Acaryas Quotes Gurudeva said today Our Relation Depends Only on the Divine Love

Our Relation Depends Only on the Divine Love

When we want problems, any worldly things, worldly desires, then we may be cheated. And where there is no worldly gain, no envy, no ill-speaking, then why this cheating will come? So, I don’t want to cheat you. Really, I want to help you in the line of Svāmījī. I want to glorify Svāmījī from my heart. Not by worldly things, but by divine love, and all these divine things. So, I have nothing to do with worldly desires and all other things. Our relation depends only on the divine love of the Divine Couple and Caitanya Mahāprabhu and Nityānanda Prabhu.

June 28, 1996 New Braja, California

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If a person brings a pile of fresh stool to another person and requests him to accept it then he will be entirely uninterested and disgusted. But if that stool was brought to pigs and piglets then they would be very happy. Now think about this. Are we pigs and piglets? Are we dogs and hogs? Or are we humans, men, and women? Are you a gentleman? If you are a gentleman, then why do you accept any other person’s faults or the complaints of a faultfinder? This is offered to you on a plate. Oh, how sweet and tasteful! Now, when this is offered to me, I quickly take it and immediately distribute it to others. I will be an agent of this.

Five Kinds of Knowledge

Pratyakṣa—this knowledge refers to what we realize by our five kinds of senses and by what we see. This is pratyakṣa. But pratyakṣa is not helpful. It is not real. It is only the shadow; it is the perverted reflection of that aprākṛta (transcendental) world. It changes every minute. So, pratyakṣa means direct knowledge. Direct knowledge is not good. We cannot rely on this. If you rely on it then you will have to go in the chain of birth and death that has repeated sufferings and sorrows. So, Prabhupāda spoke of another form of knowledge. Do you know who Cārvāka is? He propagated the philosophy of eat, drink, and make merry. They say, “We have not seen God. There is no God...

Like An Ant – Harinama-cintamani

Like an ant that becomes trapped in honey, the more the conditioned soul accepts māyā, the harder it is to escape. However, if we are engaged in vraja-rasa, then we will get strength, transcendental power, and the ability to easily cross over māyā. At that time, everything to do with māyā will appear to us like...

The 10 Offenses to the Holy Names

After the kuñja-bhaṅga-līlā, or niśānta-līlā (pastimes at night’s end), Śrī Rādhā-Śyāmasundara return to Their respective abodes and lie down on Their beds. The condition of Śrī Kiśorī in Jāvaṭa is indescribable as She burns in separation from Her beloved. Śrī Rūpa and Rati Mañjarīs are absorbed in their service to Her and give Her encouragement, again infusing Her with life. Sometimes Jaṭilā, sometimes Mukharā and sometimes Paurṇamāsī enter Śrī Kiśorī’s quarters, and at this time Śyāmalā also comes. Kiśorī and Śyāmalā become immersed in joking with each other...

Srila Gurudeva Janmastami Katha 1999

We are very lucky to be in Mathura, near Gokula, on the banks of Yamuna for observing this festival Janmastami. But today is a special occasion. A very dear and eternal associate of Krsna was sent by Him today. Especially on the Nandotsava, it is very rare. It is the appearance day of Om Visnupada Srila Swami Maharaja...

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