Acaryas QuotesBhakti QuotesWhich is Higher? Meeting or Separation.

Which is Higher? Meeting or Separation.

If vipralambha is higher than meeting, then Lalita and the other sakhis and manjaris would have been trying to keep Krsna out of Vraja. They would have tried to be very far away from Him. But have they done this? They can never do so. Do you want this? Do any of you want Krsna to be separated from Radhika? Do you want Radhika to weep and roll on the ground?

You may know that Lalita once sent a swan to Mathura. When she sent him off, she told him, “Go and tell Krsna about the dasami-dasa, the tenth stage, of Radhika’s condition. In the eleventh stage she would surely die. Nowadays she is often unconscious, and she engages like a mad person in varieties of crazy talks (divyonmada). Go and tell Krsna, ‘You must come in a day – or just now. Otherwise, if you go to Vraja later, You will not be able to meet with Radhika at all. You should always keep this in mind. If You want to be happy, and if You want to make all others happy, then come here at once.”

Srila Gurudeva: Hilo, Hawaii January 13, 2003

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