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Purusottama Vrata – Prabhuji 17 Sep 2020

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The prominent gopis began to think and serve Krsna through their bhava (loving mood) and glances. They were so immersed in ananda-rasa, because of touching Krsna in their hearts. The daksina-nayikas, those who were in a rightest submissive mood - came to Krsna and were holding His hands and serving Him in various ways. Those who were in vamya-bhava (contrary or bold mood) were looking at Krsna in a contrary way. Those who were in neutral mood served and engaged with Him in these different ways. Some of the Vraja-sundaris - beautiful gopis - took the tambula pan that He had chewed and began to take that. Some Gopis sat at His feet and placed His feet on their breasts.

Secrets Of Gundica Mandira Marjana

What is the hidden deeper meaning of Gundica-marjana, the cleaning of the Gundica Temple? Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu told some of the associates of the king, the king's guru Kasi Misra, the head pujari, and Sarvabhauma Bhattacarya, "I want to do Gundica-marjanam." In previous years, the King would tell some of his servants, "Go and clean the temple." But what could they do?... Sriman Mahaprabhu was acting as an acarya; He was doing the cleaning Himself and then teaching others. Some so-called guru may say, "I don't do it, but I tell my disciples, "You should chant at least 64 rounds." His disciples cannot ask him, "How many rounds do you do?" They fear, but any very bold disciple may ask, "How many rounds are you doing? And in what mood are you doing them?" That bogus guru, that kan-guru, will not be able to reply, but a real guru can say, "Oh, I try to do 64, sometimes more then that." In what mood will that real guru be chanting? Gopijana-vallabhaya svaha in that mood. How can a bogus guru advise you to engage in these elevated activities of bhakti? They don't have a trace of these moods or the meaning of Gopal-mantra, kama-gayatri, or even Brahma-gayatri. At least he will never fall down because he has been fallen since the beginning.

Sri Vyasa-puja Celebration in Chunchura Matha

...Sri guru-puja is also known as vyasa-puja. Gurus are of two kinds: diksa-guru, who first gives the mantras, and siksa-guru, who gives further instructions. Srila Vyasadeva is giving instructions (siksa) and is therefore siksa-guru. In the arcana process, the rule is to worship the diksa-guru first. According to tattva, the siksa-guru is non-different from the diksa-guru...

The Process by which Hari-kirtana Becomes Successful for the Living Entity

This means that although in Kali-yuga it is necessary to perform the other eight limbs of bhakti (that is, hearing (śravaṇam), remembering the glories of the Lord (smaraṇam), serving His lotus feet (pāda-sevanam), worshipping Him (arcanam), praying to Him (vandanam), carrying out His orders (dāsyam), making friends with Him (sakhyam) and offering one’s very self to Him (ātma-nivedanam)), they must be performed in connection with the chanting of the holy name (kīrtanam). By this method, bhakti is fully accomplished...

If Guru Is Not Uttama

...If we are giving everything of ourselves unto the lotus feet of Krsna, He will surely give us connection with a good guru. If we are not so qualified and we have so many material desires, then Krsna will make different arrangements. After that, the disciple will gradually develop, and later on he will be able to think who is a proper guru or not. He will then take initiation again...

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