Acaryas Quotes Bhakti Quotes MAAN, GRTA SNEHA AND MADHU SNEHA


Jealous of Candravali, Srimati Radhika told Lalita, Visakha and other sakhis, “Candravali does not know even the ABCs of love and affection. Since she has no real maan (transcendental loving anger due to jealousy), no sulky mood, how can she please Krsna? She will never be able to please Him.”

The prema of Candravali is called grta-sneha. Grta means ‘ghee;’ which has the quality of being very soft and smooth, but not sweet. The prema of Radha is called madhu-sneha. Madhu means ‘honey,’ which is both soft and smooth, and also sweet. Even if Radhika abuses Krsna, or even if She is in maan, Her mood is very attractive and wonderful to Him.

All become happy to see Her activities, and the love between Her and Krsna becomes more intense. Therefore, in all situations, Her madhu-sneha prema can be called soft and sweet.
Radhika continued, “Candravali is very soft in her dealings with Krsna. Even if she sees that Krsna has committed an offense to her lotus feet and is meeting with other gopis right in front of her, she will generally not become sulky. She may do so occasionally, but not often. Without this sulky anger, no one can serve Krsna or please Him. Candravali does not have a trace of love and affection, so I don’t want to even hear her name. Never mention her name in My assembly.”

Candravali likewise told her sakhis, “I don’t want to hear the name of Radhika. I don’t even want to hear the name of the star constellation called anuradha. Why not? Neither the experts on the subject of love nor the great sages and munis appreciate the mood of Radhika, nor do the yogis and rsis meditate on the mood of Radhika, nor do they appreciate Her name. Those rsis who always meditate upon Krsna’s lotus feet never attract Radha to their hearts. Those who want to peacefully meditate on the lotus feet of Krsna become disturbed if they think about the moods of Srimati Radhika. In fact, Her name alone makes them tremble and become disturbed. That very same Krsna fell at the feet of Radhika, and still She rejected Him by saying, ‘I don’t want You here. O black Krsna, get out of My kunja.’ So don’t utter Her name, and don’t even utter the word anuradha.”

Although Radhika and Candravali both speak in this way, Radhika’s love and affection is superior. The highest truths of Radhika’s madhu-sneha prema have been described, in minute detail, in Srila Rupa Gosvami’s Ujjvala-nilamani. They have not been disclosed in Srimad-Bhagavatam, nor in the books of Sri Jayadeva Gosvami, nor by previous acaryas. Only Srila Rupa Gosvami has revealed these intimate moods, in his Vidagdha-madhava, Lalita-madhava, and here in Ujjvala-nilamani.

Vrndavana: November, 1994

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