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Everyone Wants Happiness

Everyone wants happiness; no one wants unhappiness, sufferings, and sorrows. There is no one who can say, “I want unhappiness; I do not want happiness.” But, unfortunately, to attain happiness and cast away sadness we make many efforts—individually and collectively. Everyone tries to obtain happiness from their very birth, and they make much effort to get happiness up until they die. Therefore, a person engages in studies, then marries, works, or does business. All the countries make many efforts to make their citizens happy. We do everything to obtain happiness and dispel sadness. We don’t want to become old and weak. But, despite trying a million times, we cannot make sadness go away. What then to speak of attaining happiness? It is a very far prospect. Wealth can never make one happy. It only provides temporary happiness. Sometimes, wealth even leads to death, as stated by the Bhāgavatam.

If anyone wants to be happy, then what should he do? He should try to offer himself unto the lotus feet of He who has created and is managing this world.

November 23, 1997 Mathurā

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