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“Eternally Under the Guru´s Discipline”

Srila Gour Govinda Swami Maharaja
“Eternally Under the Guru´s Discipline”
Sri Krishna Kathamrita
Bindu. Nº 31.

“One Should be disciplined by the guru. Unless I am being disciplined by guru, I will act whimsically. Pride will develop in me. That means a demoniac attitude will be there. I will become a demon instead of a devotee, a vaisnava. So, this discipline is eternal. “My guru is inflicting discipline on me eternally, and I am eternally his disciple.”

What I speak is a very , very serious, deep and subtle philosophy. It is not superfluous. This sisyatva, discipleship, is eternal. I should be disciplined eternally. The guru inflicts discipline on me. To remain a disciple means to remain under discipline. Unless he catches hold of my ear and slaps me, how can I become humble? How can I surrender or dedicate myself?”


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