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Nāma-ābhāsa, a Semblance of the Holy Name

If you chant nāma-ābhāsa, a semblance of the holy name, without having love and affection for Kṛṣṇa, you will achieve liberation. Ajāmila received liberation by chanting nāma-ābhāsa. The fruit of nāma-ābhāsa is the attainment of name, fame, and wealth. Everyone will be charmed by you. Beautiful ladies will especially be charmed by you. This is the fruit of nāma-ābhāsa and not śuddha-nāma. Everything will come and you will not be able to check your mind. Thus, one falls down from devotion. So, we should try to check our mind from giving into its base cravings and we should try to save ourselves from committing great blunders. Committing an offense is unequalled in its consequences. It is so bad that you may not be able to rectify your offense for lakhs of births.

The Vaiṣṇava you have offended may say, “I have excused you.”

But, without obtaining the footdust of his lotus feet, you will never be excused of your offense. You should always remember these facts. If you want to serve and have divine love for Kṛṣṇa, you should try to understand these realities. Even sleep and laziness are not as detrimental to spiritual life as offenses are. Yet, they are obstacles to our devotion. We should always protect ourselves from these anarthas. When name, fame, and wealth come your way, you will unable to check them.

Radlett 22 May 1996

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