Acaryas Quotes Gurudeva said today The Backbone of Rāgānuga-bhakti

The Backbone of Rāgānuga-bhakti

If you want to be in Vraja and serve in rāgānuga-bhakti with love and affection, then follow Śrī Manaḥ-śikṣā. Do not think this is a third-class book. If you neglect Upadeśāmṛta and Manaḥ-śikṣā, you cannot advance in rūpānuga bhajana. I have instructed all sannyāsīs to preach from these two books first, for these two are the backbone of rāgānuga-bhakti. My request to all senior devotees in this country is that they try to help all new devotees by the process described in Bhakti-rasāmṛta-sindhu, and thus they will all gradually enter rāgānugā-bhajana.

Śrī Bhakti-rasāmṛta-sindhu-bindu states that you should try to begin bhakti with guru-sevā, by establishing the desire of Gurudeva. Chant more. Don’t be weak. If I have returned to India and am no longer here in your country, you should always think, “Kṛṣṇa and Gurudeva are with me in my heart.” If any worldly desire comes, pray to Guru and Kṛṣṇa, and they will take out all those unwanted desires and attachments.

September 17, 2004 Volgograd

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On this Ekadasi-day, if a person desiring to serve God follows bhakti’s rules, then it will not be possible for anyone to come near him and cheat him. Mohini Maya protects the devotees. She cheats others, but she will not cheat the followers of Ekadasi; this is her promise to God. Visnu’s external potency, Bahiranga sakti, bribes the jivas and cheats them by offering them her gifts. She steals their good fortune away. But, Mohini-devi says, “I will not cheat the devotees; I will always protect them. I will cheat others, but I will never cheat Ekadasi-devi’s followers. I will never cheat the Lorld’s bhaktas. I will protect His dependents from the influence of His external potency.”

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