Audio Katha Gopal campu Gopal-campu, Uttara1.2.34, Akrura in Vraj - Prabhuji 20 Sep 2020

Gopal-campu, Uttara1.2.34, Akrura in Vraj – Prabhuji 20 Sep 2020

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This Is The Glory Of Srimati Radhika – 20 May 1996 – Radlett, U.K.

But yet, the kinkaris didn’t allow Him. They want Krsna to go and meet Srimati Radhika. But they restrict Krsna outwardly. They tell Him, “You cannot meet Srimati Radhika.” Who is He? Who is that black person? He is the Supreme Personality of Godhead and the Lord of lords...


Narottama dāsa bole paḍinū asat-bhole, paritrāṇa kara mahāśaya. Śrīla Narottama dāsa Ṭhākura says, “Alas! I have lost my life. I never met with honest people. I was cheated of my welfare by associating with degraded people. Thus, I don’t spend my entire time in service.” Therefore, a sādhaka should never talk with degraded people. Kṛṣṇa has promised and said, “If you surrender unto Me, I will take you out of māyā. I will bring you near Me.” Many living entities are present in the ocean. But, many of these entities are dangerous creatures. Similarly, society has many dangerous people. Also, those who call themselves tutors and guardians only give mundane rasa. By drinking this mundane rasa, a person will become like a cruel animal. The sun evaporates water and forms rain bearing clouds. A conditioned soul is always punished in this mundane world. But those who take shelter of God and His associates are always protected.

Jewels of the Parakiya Parampara – Govinda-lilamrta

Worshiping with this mantra is the activity of the parakiya-parampara, or gaudiya-parampara. It seems that he who chants this mantra worships Krsna, but this is not so. The Gaudiyas follow those who serve Krsna perfectly. They follow Srimati Radharani and the gopis... This parakiya parampara is not so easy to understand. Those in the parakiya parampara are very strange. Outwardly, they may be sitting and eating, but what are they really doing? You must be one of them to understand. When Durvasa Rsi was asked, “Did you eat anything?" He says, "I have never eaten..."

The 8 Symptoms of Sri Guru – 25 Feb 1997 Bali

Secondly, he should always chant 64 rounds and, mahāprabhoh kīrtana-nrtya-gīta-vāditra-mādyan manso rasena—He is expert in serving Krsna and Caitanya Mahaprabhu and engaging in kirtana. If he is not expert in this, he cannot do arcana or do anything, cannot serve Her, cannot dance or sing, then how will he do this? All qualities should be there—mahaprabhu kīrtana-nrtya-gīta-vāditra-mādyan manso rasena, and also by chanting and remembering the pastimes of Krsna and Caitanya Mahaprabhu...

Adhivasa-Kirtan – 11 March 2017

Pray for Mahaprabhu’s shelter. He wants to give everything. If we follow the gardening process, the fruit of prema will come. But if you cannot follow this then what can I do. I am only distributing Mahaprabhu’s message. This is my service. If you accept this message then my life will be successful...

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