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I Was Glad To Hear

Srila AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

“I was glad to hear… that you refused to set me in the N.Y. Times columns along with the other so called Swamis or yogis. We have a distinct position that we are neither cheated nor cheaters. We are the genuine representative of Krishna who is the friend of all living creatures.

We must play our part independently only on faith in Krishna and His bona fide representatives…

Lord Caitanya wanted that the message should be distributed in every village and town of the globe. Let us do this service as far as possible in all seriousness. We can not make any compromise with anyone for cheap popularity.”

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The root of all evils, anarthas, and offenses is the mind. The main root of all the evils and also the root of all good things is the mind. The mind is the cause of all evils. The conditioned souls come to this world and become opposite to Krsna. And thus, they go to hell. If our minds are not good, and are impressed by all kinds of evils, then they will take us to hell...

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The Dawn of Love – 08 Feb 2013 – Govinda lilamrta

By body, mind and speech, with all your senses, drink this līlā-rasa. Then automatically your disease of material existence will leave. This is the only medicine to cure the disease of material existence. But know that taking this medicine will make you go mad. You will only have desire to drink more and more of this nectar. Blindness will be lost, illusion destroyed—bondage to māyā will disappear without one’s awareness. Again and again you will drink Kṛṣṇa’s līlā-rasa, drowning in this ocean of nectar...

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As She played with the ball, the sari covering Her body became loose, and Her hair scattered. She tried to bind Her hair with Her beautiful left hand, and at the same time She played with the ball by striking it with Her right hand. This was so attractive that the Supreme Lord, by His internal potency, in this way captivated everyone...

Hari-katha is Seva

1. Hearing harikatha is also seva. 2. Sadhus travel only for the welfare of others, to distribute harikatha. 3. Simply by hearing with faith, harikatha enters the heart.

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