Mahabhava is unlimitedly variegated. Ordinarily it is said that mahabhava is of two varieties— rudha and adhirudha, but thousands of variations of each of them are possible, some in meeting and some in separation. But all varieties of mahabhava are embodied in Srimati Radhika, or they are manifest in Her expansions as the sakhis. She is the svayam-rupa of mahabhava, as Krsna is the svayam-rupa and source of the tad-ekatma, svamsaka, vilasa, avesa, prabhava- prakasa, vaibhava-prakasa, and guna expansions.

The guna-avataras are Brahma, Visnu, and Sankara, and the avesa-avataras include Prthu, Narada, Vyasa, Kapila, and Parasurama. They all possess specific natures or empowerments. Then when Krsna expands into forms which are fully saccidananda and sarva-saktiman, it is called tad-ekatma-rupa.

As all these personalities expand from Him and perpetually exist within Him, Radha embodies all of the three hundred and sixty varieties of heroines. Due to this She always attracts Krsna’s mind. If Krsna desires a specific bhava, and in one gopi it is found to be insufficient, He can attain it by associating with another gopi. But none of them can completely mystify and enchant Him as only Radhika can.

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