We will have to give up all desire for Svarga (Heaven), and so on.

The question arises in what way to do this. If we give up all desires, we cannot live in the world even for a moment. We should try to know all the fundamental truths about how to practice bhakti; otherwise we cannot be successful, and we will think that Krsna’s dancing in rasa-lila and our dancing in a nightclub are the same. We will be bound to think like this. We must be anyabhilasa, without any kind of desire other than the desire to serve Krsna. Kama (lust), krodha (anger), lobha (greed), moha (illusion), mada (pride), and matsarya (envy) are material desires. Vaco vegam manasa krodha-vegam (the urges of the words, mind, and anger) jihva-vegam (the urge of the tongue) udaropastha-vegam (the urge of the belly and genitals) are all worldly desires.

Without karma (activity), we cannot live for a moment. We are bound to do some karma, or work, as long as we are in this body. We are bound to do so, but we should not perform any karma that will cover our bhakti. We cannot give up all karmas; we cannot leave sleeping, we cannot check the seeing of our eyes, our mind cannot be controlled; and we have to breathe air. Seeing, hearing, walking, eating, and drinking are also karma. How can we give these up? We cannot. Rather, we can engage in karma in such a way that it will not cover our bhakti. We will have to make all the karmas helpful to bhakti; then it will not be covered.

Vrndavana: November, 1994

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