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His Form is the Essence of Loveliness

Because the ladies of Mathura were seeing Krsna with prema, He appeared ever new and fresh. There were others present in that arena such as the wrestlers, but did they see Him in the same way? They were not pleased upon seeing Him and instead merely became angry. Did Hiranyakasipu enjoy hearing Bhagavan’s name, which is sweeter than sweetness itself? So the ladies of Mathura are saying that the gopis drank the ever fresh, enchanting form of Krsna with their eyes just as one drinks nectar with the mouth. His form is the essence of lavanya, loveliness. It is as if He is the very embodiment of all loveliness.

A lion which is kept in a cage does not appear very beautiful, but when it is set free in the forest, then the entirety of its beauty and power and everything are apparent. Similarly, all of Krsna’s beauty and sweetness are exhibited only ‘in the forest’ of Vraja. He was not as beautiful in the wrestling arena with drops of the elephant’s blood spattered on His face. In this connection Sanatana Gosvami quotes this verse from the Srimad-Bhagavatam (3.2.12):

yan-martya-lilaupayikam sva-yoga
maya-balam darsayata grhitam
vismapanam svasya ca saubhagarddheh
param padam bhusana-bhusanangam

“By His Yogamaya potency, Bhagavan Sri Krsna appeared in this world to lead the conditioned souls back to Him, and He exhibited a form which being seen would enchant them all. That form is the best of all, the ornament of all ornaments, and seeing it is the pinnacle of good fortune.”

Bhakti Rasayana page 97 – 98
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By chanting Kṛṣṇa’s name just once, all your sins, anarthas, and offenses will be destroyed. And then, the sādhaka will be admitted into the realm of prema-bhakti. The sādhaka will then be ornamented with the different symptoms of ecstasy. Crossing māyā, the desire for kṛṣṇa-sevā will completely blossom in his heart. Kṛṣṇa’s name bestows many fruits. Although you have been chanting Kṛṣṇa’s names for a long time, your heart doesn’t melt and tears don’t appear. This is because of offenses. Your love is lost because you have shared it with many others. You cannot use your love for God. In this world only ‘mortgage love’ is found. Like, Kardama Ṛṣi told Devahūti, “I will leave as soon as a son is born. I will stay with you only until our son is born.” Many people think, “The śāstras have stated that a person should be in family life from the age of twenty-five to fifty. So, I will loan myself to one person.” A person says, “If your father gives ten million rupees, I will become your slave.”

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Nityānanda Prabhu didn’t beat or smash everyone. He humbly requested, and prayed to everyone. He sweetly said, “Please accept My words! This is good for you.” People then naturally changed by the Lord’s sweetness. Similarly, the sādhus also possess such mercy. There is no need to make a person forcibly follow the rules and regulations. The śāstras state, “If you don’t follow these rules and regulations, you will go to hell and be duly punished there.” But Nityānanda Prabhu and Mahāprabhu never spoke like this. They only give the moods of kṛṣṇa-prema. Even if a Vaiṣṇava is born in a demoniac family, when his demoniac family members remember him, they will immediately become happy and pleased. Mahāprabhu gave the responsibility of making everyone the followers of vraja-bhakti. He especially wanted that the nature, desires, and love of the Vraja-devīs be given to everyone. Then everyone will automatically receive attachment for anurāgamayi-bhakti. Thus, there will be no need to smash or squeeze anyone. Everyone will spontaneously change.Some say, “I become very happy by remembering the Vaiṣṇavas.” But they don’t know the reason for their happiness. Anurāga will gradually dawn on their hearts because of their respect and love for the sādhus. When their natures change, they will offer from their hearts. And then, the mood of yugala-bhajana that the sādhu has in his heart will appear in their hearts as well. There will be no need for harināma, dīkṣā, instructions, advice, or orders. When a person follows vraja-bhakti, the fragrance of his devotion will permeate the entire atmosphere and change everyone’s natures. The followers of vaidhī-bhakti, karma, and jñāna try to control their senses by various means—but it is impossible to control the senses by such endeavors. Also, nobody will change as well. But everyone will automatically change in the association of the anurāgi-bhaktas. There will be no need to give separate classes. The anurāgi-bhaktas continuously speak about the glories of the Vrajavāsīs and the Vraja-devīs.

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