Gurudeva Katha 1996 Lectures Not Actual Religions - 24 May 1996, Bath, U.K.

Not Actual Religions – 24 May 1996, Bath, U.K.

[Excerpt from Srila Gurudeva: Around the World, U.K. 1996 (Bath, 24 May), the second book in a series of volumes on Srila Gurudeva’s world preaching tours.]

Srila Gurudeva: You are so lucky to have come in this line of cultivating love for the Divine Couple. You will only get this chance after many births. Hence, the devotee must make use of this opportunity. He will then tread this path of devotion and become sincere. His devotion will gradually develop and Krsna will facilitate the birth of the soul in the manifest pastimes of Vraja. You must have many pious activities from your past lives to your credit. You have performed many pious activities even in this life. Moreover, you went to Vrndavan and also to Govardhana. Therefore, they have given their causeless mercy to you. This is the mercy of Giriraja Govardhana and Vrndavan.

You must know that this human life is extremely rare. Therefore, you must use this opportunity to develop your Krsna consciousness.

Srila Gurudeva to a devotee: Perhaps your wife and you are chanting?

Devotee: Yes.

Vrajanatha Prabhu: You can tell Gurudeva what you are doing.

Devotee: We started a company with a minimum amount of money. Now, we have seventy employees.

Vrajanatha Prabhu: He sent a very good sponsor letter for visa.

Devotee: We run our company explicitly with love. There is not enough love in business. People need love. In order for me to speak about love, I need to be loved and I need to have my heart in the right place. This can only result through sincerity with Krsna. If I am humble, Krsna may give me the love and strength by which I can give it to others.

Srila Gurudeva: Chant more then you will have that love.

Devotee 2: No one eats meat in the company. It is a beautiful thing to be able to love Krsna and share Krsna’s love and sweetness in different ways with people in your life.

Srila Gurudeva: If a man has no love, he will never be happy. If you have love for the Divine Couple, then you can always be happy in Their service. This is the mission of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu. I explained this in the morning class. All the living entities of the entire universe should have love for Krsna. If you have love for Krsna, you can distribute it to all. Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and the other religions of this world are not actual religions. They are the process by which one can develop morality and a mood of brotherhood with each other. They concern themselves on how to make the souls happily and peacefully reside in this world. These religions are worldly designations.

Sripada Madhava Maharaja: The religions of this world are only material designations and nothing else.

Srila Gurudeva: In our sastras, it is has been stated that all the souls are the part and parcel of the Supreme Personality of Godhead — Krsna. So, the souls of this world have become conditioned by choosing to enjoy the Lord’s material creation. Their minds and hearts are enamored by the Lord’s material creation. The conditioned souls are of the opinion that only wealth, women, and wine will give them happiness in life. But, only divine love can give them eternal happiness. After attaining this divine love, you will experience the topmost bliss.

I am very glad to have met you.

Devotee: During your stay here, I felt your presence in my heart every day.

Vrajanatha Prabhu: For the entire week, he has felt your presence in his heart increase every passing day.

Devotee: Whenever I would chant the Hare Krsna maha-mantra, my eyes would fill up with tears.

Srila Gurudeva: May you develop the moods of bhakti very soon. It is good that you chant. But if you chant in the process that Caitanya Mahaprabhu has stated, you will attain divine love. Srila Rupa Gosvami has explained this process. Have you ever heard the name of Rupa Gosvami?

Devotee: Yes. I chanted in front of Rupa Gosvami’s Samadhi in Vrndavan.

Srila Gurudeva: That is why you cry while you chant. You should pray in a heartfelt way to Rupa Gosvami and his associates. In the books of Rupa Gosvami and Sanatana Gosvami, it has been stated that if anyone can have the association of a bona fide Vaisnava and if they visit the pastime-places of Sri Radha and Krsna under the guidance of this association, then they will surely have this divine love. So, I will explain the process by which all anarthas will be removed on chanting Krsna’s name. I will speak on how you can increase your taste for the holy name.

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When a forest is set on fire, all the insects, snakes, and different creatures in the forest come out of their hiding places and run out. Until we come into sādhu-saṅga, all our material desires and remnants of previous karma remain hidden, deeply covered within our hearts. Then when we come into sādhu-saṅga it is like setting the forest of these desires ablaze. All our desires immerge and give us difficulty. All our anarthas come to the surface. But what do sādhus do? They destroy these desires with the sword of their powerful speech. People are afraid of sādhus because of this. The sādhus cut away our five types of sufferings: (i) avidyā, ignorance or forgetfulness of Kṛṣṇa; (ii) asmitā, or the false egoism arising from the conceptions of “I” and “mine”; (iii) rāga, or attachment for the objects of sense gratification; (iv) dveṣa, or hatred or aversion to unpleasant, disagreeable or adverse situations; and (v) abhiniveṣa, or attachment for or absorption in sinful activities. They vanquish our material attractions, desires, and attachments. By their power, they will remove all our kleśa. This process seems painful, but this is a stage of our purification and is necessary. Still people think, “Oh, I can come to the dhāma, but who will take care of me when I am old? I will suffer so much and I will not have any one to support me.” But we should have faith in God and His devotees. If we surrender to them, they will make all arrangements for our welfare. The sādhus who are completely free from mundane attachments wield the medicine that cures our material disease. You might think, “When I sit in front of sādhus, they are so strong that it feels like they are cutting me and then throwing salt on my wounds. They are tormenting me.” But this is the process of our purification. Once we are freed of our sickness, we will feel so much happiness. We have been suffering for so many millions of lifetimes from this material disease. Once we are cured we will feel so much bliss. Therefore, we should not be afraid of taking the treatment of sādhus. Sādhus purify everyone by the nectar of hari-kathā. We can receive this rasa by going to sādhu-saṅga. The stage of kleśaghnī—when we undergo the somewhat painful identification and subsequent eradication of our kleśa, or misery—has been described. The next stage is śubhadā. At this stage we do not suffer; rather, people respect us. They give us wealth and opulence, and offer us worship. This is an extremely dangerous stage. If, at this time, we forget guru and Vaiṣṇavas, then again we will fall into māyā’s clutches. We must be very steady in our sādhana at the stage of śubhadā.

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Disappearance day of Acarya Kesari

I met Srila Gurudeva for the first time at Devananda Gaudiya Math on this occasion in 1968. Many people were invited to attend the separation day. I met our Guru-varga at this viraha tithi for the first time. People from many different Gaudiya Maths were invited. I came there in 1968; I was twelve or thirteen. I saw how much love these sadhus had for their Gurudeva. They had renounced everything, but they did not renounce their Gurudeva and the Vaisnavas. In that viraha sabha, many acaryas were present like Pujyapada Bhakti Dayita Madhava Maharaja, Pujyapada Bhakti Raksaka Sridhara Maharaja, Pujyapada Bhakti Bhudeva Srauti Maharaja, Pujyapada Hrisikesa Maharaja, Pujyapada Janardhana Maharaja, and many other disciples of Prabhupada Sarasvati Thakura. They had heartfelt love and respect for their god-brother. Everyone had heartfelt love and deep respect for Param Gurudeva during the time of Prabhupada Sarasvati Thakura; their love for Param Gurudeva was undisturbed even after Prabhupada’s disappearance. We cannot define or understand such love. This is called a relationship. Their hearts are not hard like rocks. What do they do for their Guru-varga? Each acarya would offer puspanjali to Param Gurudeva and bitterly weep in separation. Some were elder and senior, but all of their hearts melted in separation from Param Gurudeva, and when they offered puspanjali, they showered everyone with the nectar of their separation-filled harikatha. They wept incessantly as they spoke. Thousands of disciples were there. The temple did not have any towers. There was only the ground floor, and the temple hall was small. There were not so many rooms. Everyone sat outside, like during Navadvipa Parikrama, or Vraja Mandala Parikrama. Everyone was there for the start of Kartika vrata. We heard how Param Gurudeva was so close to Nayana-manjari, who had appeared as Varsabhanavi-devi dayita dasa in this world. He was very close to her in the spiritual world in his form as Vinoda-manjari. His service to his guru manifested in this world also. Through his immaculate service, he distributed the glories of Prabhupada, Nayana Mani-manjari to the conditioned souls. Prabhupada gave him the name, “Vinoda Bihari.” He had a brother named Pramoda Bihari who later became Bhakti Kevala Audulomi Maharaja. Prabhupada said, “Unless someone meets with Vinoda, one cannot understand bhakti, bhajana, and Bhagavan. They will never realize eternal happiness. Whoever remembers Vinoda, and makes a relation with him can understand me. And they will never have any problem in life.” Prabhupada would look to see who respected Vinoda. Ordinary people complained against Param Gurudeva to Prabhupada. They said, “He wears a Santipura dhoti and turban, and rides on a big horse, and he spends so much money. He does not wear tilaka, and he never has his mala or does bhajana. He leaves in the morning and returns at night. He does not follow any rules and regulations of bhakti.” Prabhupada replied, “A person who follows all good etiquette but has no love only performs karma. This is external.” People come to perform their duty, but they have no love. After they finish their duty, they return to their loved ones. Another person does not follow the rules and regulation externally, but he has love in his heart, and he has a heart to heart relation and connection with his spiritual master; this love is spotless and unbreakable. Relationships are comprised of love. For instance, a servant in a palace works from morning to evening, while the prince does not do anything. If the servant has a little fault, he gets suspended or punished. The king’s son may break all regulations, and may destroy many things in the palace, but the king has love for his son, and does not punish him; he overlooks his faults.

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