Acaryas Quotes Gurudeva said today It is Not Your Responsibility

It is Not Your Responsibility

Bhakti is a personality; śraddhā is a personality. So, if anyone offends the Vaiṣṇavas, then what becomes of him? Śraddhā will quickly go away. When the root of one’s devotion—śraddhā—will go away, then what will remain? The following stages of devotion, like niṣṭhā, ruci, and āsakti, will also quickly go away; then you will be like zero. Tilaka may be there; kanṭhī may be there; but gradually they will also disappear. So, try to know this. Don’t make offenses. You should not criticize anyone. It is not your responsibility to look after a bad person. You should go on with your devotion and not associate with such a person. You should offer your praṇāma from far away.

June 07, 1996 Houston

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In one battle, armed with outdated rifles and bayonets, Kunja Bihari led his squadron in a surprise attack on a bunker behind enemy lines. Kunja Bihari alone survived the ambush. From the captured bunker, he used the heavy artillery to disable many advancing tanks and largely due to his efforts, India won one of the most critical battles in the campaign. He was locked in the bunker for two weeks, unable to escape, and lived on survival food pills. He spent the time chanting harinama incessantly

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Madhva Muni teaches that it is impossible for one without anurāga to please God. It is for this reason that the color of anurāga is our sign and symbol. A frog staying in a dark well cannot imagine what the world outside of that well looks like. By accepting this red, anurāga color for the outside of his samādhi, Śrīla Gurudeva is inviting us all not to be like frogs in a well, but to, instead, come to the guru-varga, who will show us this anurāga-vallarī, or creeper of anurāga. Whatever happens in this world only happens by the eternal desire of God and the guru-varga. But conditioned souls have a different conception. They think everything is useless.


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