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Drsta-vaikuntha – Gita Govinda

10 March 2017

Sri Jayadeva Gosvami has marked this section with the words ‘dhrsta-vaikuntha.’

Opulence is disturbing to the Vrajavasis. It is possible to steal someone with opulence. When one gets opulence he becomes proud. Opulence has no softness. The Vrajavasis do not utilize gold, silver, platinum, or stone. This is all heavy, hard, and cold, and if you wear these things your life will also be just like that. They use kisalaya—fresh and tender flowers, grass, and leaves. These things are pure and soft and those who utilize them are soft-hearted.

Anyone who has wealth, health, and opulence is a divided person. The wives of Krsna in Dvaraka all have many children, servants, gardens, and so on. Their attention is thus divided. The Vraja-devis, however, are all one-pointed sannyasis. They are not attached to anyone and they make hearts into gardens. Even the snakes, lizards, spiders, and scorpions of Vraja have soft sweet hearts and are favorable for Radha and Krsna’s pastimes.

What about Kaliya? It seemed he was not favorable. Actually, Yogamaya called him to Vraja so that Kamsa’s soldiers could not cross the Yamuna and come to Vraja. His place in the Yamuna was the only way into Vrndavana from Mathura.

Thus the Vrajavasis mercifully gave shelter to Kaliya. Then Krsna said, “Listen, You can’t stay ferocious. I will make you sweet and humble. I will take out your anarthas—your poison.” He made him sweet and gave him seva in aprakrta vraja dhama. There, Krsna sits sometimes with the sakhas and sometimes with the sakhis on Kaliya’s many hoods and goes on rides in the Yamuna.

So Jayadeva Gosvami says dhrsta-vaikuntha. Krsna forgets Vaikuntha when He sees the Vrajavasis’ mood.

nandaḥ kim akarod brahman śreya evaṁ mahodayam
yaśodā ca mahā-bhāgā papau yasyāḥ stanaṁ hariḥ
Srimad-Bhagavatam 10.8.46


[Having heard of the great fortune of mother Yaśodā, Parīkṣit Mahārāja inquired from Śukadeva Gosvāmī:] O learned brāhmaṇa, mother Yaśodā’s breast milk was sucked by the Supreme Personality of Godhead. What past auspicious activities did she and Nanda Mahārāja perform to achieve such perfection in ecstatic love?

In Vraja, Krsna cries for Yasoda’s breast milk but she rebukes Him, saying, “You are so dirty. I will not touch You.” How is the love of the Vrajavasis!

The Vrajavasis’ hearts are so sweet and soft. If anyone comes to Vrndavana their hearts will become sweet and soft. Brahmaji prays to be the stone that the sweepers of Vrndavan clean their feet on.

tad bhuri-bhagyam iha janma kim apy aṭavyam
yad gokule ‘pi katamanghri-rajo-‘bhiṣekam
yaj-jivitam tu nikhilam bhagavan mukundas
tv adyapi yat-pada-rajah sruti-mrgyam eva
Srimad-Bhagavatam 10.14.33


[“My greatest possible good fortune would be to take any birth whatever in this forest of Gokula, and have my head bathed by the dust falling from the lotus feet of any of its residents. Their entire life and soul is the Supreme Personality, Mukunda, the dust of whose lotus feet is still being searched for in the Vedic mantras.”

Uddhava said:

vande nanda-vraja-strīṇāṁ
pāda-reṇum abhīkṣṇaśaḥ
yāsāṁ hari-kathodgītaṁ
punāti bhuvana-trayam
Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam 10.47.63


I bow down to the dust of the feet of the gopīs who reside in Nanda Bābā’s Vraja. Oh, whatever these gopīs have sung about Kṛṣṇa’s pastimes always has and always will purify the entire world.

Brahma is the knower of the Vedas and the creator himself. And Uddhava is the most learned. How did they forget all this opulence? Such is the power of Vraja-dhama.

Therefore, every day come to Vraja-dhama and do dhama-seva. Do not underestimate the power of the dhama.

We are all attracted to the Guru-varga because they have the mood of Vraja in their hearts.

Do not think about Vaikuntha. Vaikuntha cheats everybody. Don’t be attracted to opulence, wealth, and health. Think about Vrndavana and by its mercy your heart will become Krsna’s playing place.

Now Srimati Radharani is present in a kunja of creepers and flowers and, outside, Govinda is eager to find a way into the kunja.

“How can I go and serve Her?” Krsna thought. The kunja was very beautiful and mystical. Going near it, Krsna could hear the singing of Srimati Radharani’s names and glories in a soft and sweet melody.

Krsna heard:

rādhe jaya jaya mādhava-dayite
gokula-taruṇī-maṇḍala mahite


O Rādhe! All glories to You, all glories to You, the beloved of Mādhava. You are the most celebrated among all the young damsels of Gokula.

Krsna looks for the entrance but cannot find it. He becomes despondent because He cannot find a way in.

paśyati diśi diśi rahasi bhavantam
tad-adhara-madhura-madhūni pibantam
nātha hare! sīdati rādhā vāsa-gṛhe (refrain)


Like a honeybee, Hari wants to drink the nectar of Sri Radha’s lips. He is wondering around the mysterious kunja, confused.

Now Krsna prayed to the creepers.

When we went with Gurudeva on parikrama we wondered why he touched and embraced the trees and did pranama to them. But we were afraid to ask. He was so grave at such times as he offered them sastanga-dandavata-pranama, and prayed with stava-stutis.

śrī kṛṣṇa-virahe, rādhikāra daśā, āmi to’ sahite nāri
yugala-milana, sukhera kāraṇa, jīvana chāḍite pāri


I am absolutely unable to tolerate Śrī Rādhikā’s pitiable condition when She is suffering in separation from Śrī Kṛṣṇa. I am prepared to immediately give up my life for the sake of Their happy reunion.

Srila Gurudeva had Syamarani Mataji show this in her paintings. Faces in the leaves and vines are visible there. Those faces can be seen watching the Divine Couple.

tvad-abhisaraṇa-rabhasena valantī
patati padāni kiyanti calantī


Krsna now thought, “What is She doing?” Then He had an internal vision of Srimati Radharani decorating Herself and getting ready to come meet Him, but She was weak and could not walk.

“I must help Her,” Krsna thought. His viraha increased the more He thought about Srimati. He was burning in that fire.

jīvati param iha tava rati-kalayā

In His mind’s eye, Krsna saw that Srimatiji’s body had become pale. Her sakhis had decorated Her with soft small flowers and were now saying to Her, “Sakhi, come out of this kunja; it is giving You pain. If You come out You will feel better.”

Her breathing sometimes stopped for long periods and Her worried friends sang to Her softly:

kṛṣṇa govinda hare
gopī-vallabha śaure

Krsna heard this singing.

muhur avalokita-maṇḍana-līlā
madhuripur aham iti bhāvana-śīlā

Sweet things are as good as enemies. Why taste sweet things? If you never tasted sweetness you would never be disturbed when it is gone. It would be better to not know about sweetness.

Some sakhis of Radha went to speak to Krsna. “O Radha-prana Krsna,” they said, “we are worried for our sakhi. She is not well. Perhaps if You gave Your flower crown, earrings, or garland and we touch it to Her body, She will be well again.”

śliṣyati cumbati jaladhara-kalpam
harir upagata iti timiram analpam

In the kunja, Srimati Radharani suddenly opened Her eyes and saw that it was dark, “Oh, Hari has come!” She thought.

bhavati vilambini vigalita-lajjā
vilapati roditi vāsakasajjā

Srimati began to cry bitterly when She realized Krsna was not there. She then entered antara-dasa. In that state, Her color changed from time to time. Sometimes She would come into ardha-bahya-dasa and lament about Her separation from Krsna.

śrī-jayadeva-kaver idam uditam
rasika-janaṁ tanutām ati-muditam

Jayadeva Gosvami says that his heart is shining with great happiness. Now Krsna has entered the kunja by the mercy of Sri Radha’s friends.

Krsna did not directly present Himself to Sri Radha. He desired to touch Her lotus feet but then Srimati said, “I hear Him approaching. That cheater is trying to touch Me. I don’t wish to hear His tricky words and show of dedication. Tell Him to leave at once!”

Krsna wondered what to do. “If I don’t go to Her, who knows what kind of condition She will reach, and if I do go to Her that is also a problem. She is feeling mana. This mana is a problem.”

vipula-pulaka-pāliḥ sphīta-sītkāram antar-
janita-jaḍima-kāku-vyākulaṁ vyāharantī
tava kitava vidhāyāmanda-kandarpa-cintāṁ
rasa-jaladhi-nimagnā dhyāna-lagnā mṛgākṣī

The transformations of sveda, kampa, vivarna and so on are present on the body of Sri Radha as She thinks about Krsna, who is dearmost to Her. Krsna began to approach again, but then She said, “Lalita, why has He come here? Why does He touch Me? How did He get in this kunja? Is no one there who wishes to help Me?”

Krsna, observing His own lila-sakti, becomes dumbfounded. “Really I cannot fathom the depths of this vraja-prema, which is like a deep ocean.”

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