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06 march 2017 Sri Gita Govinda – Akanksa Pundarikaksa

In Vraja, Krsna looks around Him and thinks, “I am dark within and without. I am the only dark person here because I am bereft of Srimati Radharani’s mercy. Even the snakes and scorpions of Vraja Srimati’s mercy.

Everyone in Vraja, even the seemingly fearsome insects and animals, are helpful and manifested by lila-sakti.

Krsna says, “I am alone dark and alone. How will anyone here like Me or accept My service? How can I please them? Alas! The only way is to allow them to serve Me, for that is their sole desire. Only then will they will be happy with Me.”

So, because He desires to please the inhabitants of Vraja, Krsna is forced to accept their ever-increasing ever-new services.

It has previously been mentioned that when Putana came to try and kill Krsna she came with a gross material svarupa. How was it possible that such a terrible witch was able to come to Vrndavana and into the presence of Krsna and Yasoda? She was able to do so because it was Krsna’s desire.

Krsna was thinking, “I have come here and everyone is happy, but they have taken this happiness and distanced themselves from Me. They are not nearby Me. I am alone here in this bed. Enjoying the happiness of My presence is not seva to Me, but actually

selfishness.” Then He called Putana and after the frightful incident of Her attempt to kill Krsna, no one wanted to leave Krsna’s side for a moment.

K does not like distance. He is with us as Paramatma, but we are not with Him. Unfortunately, we make relationship with others and give them our time but we do not give anything to Him.

“I am Paramatma,” Krsna indicated to the Vrajavasis, “This is true. But I am present here before you now as your child. Why do you allow happiness to distance yourselves from Me? If you come close to Me you will find full happiness and satisfaction, but if you are far away from Me you will end up suffering.

Once, Krsna was sitting at Bandhiravan with His sahkas, eating, playing, and having a good time while the cows grazed. The cows very happily ate the fresh grass. They noticed an area of grass that was particularly large and fresh and they headed for that place. A little further away they saw even more tasteful grass and they went there. Thus they followed their tongues to a dead end and soon found that they were trapped in a terrible forest fire. They could not return from that place. We must learn from this to never allow greed to distance us from Guru and Vaisnavas. The cows were now surrounded by ferocious flames and had no strength to return from that place. This is called samsara-davanala. In that state, they meditated on Krsna and cried. The sakhas went to look for the cows but they too became lost and trapped.This is our position.

Krsna came to Vrndavan as a simple baby and tried to connect everyone to Him but everyone became distant instead. This was going to create huge problems for everyone in the future, so He called Putana.

Putana came with a nice dress and song and entered the home of Nanda and Yasoda. It seemed as if she was saying, “Yasoda, you are neglecting your son. You have no love for Him. You cruel lady. Only I care for Krsna.” Then the young lady shamelessly pressed her uncovered breast into the face of Krsna and had Him drink her breast-milk.

Krsna, being unlimitedly kind, accepted that as seva, even though she was completely duplicitous. Bhaktivinod Thakura points out that there are many followers of Putana to this day. He sings:

eo to’ ek kalir celä
mäthä neòä kaupin parä, tilak näke, galäy mälä

Look! Here is another kali-cela, a follower of Kali Maharaja. He shaves his head, wears a loincloth, applies tilaka on his nose, and wears tulasé beads around his neck. Here is another kali-cela!

How much love do we offer to Krsna, and how much do we offer to worldly objects and people? We are so filled with arrogance and duplicity. This is Maya-devi’s program and cheating business.

So Krsna accepted Putana. He cleansed her of Her anarthas and then sent her to nitya- dhama, the eternal spiritual world, to serve under the guidance of Yasoda Mata.

aho baké yaà stana-käla-küöaà jighäàsayäpäyayad apy asädhvé lebhe gatià dhätry-ucitäà tato ’nyaà kaà vä dayäluà çaraëaà vrajema Srimad-Bhagavatam 3.2.23

How astonishing! When Pütana, the wicked sister of Bakäsura, tried to kill child Kåñëa by offering Him deadly poison on her breast, He bestowed upon her the position of His nursemaid. Could I ever have as merciful a shelter as that of Lord Kåñëa?

Is there anyone as kind as Krsna? He sent Putana, who came to kill Him, to the eternal world and told Her, “Go to My mother and learn the way of service.” She came to Him with duplicity, but He has no place for duplicity, so it could not stay.

Krsna is so kind. He does not look at our faults. He accepts everyone’s service whether they are wrong or right. He brings them close and sees to it that they learn the meaning of krsnanusilanam. We are in the society krsnanusilanam—the society whose purpose is to bring pleasure to Radha and Krsna. how bringing pleasure to k. guruvarga teaching this.

K says, “Patraà puñpaà phalaà toyaà, yo me bhaktyä prayacchati—I accept whatever My devotee offers Me with care.” But Krsna accepts the offerings of someone who has no care also. He says, “I remove their darkness and purify them by sending them to Sri Guru and Vaisnavas. When they are properly trained, they will never forget Me or distance themselves from Me anymore.”

Now Jayadeva Gosvami says:

sa-bhaya-cakitaà vinyasyantéà dåçaà timire pathi
prati-taru muhuù sthitvä mandaà padäni vitanvatém

katham api rahaù präptäm aìgair anaìga-taraìgibhiù
sumukhi subhagaù paçyan sa tväm upaitu kåtärthatäm

Krsna began to see Srimati Radharani in all directions—in all the trees and creepers. As if mad, He addressed His beloved, “You have come? But it is so dark. How did You find Your way? Were You not afraid? I am so fortunate that have come and given me Your darsana.”

The plants and trees in Vraja have room for no one else in their hearts. People can mistreat them and break their branches but they do not care. They are under the guidance of Vrndadevi and their sole desire is to serve Srimati Radharani. They have no one else in their hearts. Is it a shadow of Srimati in their hearts? Is it a reflection of the original Sri Radha? No. She is directly there, and Krsna now saw Her in all directions of the forest.

Here He saw Her in mana, and there He saw Her happily sitting and thinking of Him. He saw Her in many moods and situations.

Srimati Radharani is always ready to serve Krsna. She expands Herself and manifests the many gopis in vraja and has them serve Krsna.

“I am seeing My beloved Radha everywhere, but I understand that this is my misfortune. The trees all carry Her in their heart, but My heart has no place for Her. That is why we are separate. I am not qualified. In truth I have no real love. O Radhe! I cannot remove this darkness from My heart. Only if You come into My heart will the darkness go. Please come into to My heart and never come out. This is My sincere prayer.

“I have attempted to arrange some paraphernalia for welcoming and serving You, but this is all useless. I have no way to serve You. Please just take My mind and heart and use it as You desire.”

Krsna then offered a prayer to Srimati Radharani’s maidservants. Remembering the names of Rupa Manjari, Rati Manjari, Ananga Manjari, Rasa Manjari, and so on, He prayed, “Please make this heart of mine a place for Srimati Radharani. Make it useful for Her. If I cannot be of any service to Her then My life useless. There is nothing left inside Me….it has all been taken from Me. Everyone wants only to take what I have, but no one helps Me. No one wants to make My heart a beautiful garden in which Srimatiji will wish to situate Herself.”

rädhä-mugdha-mukhäravinda-madhupas trailokya-mauli-sthalé- nepathyocita-néla-ratnam avané-bhärävatäräntakaù

svacchandaà vraja-sundaré-jana-manas-toña-pradoñodayaù kaàsa-dhvaàsana-dhümaketur avatu tväà devaké-nandanaù

Akhila rasamrata murti nanda nandan desired that his heart become a place for Srimati Radharani. He wanted Srimati Radharani to be with Him inside and out. Krsna is like a bee that wants to drink the nectar of Srimati beautiful lotus-like face. He wants nothing else.

Krsna wears a crown with many enchanting and colorful jewels set into it. Why does He wear this? Each of the jewels is like a deity of a certain sakhis or manjaris. “If I they are present here,” Krsna says. “Then I will never be proud. They will always guide My intelligence.”

All of Krsna’s incarnations wear crowns. The jewels of those crowns are like His bhaktas along with their individual glories and specialties. The Supreme Lord is decorated by His dear devotees.

Krsna destroyed the many demons, such as Kamsa and Sisupala, who were like a great weight for Prthivi to carry. But His main purpose was not to kill wicked persons but to correct them and establish the glories of the bhaktas. Anyone who distances himself from

Hari-Guru-Vaisnavas will become wicked and bring harm to himself and others. He will criticize Vaisnavas and take people out of sadhu-sanga. This is the work of demons. If you see these qualities in someone, know for certain that he is a demon. Krsna teaches this.

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