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Smoke Cool Cigarettes

The advertisers are asat-saṅga: “Come on, smoke cool cigarettes and make your brain cool.” The rascals! How can someone become cool by smoking cigarettes? By smoking fire one can become cool? Still, the advertisements are being presented, and the foolish people who are captivated by them smoke cigarettes to become cool. This is māyā.

One who is a little intelligent, however, will immediately see the contradiction in the advertisement: “This advertisement is claiming I can become cool by smoking cigarettes? What is this nonsense?” Similarly, an intelligent person can understand māyā’s tricks and see the contradictions in all her allurements.

Therefore here the Bhāgavatam uses the word kovida, “intelligent person.” When one actually becomes intelligent, he must ask, “Why am I in this miserable condition of life? I do not want to die, but death is there. Why? I do not want disease, but disease is there. Why? I do not want old age, but it is forced upon me.

Why? I don’t want war, but the draft board is dragging me to war. Why?” An intelligent person must ask all these “why” questions. Sanātana Gosvāmī showed the proper way to inquire from the guru when he approached Caitanya Mahāprabhu: ke āmi, kene āmāya jāre tāpa-traya. “Who am I?” asked Sanātana Gosvāmī. “Why have I been put into this miserable condition of life? My dear Lord, because I am the king’s minister and I know a little Sanskrit and Arabic, the common people call me a paṇḍita, a learned scholar. But to tell You frankly, if I do not know what I am and why I am suffering, what is the value of my education?” This is intelligence.

Intelligence is shown by self-control. The cats and dogs have no self-control. If a bull or a male cat or dog sees a female, immediately he will rape her, yet he will not be punished. But if a human being does that on the street, he will be arrested at once. The inclination to rape is there in both the animal and the human being, but a human being is supposed to control himself. Indeed, human life is meant for self-control. The more you control yourself, the more perfect a human being you become, and the more you allow your senses to run loose, the more of an animal you are. People do not know this. They want freedom, but in the name of freedom they are becoming animals. This is their so-called civilization.

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