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Dhanya Kali-yuga and Raganuga

In this dhanya kali yuga, the living entity can achieve the perfection of life, the attainment of the soul body, easily, by going to Navadvipa-dhama, and entering into the Sankirtana movement. In other ages, by performance of dhyana, yajna, and arcana, one cannot achieve that rare madhurya-prema that is available in this dhanya kali-yuga, through Mahaprabhu’s prema-nama-sankirtana movement.

The specialty of prema-nama-sankirtana is that it is mixed with pure love and affection, anuraga, and madhurya-rasa. In Satya, Treta, and Dvapara-yuga, through dhyana, yajna, and arcana, this madhurya-rati and anuraga was not present. Where was the raganuga-bhakti? But in Mahaprabhu’s movement, there is vaidhi-bhakti and even more importantly, raganuga-bhakti.

Those who follow raganuga-bhakti will observe the rules of vaidhi-bhakti even more strictly then those who follow only vaidhi-bhakti, and everything will be performed naturally, with enthusiasm and taste. We see that Mahaprabhu and His bhaktas followed strict etiquette. They did not transgress vaidhi-bhakti.

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Yogini Ekadasi

...Will Ekadasi-devi be happy and pleased by only abstaining from water and fruits on her appearance day? Many people fast on Ekadasi. The patients in a hospital fast; people stop taking food and drinking water when they fight among themselves. Will they attain any benefit by such involuntary fasting? They will receive nothing. Their impurities will not be washed away. Will Ekadasi-devi be satisfied by completely fasting? When Yudhistira Maharaja asked Krsna this question, Krsna said, “No.”... ...If you have no love and attraction for harikatha, how will the Lord enter your heart? Guru-Vaisnavas speak profuse harikatha up to the present day. The harikatha of Prabhupada Sarasvati Thakura, Rupa-Raghunatha, and our Guruv-arga is present in His immaculate form to the present day. The wealth of the devotion of the Guru-varga is present to this day. But the hearts of all are not fit receptacles for this harikatha. How can the heart accommodate this harikatha? This harikatha is transcendental, but why doesn’t harikatha enter your heart?...

Admission in Love’s School – 09 Feb 2013 – Govinda-lilamrta

By the prayers of the mahā-bhāgavata rūpānuga guru-varga, Vṛndā-devī helps the sādhakas in this line. She distributes līlā-rasa, bhakti-rasa, vraja-rasa and arranges everything for one to attain prema-bhakti. If anyone follows this program they are very lucky. And if they don’t follow, if they collect many other things, what they think or understand is not my question or answer. Our question and answer now is how can we be present near līlā-śakti? If one is present near līlā-śakti, She will carefully help him progress in spiritual life. She will give treatment, medicine, food, diet, lodge and favorable association. We are very lucky. Our Guru-pāda-padma is glorified throughout the three worlds. He always thinks about us and our eternal spiritual welfare. If a disciple does not remember the causeless mercy of his Guru-pāda-padma he is ungrateful and selfish. Such a person is useless and contemptible. According to one’s own desire and idea he cannot meet with the Vaiṣṇavas and understand the holy dhāma. People like this will only come as tourists for recreation—they will come and go without attaining any benefit. They do not touch the dhāma; the glories and mercy of the dhāma do not manifest in their hearts. Even if they try again and again without following the correct process, they will become hopeless and sick and run away from the holy dhāma. It will be impossible for them to stay in the dhāma and to make relationship with the dhamavāsīs.

Remedy – Bhagavad Gita

When the conditioned souls have lost everything and are in the most dire condition, Kṛṣṇa helps them by sharing His six opulences. If His devotees are very poor and suffering, Kṛṣṇa will give wealth. Then they think, "Oh God is helping me." If they are weak or devoid of any strength, God will give the power to come back to Him. If no one respects or likes them, God will make them famous. God will give a portion of His glory and make whoever He so desires glorious. Then people will respect that person and he will think, "I now am a great personality." God may give śrī; beauty, meaning all good qualities. God also gives spiritual knowledge to defeat everything mundane. Then one will understand what is good and bad for him. If God doesn't give strength, energy and good intelligence then one will never understand that what he has done is bad for him. If God bestows spiritual knowledge, one will understand what is bad and will not act wrongly or go to wrong places...

One Should Sincerely Try To Follow Mahaprabhu’s Line

By daily chanting together with Guru and Vaiṣṇavas, their transcendental power is able to manifest and thus cleanse the disciple’s heart. Svāmi Prabhupāda cared so much about his followers. Many people came to him and he engaged them all in chanting their 16 rounds together. In this way, how can māyā come? How will one’s heart not become clean? It is helpful to practice chanting together. Svāmi Prabhupāda followed and taught this practice. Mahāprabhu used to practice this as well at Śrīvāsa-aṅgana, for one, two, three hours, and then up to 24 hours a day...


Someone may see nice pooris, samosas, halava, and other preparations being cooked in a roadside shop, and think, “I will hide inside and eat to my full satisfaction all the delicious foodstuffs!” With such a mentality, the Vrajavāsīs’ moods will never come. The Vrajavāsīs are not greedy for this dog food. They are not like dogs, or dog-eaters. They offer everything to God. Anything nice they see brings about uddīpana to serve Kṛṣṇa. When rūpānuga or rāgānugā-bhaktas see anything nice, they think, “I will give that to Rūpa Mañjarī, Lavaṅga Mañjarī, Rasa Mañjarī, Rati Mañjarī, Kastūrī Mañjarī, Ramaṇa Mañjarī, and Kanaka Mañjarī. They will take that to Lalitā-devī, who will offer it to Rādhārānī to give Kṛṣṇa.” Rāmacandra met with the sages of the Daṇḍakāraṇya forest. The sages did not request Rāmacandra for the mood of Brahma or Parabrahma. They said, “Please accept us and give us Your love! May we serve You with love!” Therefore the sages of the Daṇḍakāraṇya forest are mahājanas. In Bhakti-rasāmṛta-sindhu, (1.2.301-302) it is explained: purā maharṣayaḥ sarve daṇḍakāraṇya-vāsinaḥ dṛṣṭvā rāmaṁ hariṁ tatra bhoktum aicchat suvigraham te sarve strītvam āpannāḥ samudbhūtās tu gokule hariṁ samprāpya kāmena tato muktā bhavārṇavāt Padma Purāṇa 6.245.164The Daṇḍakāraṇya ṛṣis met with Rāma, and seeing Him, they desired to be His beloveds. Rāmacandra could not accept them in His present form. The sages were in old bodies. They had been performing austerities for thousands and thousands of years, chanting gopāla-mantra. Then anurāga came in their hearts. Rāmacandra was surprised to see this. They were not dry after performing hard austerities. Their hearts were sweet and soft, and within they were youthful. They prayed to Rāma, “Please bestow mercy on us. May You be our beloved.” He said, “This is not possible for Me. In Dvāpara-yuga, Kṛṣṇa will be your lover. Kṛṣṇa eats go-rasa, butter and milk. His heart is therefore very soft and sweet. I eat roots and fruits of the jungle and don’t have this sweet rasa.” (CLICK on the Title to read the full article)

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