Audio Katha Gopal campu Gopal-campu, Uttara1.5.52, Killing Kamsa - Prabhuji 28 Sep 2020

Gopal-campu, Uttara1.5.52, Killing Kamsa – Prabhuji 28 Sep 2020

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Verse 17: General Description of Sthāyibhāva

Rati for Kṛṣṇa is known as sthāyibhāva. This rati is of two types: mukhya (primary) and gauṇa (secondary). Rati that is the essence of the combination of the hlādinī and saṁvit potencies and thus purely composed of śuddha-sattva is known as mukhya-rati. Mukhya-rati is of two types: svārthā (self-nourishing) and parārthā (nourishment-giving)...


Caitanya-caritāmṛta, Madhya-līlā 8.70 Rāmānanda Rāya continued, “As long as one is hungry and thirsty, all sorts of food and drink bestow pleasure. Similarly, even if a devotee worships the Supreme Lord, the friend of the distressed, with many different kinds of paraphernalia, only when the worship is done with prema, will the devotee become happy by heart.”

The Distinction Between the Smārta and Vaiṣṇava Conceptions

You should always remember that the Vaiṣṇavas and devotees of Bhagavān are unfailingly pure. Impurity never touches them, even during birth and death. What to speak of Vaiṣṇavas, anyone who takes shelter of harināma is relieved of the reactions of all past, present and future sinful activities, even if they have murdered their parents, committed adultery or perpetrated the most grievous sins...

Param Gurudeva Katha – 25 Feb 1997 Bali

...Our Guru Maharaj was so siddhanta-vid, that all used to fear him and they had great respect for our Gurudeva. Though Pujyapad Sridhara Maharaja gave him sannyasa, our Gurudeva was senior in coming to the matha. Gurudeva went to the matha of Prabhupada in 1916 and took first initiation. He took second initiation in 1919 and then became a brahmacheri in the matha...

Inside the Hidden Heart of Jagannatha – Padmini Ekadasi

Every year there are 24 or 25 Ekadasis. But during Adhika-masa in a lunar leapmonth year, when Purusottama-vrata appears, there are two extra Ekadasis. This Ekadasi’s name is Padmini Ekadasi. In some places it is written that it is called Kamala Ekadasi. The next Ekadasi in this month is Parama Ekadasi. This Ekadasi day is very special and helpful. The Guru-varga and sastra describes this. It is very secret and hidden... Today, Padmini Ekadasi-devi appears. Padmini, Rukmini, Kamala, or Laksmi took a vow to serve and help anyone who came with a desire to attain Vraja and the Vrajavasis’ service...

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