Acaryas Quotes Bhakti Quotes What is God? What is the soul?

What is God? What is the soul?

This body is not my self. It is something like a garment. The body is covered with a garment, and it is also like a garment. One day, when we become old, we will have to give up this garment. Surely, we will have to do so.

What is God? What is the soul? You can realize this only in this human body; otherwise it is not possible. If you are an animal, a tree, a creeper, or an insect, you cannot realize this; you cannot understand all these truths. You can understand something only in this human body. You have some intelligence given by the Lord, so try to use it.

Also, don’t kill animals and eat their flesh and eggs. If you do, your mind and heart will become like them. If you eat the flesh of hogs and pigs, your mentality and heart will become like them. Your nature will be changed to be like them. What is the meaning of meat? ME-EAT. If you eat meat, that animal will come as a human and eat you. So don’t take meat, eggs, and other bad things. God has given fruits, milk, butter, curd, and so many other nice foodstuffs. Personally, I have never taken meat, eggs, or wine in my entire life.

If you want to be pure to serve God, then you must follow this. There is only one religion, that religion is natural, and that natural religion is love and affection to God and everyone. Even a dog, a lion, a bear, and a tiger have love for their wife and children. Although they may eat the flesh of others, they have love for their families. To love is natural for all. Trees also love; they want to love each other. How? Little creepers love trees and embrace them.

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June 8, 1998

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...In 1969, allegations were raised against the observance of Ratha-yātrā in Navadvīpa-dhāma. Acarya Kesarī had originally initiated the Ratha-yātrā parade in Navadvīpa-dhāma without protest. Yet shortly after his disappearance, an article was published in another organization’s journal declaring that the performance of Ratha-yātrā in Navadvīpa is contrary to the conception of rūpānugā-bhakti...

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My Guru Maharaja would never tell anyone where he would go; he would go to any bhakta’s house without any prior notice. He would never announce this. Once, he went to Laksmi-Janardanapura in Sundarvana. The area is a jungle. Many poor people live there in straw-huts nearby the river. In the morning and evening all the villagers did kirtana and worshiped their Guru Maharaja. On their Guru Maharaja’s birthday, they desired to make a big feast...

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Śrī Rūpa Mañjarī, Śrī Rati Mañjarī, Lavaṅga Mañjarī, Mañjūlalī-māñjarī, and Śrī Rasa Mañjarī eagerly and lovingly serve Śrīmatī Rādhārānī, supplying Her musk and various other articles. Śrīla Narottama dāsa Ṭhākura prays, “When will I serve Śrī Rādhā-Mādhava with these nitya-siddha-mañjarīs?” Many devotees serve Rādhā-Mādhava and there are also many devotees who serve in sakhya- and vātsalya-rasa. But the prema-sevā rendered under the guidance of the mañjarīs is especially pleasing to Rādhā-Mādhava...

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He said, "Bhīma only has a little power. Sometimes he goes off and collects a new wife. In the jungle he had a son with Hidimba, a rākṣasī. Sometimes he meets with Draupadī and sometimes any other. He doesn't have any control of himself and doesn't follow any rules and regulations." Some people say, "I am a male, how can I be in love with God, the Supreme Male." Yet if I consider the śakti I possess; who is its proprietor? All śakti is the property of God. Therefore if one has śakti within him, then it will be natural for him to have love for God. That is the innate tendency of śakti. When Kṛṣṇa raised the wheel of the chariot, and ran forward to kill Bhīṣma, Bhīṣma folded his hands and smiled with great love for the Lord. Previously, upon hearing that Kṛṣṇa would not engage in battle during the war Bhīṣma made a vow, "I will not call myself the son of Santanu if I cannot make the Lord raise arms in this battle.” When Duryodhana returned from meeting Kṛṣṇa in Dvārakā he told Bhīṣma, “Keśi’s killer will not fight. He will remain silent in the humble position of a charioteer.”

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