Acaryas Quotes Bhakti Quotes Heads are Yours, Tails are Yours

Heads are Yours, Tails are Yours

You want both sides. Heads are yours, tails are yours. You want to control everything. You are afraid we will become liberated and free of your control. Therefore, you attack us.

So many kinds of cheating are there. You have taken the dress of sadhus, and profess to teach others, but you are not realized yourself; your criticism of others in the name of teaching and protecting the dharma is only cheating. This is only cheating, born of envy.

People say, “Do this, don’t do that. What you are doing is wrong. Follow this vrata, don’t follow that vrata.” But then on the other side, they put Kesava-vrata in the calendar. Then they say, “Why are you following Kesava-vrata?” Do they not want devotees to follow raganuga-bhakti, with strong vaidhi-bhakti, because they are afraid they will be liberated? So they say, “For aikantika devotees, there is no need to follow any vrata.”

In Bengali, there is the saying, “Ghoda-dingi ghasa khoya.” You throw everyone to the side. No one is bigger then me. I am the sar-panch. I know everything. I am the head. Why have you become the head? To have it cut off?

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