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The Character Test

If you take any food from an adiksit person, your diksa is immediately lost. When you take diksa from guru, you take a vow not to take any food from an adiksit. Why is your tapasya of 40-50 years destroyed? Why do you have no taste for chanting harinama and bhakti? You push all sorts of rubbish in your mouth. This contaminates your body and mind.

Everywhere, 99.9% of people are cheaters. You may want to eat vegetarian maha-prasada, but people say, “What is the problem with eating garlic and onions? What is wrong with eating eggs? They are like white potatoes given by chickens. What is wrong with eating fish? They are water fruits. Okay, you don’t want to eat fish, but the juice from a fish broth is okay. That is very healthy for you.”

What can we do? Demons enter the ashrams, the brahmana families, and all religions, and destroy them from within. They fill them with duplicity and cheating.

In Kali-yuga, followers of bad people will be millions and billions, but followers of good people will be very few.

How can you understand who is good or bad, a demon or demigod? If you insult them, taunt them a little, or tease them, then you will understand. The door will open to their character. Kamsa was so loving to his sister and brother-in-law. But at a word from the sky, his svarupa came out, and he immediately was prepared to kill his sister on her wedding day.

30 May 2017

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