Audio Katha Sayana Ekadasi and Caturmasya - Prabhuji 1 July 2020

Sayana Ekadasi and Caturmasya – Prabhuji 1 July 2020

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In Vṛndāvana, rasa is present everywhere. It is in all the kuñjas and groves. Kṛṣṇa-līlā is full of rasa. The bumblebees, birds, and butterflies all taste this rasa. In the same way, all the bhaktas who come to Vṛndāvana can taste rasa according to their adhikāra. In Vraja, Vṛndā-devī arranges for everyone to receive rasa according to their qualification. In that transcendental world, the residents do not compete with one-another. They live together harmoniously and they help whoever comes, thinking, “How can we help this person progress?”

Janmastami Bhoga Offerings in Radhe Kunj!

Prabhuji told us to document all the preps we cooked with the devotees, so that in the future people will know how Krsna should be cooked for on His birthday...


After sometime, Śrīla Bābājī Mahārāja spoke the following words to the assembled devotees, “Except the absence of the desire for obtaining the objects of this world, I didn’t see any transcendental mood in the landlord brāhmaṇa who came from so far while being simultaneously absorbed in bhāva. I understood by listening to a few words of his that his consciousness is not absorbed in hari-bhajana in the least. Hari-bhajana cannot be ‘measured’ and speculated on by ordinary people. If even a drop of hypocrisy is present in hari-bhajana, then although detachment, renunciation, and moods of so-called bhāva are exhibited, such renunciation is not real nor is it bhāva-bhakti. Such artificial renunciation will immediately vanish whenever there are testing times. Renunciation is always looking for the opportunity to seek the shelter of a person whose consciousness is infused with rati, the preliminary stage of love of Godhead...

On God, Love and Reincarnation

...What is God? What is the soul? You can realize this only in this human body; otherwise it is not possible. If you are an animal, a tree, a creeper, or an insect, you cannot realize this; you cannot understand all these truths. You can understand something only in this human body. You have some intelligence given by the Lord, so try to use it...

Prahlada Questioned by His Father

Blood appeared in the livid eyes of Hiranyakasipu. Only moments before, tears of so-called affection had been falling from those eyes. Just see the way of wicked persons. One moment they are saying, “O my dearest! O my sweetest!” then, the next moment, blood oozes from their face in their anger and frustration with you. First, they say that they are your humble servants, then, if you do not follow their selfish plans, they erupt like volcanoes...

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