Sukadeva Goswami  in his previous life was with the Vraja-devis as Suka, Radharani’s parrot. Because he was with Srimati Radhika and the Gopis as one of their associates, he developed a sense of dissatisfaction for Krsna.


He said; “Oh Krsna, You are definitely a ksatriya, otherwise Your heart would never be so hard. You took birth in the family of the Yadus. You are in the dynasty of ksatriyas, in the Surya dynasty. You never took birth as a Gopa in the line of Gopas and Gopis, otherwise You could never be so cruel-hearted towards us. You show us Your ksatriya bhava. If You were a Gopa, a cow herder, you would be very soft and sweet. Gopas are simple-hearted and are never cruel-hearted.”

When Krsna appears He churns the hearts of all living entities, He attracts everyone. Even Kamadeva, who is Cupid himself, is completely bewildered by the beauty and attractive power of Krsna. All living entities are attracted by Sri Krsna.


He appeared before the Gopis with His beautiful features and form and while smiling, He accepted all of their shawls as seats. Where would they find a nice seat for Krsna, in the middle of the jungle? The Gopis collected all their shawls and placed them together as a seat for Him. Why did the gopis do this?

The Gopis said, “We have not collected the foot dust of Your lotus feet. When you go to sit down You will first place Your feet on our shawls. By this our shawls will be touched by Your lotus feet. Otherwise You will not touch us. We are cowherd girls and not so beautiful or educated and we feel not so qualified.

We prefer that you place Your feet directly on our heads or chests, but if this is not possible then please place Your lotus feet on our shawls. We will have the dust of Your lotus feet on our cloth, and in this way, we will be able to associate with You. Wherever the Lord’s lotus feet are present the Lord is also present. We will feel it is the greatest fortune to possess and touch whatever has come in contact with Your lotus feet. The Gopis then gave their shawls, and it became a raised seat a few feet high. Krsna came, smiling and not saying anything, He sat on the shawls.


From a distance some Gopis were looking at Him with red, crooked, and angry eyes. Some were biting their lips, and some were scratching the ground with their toes. Some were speaking very quickly. Then with all their different moods they began to have darsana of Sri Krsna.

Sukadeva Goswami is saying here, that the Gopis became so absorbed in happiness and bliss, that Krsna was forced to come back. Some Gopis suddenly stood up as if their body had been filled with extreme life potency. Previously they had been lamenting and experiencing so much pain. They were on the brink of death and without enthusiasm. They were as if dead. But when they finally had darsana of Sri Krsna, by that vision these abala-Gopis (very weak Gopis), immediately received full strength and energy. They all stood up before the Lord with new life energy and they had divine effulgence coming from their bodily limbs.

Srila Jiva Goswami Prabhu says aghatam and swaghatam are different. Here there was no need for them to swaghat, to have a royal welcoming for Krsna. There was no need for padhya, arghya, achaman and paraphernalia for worshiping Him.


There was no necessity to perform praise or stutis (prayers) because Krsna cannot stay away from someone who is lamenting in extreme separation for Him, and who has great eagerness to offer themselves at His lotus feet. But if one does not have this mood and wants to conquer or control Krsna then the Lord will be very far away. Krsna can only be conquered by pure love and devotion as exhibited here by the Gopis.

The Lord observes everything, and seeing a person’s eagerness, He will personally appear before them as long as they are not misusing their independence or using their strength to try and conquer or control Him. They will be in a surrendered state having given up everything for Him (saranagata).

In the Vishnu Purana it is stated that the Vraja-devis finally saw Krsna’s extremely beautiful, sweet, smiling face. Before this they were crying so much and lamenting. They were completely bewildered as to what to do, not knowing if He was coming or not. They felt like they could die at any moment. They had become so weak from separation, that they did not have the energy or ability to stand or even move. When Krsna finally appeared before them, they instantly stood up to welcome their beloved. They were thinking, “Is this a dream? Is this a hallucination? Is this really real?”


We have heard on “Baladeva Purnima,” how Baladeva Prabhu can give us a divine vision, spurti or glimpse of Paramatma (God in the heart). God is present in the hearts all jivas (souls), and Baladeva, and or Sri Guru, has the potency to bring Paramatma from the heart and have Him appear as a glimpse or spurti. Currently we have turned away from Paramatma and are always separated from Him due to the various coverings of maya.
Guru can give us sakti (transcendental potency) to chant harinama and mantra. When we get the mercy and power of a sad-guru, then the natural tendency to do bhajan, chant harinama, and have a service tendency arises. This is the first opportunity.

Afterwards when we follow His desire of saranagata (being surrendered) then we can cross the different coverings of the material and subtle elements of maya, and become established in our constitutional spiritual nature and form. Then we can have vasta-vadas-darsana, the actual transcendental realization of the Lord.

Then tattva-jnana (transcendental knowledge) arises, dispelling ignorance, material attachment and bewilderment. Then pure sattva, one’s constitutional spiritual position, becomes fixed and anandini-sakti and kriya-vrtti, the spiritual tendency from Srimati Radhika, who is the Lord’s pleasure potency, arises.

In the hot season people suffer so much from the heat. They work 8, 10 even 12 hours or more a day to maintain their families in worldly existence. They work so hard. However in spiritual life, when one receives this potency, anandini-sakti and kriya-sakti, from Srimati Radhika, then they can blissfully and enthusiastically engage in the Lord’s service. This is transcendental, not forced service, and will immerse one in the ocean of ananda, pure bliss.

Excerpted from the up and coming Bhakta Bandhav publication, “Rasa-pancadhyayi”

[CC-by-NDNC Bhakta Bandhav]

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