Acaryas Quotes Gurudeva said today In the Kingdom of Devotion

In the Kingdom of Devotion

Oh brother, in the kingdom of devotion you have to surrender yourself fully. That disciple who is unable to do so will not be able to attain Bhagavān’s mercy. Being very careful, follow the instructions of guru and tread the path of devotion. Follow his practices and precepts. Don’t see any shortcoming in guru. You can examine the guru before accepting him; however, after accepting the guru, you must try to practice devotion by understanding his moods and desires. One who does so is a disciple. He who cannot follow his guru is not a disciple.

September 20, 2003 Mathurā

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If you are worshiping Radha and Krsna and performing Their arati, and at that time if you sing the song of Narahari-rupa Lord Nrsimhadeva, "kesava dhrta-narahari-rupa jaya jagadisa hare," what will be the use? Narahari cannot go to Vrndavana. Parama-pujapada Srila Bhaktivedanta Swami Maharaja gave this mantra at first, before he had given the diksa-mantras of Radha and Krsna. He told his young disciples to do this, because he was thinking, "Somehow they should begin their worship..."

Pasankusa Ekadasi

Always chant, remember, and pray, and act under the guidance of the Vaisnavas. Go on parikrama, hear harikatha, do not insult others, and do not listen to other people’s criticism. Always follow in the footsteps of the Vraja-devis. We should pray, “O Ekadasi-devi, O Madhava tithi, O Bhakti janani, please help me. Otherwise, I am collecting anarthas from everywhere, and then I will become as useless as garbage.” Pray to Ekadasi-devi, she will soon bless you with the chance to serve the Vraja-devis...

The Gopis’ Prayers and How to Become Like the Gopis – Rasa-pancadhyayi

If you do not do service how can you make a relationship, and how can you break your relationship with maya? Therefore, the Gopis said to Krsna, "We are not qualified to serve You and we have so many bad qualities, Oh Krsna...

Krsna’s Flowers

In opulence, even though there are grand displays of love and devotion, there is not so much sweetness, but where there is mādhurya, or sweetness, there will not be such outward displays of opulence, but such love is so much more pleasing to Kṛṣṇa. So in this month we offer flowers and make kuñjas for śālagrāma, every day we worship śrī śālagrāma and Tulasī, and śālagrāma is placed on top of a lotus flower. In this way, surrounded by lotus petals and other beautiful flowers, we are making a kuñja where Śrī Hari can perform his amorous pastimes with Śrīmatī Rādhārānī. When we...

Seven Kinds of Women in the Bhagavatam – 26 June 1997 France

What more? Then there is Satyabhama and Rukmini, the queens of Dvaraka. They are really so beautiful, resembling the gopis, but their love and affection is aisvarya-misra (mixed with the mood of opulence). Aisvarya means full of opulence. They always serve Krsna in all ways but with opulence, folding their hands and with some fear. Krsna is happy with this prema, but He will not be attracted or controlled. This prema is called samanjasa because it is divided into so many fractions. It is not full prema. How is it divided? They used to love Krsna, only Krsna, but after that ten sons came and their prema was divided into eleven. One part for Krsna and the other parts for each, each person. So, Krsna only got one tenth. There was one daughter also, so it was divided into twelve...

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