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What Are We Doing?

Srila Gurudeva Bhaktivedanta Narayana Goswami Maharaja, Jan 20, 2000

We are not engaged in pure bhakti. We have so many requirements—worldly requirements. In order to maintain our life we are busy in so much aropa-siddha bhakti (the performance of those activities which may resemble devotional service but which are not actually. The word ‘bhakti,’ or ‘devotion,’ is rather superimposed on the activity).

We are very busy to solve our material problems. As much as we try to solve these problems, however, the more problems are coming like waves of the ocean—one by one. We consider, “Oh, if I cross this one, everything will be alright.” But instead we see that, “Oh, now there are more problems!” So don’t try to do all this. What should we do?

We should chant and remember Krsna. Thus, automatically all the waves of problems will be solved, and life-maintaining will also be accomplished. Everything will be done. We should only try to solve the problem of how to attain the service of Krsna, and especially how to attain Vraja-bhakti. If you want a little money, you can attain it by very little effort.

However, if you want the highest thing, you’ll have to do so much effort. It will not be quickly achieved.  And what is that highest thing? Prema-bhakti. You will have to give your precious time—everything—for this.


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