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Katyayani Vrata – Discussion

One thing is help of the body, and one thing is help of the soul. Do you understand this? You hear this, but do not realize. There is a subtle body, and gross a body. The gross body is made of the five elements, and then there is the subtle body. Then inside of these coverings, there is the soul. You have heard this, but you have no realization. Everyone has a body made of the five elements. Animals, trees, plants, or human beings, they all have bodies made of the five elements. to maintain them, durga is the jailer. She maintains these things. Inside a jail, she is the warden who cares for all the prisoners, and who trains them how to get out of the jail, and she tells them, “when you leave jail, you should not do anything wrong. You did wrong, therefore you came in jail. Now that you are in jail, I will teach you how to get out, and how to stay out.” This is mahamaya.

In this material world, we have to body made five elements. She teaches that to serve, enjoy, attract, and be attached to this body, is not good. The body is not permanent. In the second chapter of the Bhagavad-Gita, Krishna gives knowledge of the soul: naina chidanti satrani jarnani tuyam….

Krishna gives knowledge of the soul in the second chapter.

Maya devi tells that this body is not permanent, and it is obtained by our karma. When our karma in this body, whether 10, 15, 50, 100 years, we must leave this body. It will not remain with us. Anything we do for our body is karma. And the result will come to us. We will receive the fruit of our activities. The soul. Anything we do for the soul will not give up furtive result, it will be seva service. And the result will not be detrimental to our souls progress. When soul serve the supreme soul, the result will come to you. It is not karma, kuta, bhava, bija, avidhya, asmita, raga, dvesa, abhinivesa, svarupa brhma, asat trsna, or aparadha. It is not utsaha mayi, ghantarla

Vyoda, vikalpa, visaya …. Or any of these things. You had this body. Anything you do for the physical body is resulting in karma. It is naimatika dharma.

Bhaktivinoda Thakura explained this in the jaiva dharma. How can we cross this naimatika dharma, and followed our nitya dharma? Krishna Himself manifested bahiranga sakti, durga. He manifested this martya loka, the world of death. People come to this world to be born and to die, and to suffer. They come to learn, and be trained how to be emancipated from this material existence. Who are they helped by? Bahiranga sakti mayadevi. When she sees that we are ready to progress, then she will send us further to a higher potency. And if we do not follow her lessons, she will give us punishment. Then by this she will try to free us from our attachment to the body. She will give us diseases. And when we are feeling so much pain, we will think that mercy death is good. But what do you do after you have received euthanasia? Your karma is not finished by suicide to your karma goes with you, because you have material desires, and this is your disease. Who will give you liberation from this disease? How can you be free from this?

Mayadevi therefore gives lessons so that we can be detached from our material life. Maya devi invites sadhus, sages, aesthetics, and incarnations of god to help the conditioned souls. They all come within mrtya loka, the world of death, to help the conditioned souls. Krishna comes in many forms to help. lord visnu does not go to brahma loka to teach, he comes to this world, to mrtya loka. Why? Because this is the training center for jivas can perform meditation, and when they realized their self, and receive willpower, and intelligence, good intelligence, and the conditioned souls will breakup: kula devi yogamaya avara sambhari visvadhari…

The soul will pray: amara samana hina nahi ei sansare…

There is no one so fallen as me in this material existence. Please help me!
He will pray: amara jivana nahi sada pape rata nahi koi punyera lesa…

He will pray: I am so sinful. I’m always engaged in bad activities and desire to the suffering of others. Then she will take us in her lap like a mother, will bathe us, will decorate and dress us, and will give us to the father. She will liberate us from her jail, and will offer us to Yogamaya, who is mahayogini.

When the owner is respected in a place, you should not disrespect everyone else, and only go to the master. For example, giridhari there is a guard at the gate of the temple. like jaya and vijaya were the guards of vaikuntha. The four kumaras went to them and thought, we will cross without receiving their permission. Jaya and vijaya only requested them to wait a moment, and the four kumaras became so angry. Was visnu pleased with them? He was not happy with them.

Narayana took the side of jaya and vijaya, but not the side of the four kumaras. He said, oh the fault of my servants is my fault. Please forgive Me, and forgive them.” How painful would this be for the four kumaras?

Sita devi, Radharani, laksmi, rukmini, and all Radharani’s expantion who come, in this world, the jailer is durgadevi. If we want to avoid her, to neglect her, and go directly to Krishna, it is not possible. Je anya arvindaksa vimukta manasa ukracena….

You may think oh, who is a vaisnava? He came yesterday, today, how is he a Vaisnava?” Thus one is careless, and neglect everyone, and thinks he will go directly to meet with Krishna and receive prema bhakti. That is not possible.

What do we pray to mayadevi? Vidartam yatprtyatmani …

In the catu sloki bhagavatam, it is described: what is the meaning maya? Does god have maya, or maya have god? Without god, maya has no sakti. Material nature has no potency without the higher potency. If you think you are a liberated soul, and can neglect maya, and go directly to the internal potency, Srimati Radharani , and Krishna, if we are not recommended by durgadevi, and given certificate by her, we are not expected. Kamsa went directly to gokula mahavana, and thought that he could meet there with Krishna and he could be able to kill Krishna, but the gatekeeper caught him, and through him inside a kunda, a pond, and when kamsa came out he was an old lady, without teeth, only gum, and he moaned, and looked at his white hair, and white cloth, and then paurnamasi gave him a large nose ring, and tired him by the nose ring to a tree, and told all the vrajavasis, that when they left vraja, they should give a slap on each cheek, and when they come in, they should kick him very hard. And they should give him potato skins as food, or cabbage leaves, or old capatis and rotten vegetables.

Kamsa would be afraid when anyone came, and they would slap him, and then slap him again. He tried to cross maya and go to Krishna. But that is not possible. Then how did putna go? putna had desire in her past life, and she thought, I will be His mother, I have a big breast, and so much love. I will go.

She thought she would take Krishna in her lap, and fly with Him to kamsa. However, she could not cross maya, her body was made with maya, and her desire was maya, then Krishna removed this maya. Krishna accepted her.

When anyone wants to cross this world, he cannot do so without the permission of maya devi people think, “I am great. I’m wearing tilaka, mala sikha, chanting mantras, and neglect everyone, saying who is candi, who is durga, who is bhairavi, who are these? Mahaprabhu said kahare na karo ninda krsna krsna bole caitanay se…

Kahare na karo ninda, do not criticize anyone. Do not criticize the demigods, or ordinary people. That is not your duty. You are a very small spark, a very insignificant living entity. Why are you proud? Where did this anratha come from? why don’t you respect others? Everyone is the servant of God. God gives them qualification to serve. Everyone is following their own responsibility. You should not disrespect them.

Bahiranga sakti is durga the jailer, without the jailer’s permission, we cannot escape the jail. We come in the jail because of our karma.

When sita devi came, she respected durga, and rukmini would also respect durga. When there is a guard or gatekeeper of the house, the master gives them food, gives them service, gives them cloth and money, and residence. They are there by will of the master.

Everyone has their own responsibility. If you think he will cross over everything, then you cannot do so. At sri lanka, lankini was present. She asked Siva, and when can I be liberated from this place?

Siva said, one day a monkey will come and beat you. He will kick you and then you understand your own faults attachment, and will be freed.

Gaurahari das: the gopis had vastu siddhi, they were already liberated. Mahaprabhu told haridasa you are liberated, you do need to chant so many rounds. And maya herself came to test him.

What is the difference between our opposition and the gopis position?

Prabhuji: on one side, haridasa thakura is a mahabhagavata. And on the other side, he was beaten throughout the 22 marketplaces by the muslim rulers.

Gaurahari das: is this just a lila?

Prabhuji: The kaji muslim rulers had so much anger and so many anarthas. They gave everything to haridasa thakura. Haridasa thakura has power to accept it. Then they purified everyone. They prayed haridasa thakura with a humble mood, and said you are pira, you are not ordinary. They did not beat him then all their anger fire and tamsi anarthas were already offered to him. Only haridasa thakura, mahabhagavat, had power to accept all of this. You or I could not accept this. If I give you one slap today, you would never come to me again. You say how premananda is a rascal. He is only using the temple as a business place. He is a racal.

Haridasa thakura did not say this. He accepted whatever was offered to him by the muslims, and then made them free from anarthas, and they come and took shelter of him, and said you are jinda, you are a liberated personality, you are as a god. The kaji, the King, everyone came and respected him. Everyone took shelter of haridasa thakura. This is possible for haridasa thakura. He is not present in this world. He is brahma haridasa, and prahalada haridasa. This example is not for us. Also, the Vraja devis came before they were sruticari vedacari upanisadacaris, and they all came to vrajamandala. When they came here, this is bhauma vrndavana, Vrndavana present in this world. Externally, like dogs, crow, eagles, and many others are present. They wait to enjoy and to have this recreation of the senses. We came here for bhajan in Vrndavana. If we are not protected by gurudeva, and we do not have a guardian, then many eagles, dogs, crows, and those controlled by the modes of nature, will try to make us their own food for sense enjoyment, like putna would take the babies in vraja, and turn them into pickles, halava, chutneys, and offer them kamsa. Our position would be like this without this mercy. The sadhana siddhas gopis came and took birth in vraja, and had entrance in vraja with their gunamayi deha. Then, how could they crossed this gunamayi deha? How can they go to the nityasidhas and make relation with them? by doing so, they would be the nearest and dearest of Krishna. They tried this, but did not know any process. Vrndadevi came, and by the desire of Krishna, Radharani, and others, she gave this siddha mantra. She said, I have siddhi in this mantra.

Katyayani devi protected the gopis from outside people. This body or physical structure disturbed us, and has so many desire of sense objects. We must be in a favorable place, in good association, who are like-minded, and then we can follow proper bhakti. Vatsasura came amongst Krishna’s sakhas, and aristasura came, or some demons would come in the guise of Krishna’s friends, and how can we understand who is a bhakta, and who is a badmasa. We are here, having come for bhajan. If a badmasa came here with tilaka, mala, and served us, gave us money, food, and everything, but why did he come? Only for his body business. Who would protect us?

The gopis were small kids. Who would protect them in their family life. Their family within, when they are young, I will marry them and send them out of vrajamandala.

The gopis did not want to leave vrajamandala. They did not want to lose their service of Krishna. They do not want any sense enjoyment or recreation. This was already available in millions of lives. When Youngblood comes, the mind maybe restless, and who will protect them? The gopis were there forgiven the siddha mantra, and the end result came that Krishna said: do not worry.

Na kama kalmaya kalpite, by thinking of me, you cannot no more material desires. Prayo vijaya nasate….

This seed of material desire, and relations with the body, has now been destroyed. No seed of material desire will be able to sprout. Now, you will be with me with your spiritual bodies. Then, the gopis received vastu siddhi, and they are eternal spiritual forms.
The process of this vrata is that first you give everyone respect, je jana vaisnava jane adare vaisnava kare taye sarva siddhi paye….

You should respect everyone according to their own standard. Everyone does not receive respect to the same level. The gatekeeper should be given respect according to his post. When someone, who is in a higher authority, should have higher respect. Who will give this knowledge? Guru gives knowledge. Vrndadevi gave this knowledge to the gopis. Externally, they worshiped katyayani. However, they did not worship katyayani. They prayed to her that she help them, and then they prayed to mahayogini yogamaya. why? So that nandagopa sutadevi, this is the noun, or subject. Nanda gopa suta is also a pronoun, but devi is the noun. They prayed to devi Radharani, that she accept them. This is the meaning of the mantra. May that devi except us, then we will have no trouble in life. Then this effulgent devi, Srimati Radharani, She gave them shelter. This katyayani vrata is for that purpose. Patim me kuruteha namah. Only shelter is not enough. She must take care of us, pati means palankarata, one who takes care of another. Radharani will always take care of us. They prayed like this.

The gopis did not go to Krishna, Krishna went to mathura, but the gopis stayed with Radharani. The mantra devta arrange this. They were always with the mantra devta, Radharani. They stayed with palyadasis, manjaris of Radharani. They respect Krishna, Radharani likes Krishna. But everything is possesses for Radharani. That is their upasana, worship. Their guru vrndadevi gave this to them.

Krishna think that we are very high, and should not respect anyone. We should not neglect anyone. That is not the symptom of being a high authority. You are high when you have respect and love for everyone. If you think, I am beyond everything. This is not true. But then why do we hear that we should worship the demigods?

Raghunatha dasa gosvami said: apityaktva laksmi patiratim ito…

We are very greedy for material things. When we go and collect material things from them, then we will not get true welfare. A brahmin to sanatana gosvami and asked him for money, but then later said ye dhane hoya mani se mani adhika jane deha amare…

He said, you must be so rich. You through a touchstone in the garbage. You must be so wealthy. This touchstone will be the cause of my death. It is very poisonous. People catch and kill me if I take it with me. But you have thrown this touchstone in the garbage. What wealth is it that you have? What wealth is it that you have for which you have thrown this in the garbage as very insignificant?

People do not understand reality. First they come to mayadevi, and god sends all living entities to mayadevi, for she is the mother, will help us, purify us, and teach us.
One mother had two sons, and she give laddus to one son, and bitter nima juice to another. When that son is cure of his disease, then she will give him laddus. Similarly, sristi pulaya jaya vaysaya bhuvnani durga…

This durga or bahiranga sakti is in this martya loka to help the conditioned souls. During the time of our sadhana, we should respect her, and should pray to her to cross beyond the prisonhouse of material existence. We do not pray to her with any material desires.

But, we should not worship her more than Radharani or Krishna. We respect her according to her position. And, if you do not respect her, due to your pride and false ego, you will remain fallen in the material existence.

In caitanya siksamrta, bhaktivinodathakura explained all things very clearly. We should study these books, and then we can understand truth.

Bhaktivinoda Thakura clearly described the five types of consciousness. He described the types of consciousness that the jivas have. When one crosses maya, he can understand something. And while in maya, he is in a very degraded and difficult condition.

Krsna Karunya das: our acaryas have different commentaries, and your explanation is very clear and always in the mood of palya dasi. I have some difficulty trying to reconcile, reading visvanatha cakarvarti thakura’s sarartha darsani, he says that devi is not female does not belong I, and it refers to Krishna. It says devi pati. He says that this pati can accept many lovers. So some say that this is not like the palyadasi mood.

Some things told for ordinary people. In some places, jivagosvami wrote about svakiya lila. One thing is direct and clear, and one is indirect. parakiya bhava is always indirect. To understand these meanings, you must pray to visvanatha cakarvarti thakura, and then you can understand the reality.

Jaga mohan das: yesterday we were discussing about taking siksa, and you explained nicely how svami maharaja told everyone to take shelter of srila gurudeva. He also mentioned that srila sridhara maharaja could help others. So you are saying that gurudeva did not mention any specific name. In one class in 2002 in Australia, gurudeva said that do not think in our group, that my god brother has some faults, bit I listen to him, but there is a mahabhagavata outside of our group, and I should not go to him. I should stay with my god brothers who has one or two faults.

Prabhuji: sukadeva gosvami explained the bhagavatam for seven days and nights. Pariksita maharaja was present afterwards, and a Brahmin came. The Brahmin said seven days are complete, I will give you a fruit. You have not eaten for seven days and nights. Take this.
“Yes, give if you like. Then he looked at the four sides of the fruit, and saw there was a whole, and in the whole, was a small worm. He said, oh, you have come?

How can you bite me without my permission? Yes come and bite me. Do your own work. If you do not, the curse of the Brahmin will be disrespected. The worm took permission of pariksita. He was afraid, and therefore came in a very small worm inside the food. And he came outside a large body, and then he bite and burned pariksita maharaja to ash in a moment and flew away in the sky to heaven.

How could the snakebite pariksita maharaja? He is a liberated personality. After hearing the bhagavatam, he got liberation. Janamjaya started a yajnaya to kill all snakes including taksaka. Was it successful? After the Bhagavatam, why did this happen to pariksita maharaja? Our family, our brothers and sisters, if they do anything wrong, who will give them punishment? The son of the King will receive punishment from the King if he does anything wrong. People outside cannot punish him. If they do so, the King would punish them. The King himself will punish his son.

Api ceta su duracaro…

Krishna says, even if my followers are most sinful, do you look at their sinfulness, or their being one pointed to me? If you looked at their sin, you are sinful, and if you look that they are devoted to me, then you are my devotees. You will quickly be dharmatma, sipram bhavati dharmatma. And because you think of his duracari, you will be fallen duracar. You think about duracara day and night, not about Krishna, not about bhakti, and do not chant harinama and do anything. You only think about duracara. duracara, duracara, duracara, duracara. This is your japa.

God protects those in his family. He purifies His own followers. It is not our duty to do so. You may think someone is bad and useless. It is not our duty to chastise. Amongst five brothers, if one is sick, we should give him treatment instead of rejecting him. Will the parents be happy if we reject our brother? We are all god brothers and god sisters. When a god brother acts wrongly, should we think he is stupid rascal. Let’s kicked him out. Let’s is beaten and thrown him out.”

How we kind for him? Do you have any sympathy for him, or are we very cruel? Who would like us if we were painful like this to others?

In the lifetime of prabhupada, many disciples acted wrongly. But paramgurudeva brought them all back. Even in front of paramgurudeva, two disciples were fighting with iron rods. Srila gurudeva went to paramgurudeva and asked why aren’t you kicking them out of the temple?

latel, gurudeva asked forgiveness for questioning paramguredeva. One day they act wrongly, but the next day, they will change. If we throw them out, then how can they ever be purified?

Those in our family, and our society, we should protect and help our god brothers and god sisters. If we do not so, we are fallen souls. We shall be very hard, like rocks, and shall lose our life.

This position can come to anyone.

Today I’m speaking to you, but tomorrow, what may happen? Who will help me then? People do not think about this. They only look at baddness, they everything is bad, but I am good. How many are good? If you don’t make anyone good, how are you good? If you make everyone good, if you clean or help them, then you are good. If you reject them, and think that they are bad association, then you are not good. Stool and urine is also in your stomach, and cemented and anger is also in your stomach. In your body. Have you thrown this out? why don’t you cut your neck? Why do you look at others faults? Because you are full of faults, you look at others faults? When you go pass stool, afterwards you clean yourself, as well as this toilet so that a bad smell does not come. People have bad smells, and then you should purify them, and give some bodyspray, or clean their cloth. If you do not do so, a bad smell will come to you as well.

If someone in our society did wrong, all the society should help them. If thousand people trying to help one person, how can he be bad? And if thousands of people beating and kick him out, how can he ever be good? Our society will be finished if we kick out everyone with faults for everyone has some fault. The conditioned souls come to purify themselves, by practicing sadhana, everyone has faults, if their faults come and open, it is god’s mercy, and a big operation. But 99% people’s faults are hidden. They have more poison within them. God does not give them operation. One who had an operation will be good tomorrow.

Yamaraja is ready to punish us if we are always collecting others faults. This is our biography. We must have this chemotherapy. We collect faults every day. We do not chant hare krsna. We do not chant the names of gurudeva. We only chant about rascals’ people name, and we post on Facebook, on the websites, is this our japa and sadhana? We show our own faces, and what are our bhajan is. Our bhajan is consulting others, is consulting about others faults, and giving names, and photos of the corpartes.

Jaga mohan das: when people drink take intoxicants, gamble, eat meat into these bad things in society, sex and so forth, they are not good, but if someone who is a policeman, a teacher, or someone in the church, it is a double standard for him to follow something bad like this.

Prabhuji: vaisnavisam is not like that. Nityananda prabhu said je jata patita tava taya toya…

We should help the most fallen souls. When we are pure, god will bless us, and we will realize how kind gurudeva is for us.
One time in Mathura I went to South India to rajamahendari. I went to the temple of bhakti pramoda puri maharaja for a month and a half, on the bank of the godavari. Gurudeva took the brahmcaris and went there and said come back to mathura. I said, I do not want to go.

Gurumaharaja and I were both crying. Gurudeva took me at midnight by forced to the railway station, and forcibly brought me to mathura, and gave me diksa that year. For many years I did not have diksa. That year guredva forcibly called me, and gave mantra on a paper. He said your guru maharaja is going to navadvipa by the railway station, he gave me a paper come and said maharaja will tell you everything. Gurudeva did the yajnaya, give me Brahmin thread, chanted the mantra and did everything. Sometime later, I went to jagannatha puri, and stayed for nine days at his temple in puri. Then gurudeva sent kunja bihari prabhu. For six months we did not talk to each other. I served him, massaged his feet, and everything, but we did not talk to each other. We had a competition to see who would speak first. Gurudeva would order another, to tell me to do everything. Then I would come and massaged his feet after doing everything. Six months spent on. Then, I run away and said I will not stay in this temple. Then he sent kunja bihari prabhu, and when he came to puri, I went to balesvara, and when he went to balesvara, I went to khadagapura, and when he went to khadagapura,I went to cucura, and when he came cucura, I went to navadvipa. After long time like this, my guru maharaja told me not to do like this, and go back to mathura. I came back to mathura, after seven or eight months. We are both weeping. Then we both spoke with each other. First he spoke.

I am a very stubborn person. Gurudeva always call me a badmas, a liar, a cheater. And I said yes this is a certificate from you. If he were not kind for me, did not purify me, who would be my friend and help and my guardian in this world? Now for a little fault, we kick someone out. This is not the rule of our guruvarga. What is our position? The jivas have so many faults. The guruvarga is very kind. We think, I will go somewhere else, and they will protect me. But, for a little fault, people will kick us out. We should have faith for the guruvarga and vaisnavas.

Like gokula in Germany, he many times gave up saffron, and when he came back to Mathura and I forcibly give him saffron again. Again he took it off, and I forcibly gave him again in ananda dhama. Now he is following and is feeling very well. And he is preaching and giving good announcement to everyone. The conditioned soul comes to perform sadhana, but everyone has some fault. We should not look so much at that. It is not sympathy to kick them out. If you like god, you will like to god brothers and god sisters. Many disciples of svami maharaja left sanyas, but gurudeva kindly brought them back. Gurudeva would not say oh you are fall you left sanyas, and became grahstas. He would respect them like sanyasis. When bhagvan dasa maharaja came, as a family man, gurudeva would give him so much respect. Many previous sanyasis come, and gurudeva would give them so much respect and love.

This is our gaudiya guruvarga’s line.

Jaga mohan das: in the West, and our pure bhakti yoga society, they have this concept of transparency, that everyone should be clear and not hiding anything. That when someone thought and hide their faults, it is more poisonous.

Prabhuji: God shows. If God like someone, he will perform an immediate operation.

Jaga mohan das: we should be transparent, people think. When a previous western maharaja said that the society is growing, but we think gurudeva you should be transparent with your financial accounts. Gurudeva said, I think you should be clear with your accounts.

In society in general, should we have transparency or not?

Prabhuji: mundane nature and desires has no connection with bhakti. Their ideas and our ideas are very different. Where is bhakti, and where is mundane speculation and politics?

Jaga mohan das: they say, we follow votes popular, whoever gives the most votes. Now, they vote on things.

Prabhuji: voting is nothing. Wherever there is bhakti, there is sakti, and there’s everyone. There is no need of elections and voting. What elections can mundane people do? How do they know who a sadhu is? They themselves are not sadhu, so how can they understand who a sadhu is? There is no need of the popular vote in elections. Wherever there’s bhakti, all Shakti will be there, everyone will go. Gurudeva do not announce that he was acarya. He performed his bhajan, he served Swamiji, paramgurudeva, the guruvarga, and everyone came to him.

Yesterday I told you, if you follow gurudeva and bhakti, everyone will come to you. No one will leave you. If you are connected with gurudeva, related with gurudeva, and everyone will come to you, without invitation.

Just see a few more years, how a few months, see how many people come.

People have no eyes, but god has many eyes. God knows what I am doing, and what you are doing. All these will come out like boils. Hare krsna.

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