualified, like mukta liberated soul, but disobeying guru varga and falling down. Therefore slowly progressing, then siddha pranali, manasi seva for natural taste coming and will be trnad api sunicena, and giving respect to all from top to bottom.

ye rūpe laile nāma prema upajaya
tāra lakṣaṇa-śloka śuna, svarūpa-rāmarāya
uttama hañā āpanāke māne tṛṇādhama
dui prakāre sahiṣṇutā kare vṛkṣa sama
vṛkṣa yena kāṭileha kichu nā bolaya
śukāiñā maileha kāre pānī nā māgaya
yei ye māgaye, tāre deya āpana dhana
gharma-vṛṣṭi sahe, ānera karaye rakṣaṇa
uttama hañā vaiṣṇava ha’be nirabhimāna
jīve sammāna dibe jāni ‘kṛṣṇa’-adhiṣṭhāna
Caitanya bhagavata, Bhajan Rahasya.


(Four symptoms are observed in sādhakas who chant the holy name of Śrī Kṛṣṇa free from all offences: (1) natural humility born of complete detachment from sense objects, (2) pure compassion devoid of envy, (3) purity of heart and freedom from false ego, and (4) an attitude of respect towards everyone according to their position.


Taror api sahiṣṇunā refers to the tolerance of a tree. A tree is so tolerant that it does not forget to show kindness by offering its cool shade and sweet fruits even to the person who comes to cut it down. Since Kṛṣṇa’s devotees are even more merciful than a tree, they show kindness to all, both friend and enemy. This is compassion completely free from envy. Although such devotees are topmost in the kingdom of bhakti, they remain free from pride. They know that Kṛṣṇa resides in the hearts of all living entities, and therefore give all living entities appropriate respect. Such persons are truly eligible to perform śrī-kṛṣṇa-nāma-kīrtana, and only performers of śrī-kṛṣṇa-nāma-kīrtana attain kṛṣṇa-prema.)

Then all time satisfaction and service desire coming. And what one is thinking? Mundane jiva’s are ignorant, they have no good desire or ego, why looking at their faults? Why going distance to my beloved god’s service. I’m going and looking at bad things, then I’m going distance to god. Don’t go or look! Going one moment then crying and repenting. “Bad luck, what I’m hearing and taking, garbage, today bad luck, asat sanga.”

Sukadeva Gos, told “sat sanga sevadi nrnam, manayas…rajan,” sadhu sanga then not going one second wrong way. Sadhus are present with baladeva, gurudeva, sat. Always goodness, if always near them then goodness automatically coming. Gurudeva gave these classes in Jaipur “god is how kind to us, he gives all arrangements in this world. Jivas getting svarupa siddhi, then yogamaya giving entrance to vraja mandala, and in bhauma vrndavan she gives more training in mahaprabhu lila and krsna lila in bhauma vrndavan.” Therefore in this world all dhamas are present. All hari dhamas are present, separate places, all jivas have different svarupas, therefore god has good arrangement for jivas welfare. Going near Guru and vaisnavas then they are very lucky.

(Hindi translation)

Bhaktivinoda thakura told “ekaki amara nahi paya bala”

One time Rupa Gosvami was disturbed and sanatana gosvami told him to make a festival.

“tomorrow all preparations coming” But how, they don’t even have a blanket or piece of food,

Ayayujye rsi sraddhe

Rsi’s sraddha and festival is hari katha and hari kirtan. Today rupa goswavi gave invitation to all vaisnavas. One didn’t come, “all are big vaisnavas, I’m lame and ugly, I went for darshan of rupa gosvami, and he laughed.” Why did he laugh? “I was remembering Krsna’s lila at kusuma sarovara and I was laughing.” He came to the festival and became appeased. Who knows when what vaisnava will become disturbed? Therefore Guru varga arranges programs like this to clean the heart and make good relation between vaisnavas. Vaisnavas come and we should pray that they make love in our hearts for our Gurudeva and the guru varga. Otherwise we have no other path for our welfare.


Staying with Guru varga then getting svarupa siddhi. Ordinary person met maha bhagavat who ordered him to do arcana. Guru gives internal inspiration, but doesn’t do anything externally. Swami maharaja and Bhaktisiddhanta Prabhupada giving chance and qualification, our gurudeva giving Vishnu maharaja sannyasa at 24. Madhava Maharaja told “no! he’s only a baby.” I told, “No! GIVE sannyasa, I’m watching his heart, very good. He’s not baby, he’s already crossed many lives to be here. But if I’m not giving respect to Vishnu maharaja thinking I’m old and senior then I’ll be fallen. Anyone has relation with guru, not respecting then I will be fallen.

kibā vipra kibā nyāsī śūdra kene naya
jei kṛṣṇa-tattva-vettā sei guru haya


Whether one is a brāhmaṇa, a sannyāsī, or a śūdra, if he is fully conversant with all the truths regarding transcendental knowledge of Śrī Kṛṣṇa, he can become a guru. (Caitanya-caritāmṛta, Madhya 8.128)

Guru gives sannyasa, this siddha pranali and eternal mood, eternal gurudeva gives this very deep instruction, then jivas start their service. But who understands, coming near them, then all becoming connected.

Some criticize in Mathura, no rules, why not giving strong instruction. Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura, with love doing a little service and chanting then this is bhakti. Otherwise this is not a company or business, no one is my maid servant! When one will be qualified and understanding guru, temple is mine, then automatically serving. When understanding than offering one’s soul to gurudeva and serving continuously. But this isn’t possible by force. Serve for 8 hours, or leave! Gurudeva gives that inspiration and instruction. Therefore guru gives instructions to different people. “cook, arcana, translate, preach, different services.”

Some are proud. “I’m teaching gurudeva English, I’m teaching him nicely. His English is broken.” Langauage is nothing. He is maha bhagavat, speaking any language and all heart’s touching. Many English scholars speak but no one hearing or changing. A father may tell his son not to smoke, but never changing, he has no power.

This person went to the babajis and became fallen. Don’t be proud! Maha bhagavat accept everyone.

He tell’s “my darling daughters and sons.” Anyone remembering him and trying to go nearby him, then realization and feelings coming, how much he has love. Many acaryas taught many things. But he taught special things. Rupa gosvami, cakravarti thakura, after our gurudeva. All guru varga give, but only to special people, but he gives openly to all, “otherwise how changing.” All his classes, he may speak on anything, but last always vraja mandala.

Govindadeva left vrndavana and came jaipura, why? “people come to vraja and disturb the devotees without understanding their glories. “I’m coming jaipura near conditioned souls and helping them, changing them and then sending vraja mandala. Therefore krsna left vrndavan, then no demons disturbing vraja. All main deities went to jaipura, giving darshana and prasada and changing, then sending to vraja. Otherwise conditioned souls not understanding what is vrndavan, making centers for their own enjoyment.

Krsna therefore arranges monkeys and other disturbances, so that ordinary people won’t disturb the sadhus.

Every day praying to gurudeva and then this things coming and understanding, but how coming prayful desire? Vaisnavas teach guru seva. Guru teaches god service. This relation is eternal. They are one family. All are lucky. I asked him in goverdhan at the last time “now you are going, when coming?” “I’m always present in Mathura, my guru maharaja gave me bed and cloth and place in Mathura.” He never left his Mathura and devotees. “I am present here in Mathura always,” He told. Guru varga is eternal. Staying with his bhaktas, their hearts have his center, they are not distance. With them then making relation with gurudeva, with them then all time with gurudeva. Only disturbed and restless when distance to sadhu sanga.

*(Hindi translation)*

If we go distance to our guru, then no one will protect us in this world. Gurudeva comes from krsna’s dhama and gives all help, if we don’t hear his glories we will become weak and disturbed. No one else is our protector in this world. By hearing his glories then our life will be saved. Going distance to gurudeva, then all giving respect and pulling us away and destroying us. Then we will become qualified to go to hell!!

Then why didn’t we do before? Gurudeva never desires us to glorify him, glorify the guru varga. But if we hear his glories now, then we will be nearby him and never going distance. If always remembering parents with photo and arati, then we will remember and be near them. Gurudeva gave mandiras and adhikara to serve and have some place. He gives us entrance into vraja mandala. If one wants to take this opportunity he gave to enter nitya seva and lila, then always remember his glories.

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