Gurudeva Katha 1996 Lectures Instructions For All Devotees - 21 May 1996, Radlett U.K.

Instructions For All Devotees – 21 May 1996, Radlett U.K.

[Excerpt from Srila Gurudeva: Around the World, U.K. 1996 (Radlett, 21 May), the second book in a series of volumes on Srila Gurudeva’s world preaching tours.]

Srila Gurudeva: The fact is that we are worshiping Radha and Krsna. But we understand that Krsna is the God of gods. And Krsna creates all the worlds. Then this mood is not to serve Krsna. There are three moods of serving Radha and Krsna. When we will cross Vaikuntha and enter in Vraja, then we will know that Krsna is the son of Nanda and Yasoda. Yasoda nourishes Krsna there. Vrsabhanu Maharaja nourishes Srimati Radhika as his daughter. Krsna cannot do anything there. Krsna enacts His human-like pastimes there. Then He will become like a friend, a real friend. Or He will be the son of Yasoda or the beloved of Srimati Radhika. But He will not have an opulent mood there. So, we worship Radha and Krsna.

By worshiping Krsna in the mood of awe and reverence, a wall comes that “He is superior and we are inferior.” And when we are in need of anything, we will pray, “Oh Krsna save me! Oh Krsna my sons and daughters are so ill. You should make them feel better.” So, we will all want something from Him. So if we are serving like a third-class-kanistha-Vaisnava, and worshiping Radha-Krsna, then we are really worshiping Radha-Krsna as Laksmi-Narayana.

And then, they will serve Radha-Krsna like Rupa Gosvami and Raghunatha das Gosvami. They will worship Radha-Krsna in the asta-kaliya mood (meditation on the eightfold pastimes of Radha-Krsna). This is called bhava-seva. There is no arcana here. Arcana means having so much respect and honor that “I am so low and He is so high. So I should always offer my sastanga-pranamas.” But in Vraja, no one does pranama to Krsna. Krsna always touches the feet of Nanda, Yasoda, Garga, and Sandilya Rsi. When Narada will come, He will touch the lotus feet of Narada as well. Knowing Krsna’s human-like pastimes, Narada will accept Krsna’s pranama as a service of Krsna. So these moods are not in Vaikuntha.
Anyone may think, “All are serving Radha-Krsna. I should serve Them as well.”

The devotee may not know who a rupanuga is and what love and affection is. And, he will worship. But he will think Radha-Krsna to be Laksmi-Narayana or less than Narayana. He will think that Nrsimhadeva, Krsna, and Narayana are in the same category. He will think Varahadeva and all other incarnations are in the same category. But he is an ignorant person. So we don’t worship like ordinary persons. A kanistha-Vaisnava can never worship Krsna in bhava-seva. He is bound to serve Krsna in the mood that “You are so great! I am so low!” So he will do dandavats. When he will enter the deity room, he will ring a bell or clap his hands. And then, he will enter the room. And no speaking, nothing. He will do arcana by ringing the bell. The gopis don’t worship like this. Rupa Gosvami does not worship like this. But in this world, we are bound to worship like this. So, Rupa-Sanatana have told that the worship of Radha-Krsna done by a kanistha-Vaisnava is equal to the worship of Narayana.
If any cowherd boy comes to Krsna, He will tell Krsna, “Oh You are still sleeping! Get up! Get up! The cows are waiting for us.”

And he will abuse Krsna. He will say, “O Saley.” The word is used in Vraja. Saley means a brother-in-law. The cowherd boy will say, “O naughty Krsna! O dhurta Krsna!” And Krsna will think, “O they are worshiping Me.” It will take time to understand these private moods. A Guru gives these moods to very rare disciples.

Devotee: During last night’s hari-katha, I couldn’t believe that you were speaking to everybody. So beautiful, so high.

Vrajanath dasa: It was meant only for you.


Srila Gurudeva: We should be ready to go.

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