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What is the Meaning of the Name Radha, or Radharani?

Radha means ‘always serving Sri Krsna.’ Radha means ‘to please Krsna.’ Also, She is pleased by Krsna. Radha means ‘She runs towards Krsna to serve Him.’ Radhika means ‘Krsna searches for Her and pleases Her.’ Also Krsna means ‘very beautiful, with having so many good qualities.’ Rupa-madhuri: He is very, very beautiful. Venu-madhuri: His flute playing is very, very sweet. Guna-madhuri: He is full of very sweet qualities. Lila-madhuri: His pastimes are so sweet. By these qualities Krsna attracts all beings in the world and delivers them. All living beings, namely birds, animals, and all other creatures, are attracted to Him, and therefore He is Krsna.

Krsna is the ocean of rasa, the ocean of transcendental relationships, and Radha is the main power of Krsna and the embodiment of maha-bhava. By sweet service to Krsna, She attracts Krsna and controls Him. Though Radha and Krsna are not two bodies, only one, Krsna is the one Supreme Person and Radha is the sakti, or power, within Him. For lila-vilasa, or sweet pastimes, They have become two bodies, but They are one soul.

Hilo, Hawaii: January 1, 2007

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