Acaryas Quotes Gurudeva said today The Qualification to Understand

The Qualification to Understand

Devotee: How is your writing?
Śrīla Gurudeva: Very interesting. Bhaktivedānta Svāmī, your Gurudeva, has hidden something and I am opening it. You should pray to Kṛṣṇa that He should give me life and health, then I can finish [the 11th and 12th canto of Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam].

Devotee: But my prayers are not effective.

Śrīla Gurudeva: If everyone will pray, He is bound to hear.

Devotee: We don’t have the qualification to understand your books, so we put them on the altar and worship them. Unless you give us the qualification, how will we read?

Śrīla Gurudeva: When you will read, Rūpa Gosvāmī himself will give you qualification.

May 15, 2008 Miami

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After sometime, Śrīla Bābājī Mahārāja spoke the following words to the assembled devotees, “Except the absence of the desire for obtaining the objects of this world, I didn’t see any transcendental mood in the landlord brāhmaṇa who came from so far while being simultaneously absorbed in bhāva. I understood by listening to a few words of his that his consciousness is not absorbed in hari-bhajana in the least. Hari-bhajana cannot be ‘measured’ and speculated on by ordinary people. If even a drop of hypocrisy is present in hari-bhajana, then although detachment, renunciation, and moods of so-called bhāva are exhibited, such renunciation is not real nor is it bhāva-bhakti. Such artificial renunciation will immediately vanish whenever there are testing times. Renunciation is always looking for the opportunity to seek the shelter of a person whose consciousness is infused with rati, the preliminary stage of love of Godhead...

Krsna's Weakness

The gopis said, "If people offer themselves to Krsna, Krsna accepts them. He cannot refuse them. This is His weakness. He even accepted the witch Putana as a mother. She offered her breast milk to Him with the intention of poisoning Him, but despite her ill-intentions, Krsna accepted that as service and gave her a permanent position and seva in relation to Him. Now Laksmi will steal Krsna from us, and such is our...

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For the welfare of the living entities in material existence, this wonderful pastime of Dahi-chidwa-mahotsava was manifest in this...

The War's Commencement – Bhagavad Gita

Therefore Bhīṣma sat silently, waiting to witness the will of God. Duryodhana's only intention was to enjoy Draupadī. He wanted to make her the object of his enjoyment. The results of this would cause great misfortune to him and his dynasty. When talk again resumed to return the Pāṇḍavas kingdom, he said, "Never! Without fighting, without being defeated in war we will not give anything." He wanted that the entire Earth be his own and that all objects be for his enjoyment. When this degree of selfishness surrounds living entities and attacks them – when they are unsatisfied in their kāma or selfish desires, then anger arises within them. When there is an obstacle in the acquirement of objects to satisfy one's lusty desires, anger comes...

The History of Sri Giriraja-Govardhana – 10 June 1996

The conditioned souls are ignorant. They don’t know what the atma is or where the atma is. We are not realizing Brahma. If we are Brahma ourselves, then why are we not realizing it? If there is no illusory maya, then they say, “We are Brahma.” But actually this is not true. There are some hidden teachings behind all these things. Ramanuja and Sankara are in one line. They don’t have different opinions. But we think that they were of different opinions. A student of class four may think that M.A. or Ph.D. students are different from lower class students. But, we know that the students are in one line. A question comes, “Who has this illusory maya caught?” Maya cannot catch Brahma because He is satyam-jnanam-anantam-brahma. He has full knowledge, so maya cannot catch Brahma. Guest: Maya can go only where there is ignorance. Srila Gurudeva: So who is in ignorance? Those, who are separate from Krsna, from Godhead, are in ignorance. Otherwise, maya cannot them. So, they are different. But different means they are non-different. How? I will try to make you understand this. Guest: The sun and the heat are non-different. Srila Gurudeva: Yes, like this. But they cannot be different. Guest: Wherever there is the sun, there is heat. Srila Gurudeva: We are one but we are also different. But if the clouds come, then it may be that we will not realize the sun’s heat. Guest: The sun is shielded. Srila Gurudeva: Krsna has said in the Gita that “I am within and without.” This is called acintya-bhedabheda. There is bheda—difference and abheda—non-difference. But we cannot decide. Guest: Here they say, “If you have any bright thoughts, then apply them to do something.” Srila Gurudeva: This is called practice. To practice is bhakti. Guest: You have studied all the scriptures like Brahma Samhita? Srila Gurudeva: I have heard from my Gurudeva, more than reading the scriptures. Realization cannot come by only reading. [Break of audio] Srila Gurudeva: We were about thirty of us and we would always be engaged in serving, cooking, washing clothes and hearing. We would do everything. Once, some guests came to the house of Sankaracarya when he was a boy. He was studying in school. His mother was a widow. His mother told him, “Some guests have come. I have to cook for them. Go bring some brinjals from the garden.” Sankaracarya went to that garden and only took one brinjal. His mother asked him, “Why have you brought only one brinjal? It will not do. There are so many guests. Why didn’t you bring more brinjals?” He replied, “There was only one brinjal there.” His mother said, “Last evening, I saw thousands of brinjals. They were so beautiful and big. Did anyone take them all? What have become of them since you saw only one brinjal?” Sankaracarya said, “I saw only one brinjal and I took it.” The mother then took her son and they went to the garden. She saw that there were lakhs and lakhs of brinjals hanging from their twigs. The mother asked, “Son, why did you lie? Why did you tell me that there was only one brinjal?” Pointing at the brinjals, Sankaracarya told his mother, “All these are one, one, one, and one. So I brought only one.” Then his mother twisted his ears and gave a slap. Sankara says, “There is only one Brahma. All are Brahma. Salvam khalv idam brahma.” But, while quoting statements from the scriptures to support his philosophy, he only quotes parts of the sentences and not the whole sentences. Sankara was ordered by Krsna. Krsna told him, “You should try to cover Me from the people who want so many things from this world. And for those who are devotees you should preach to them and say, ‘Bhaja govindam bhaja govindam govindam bhaja mudha-mate.’” The teachings of Ramanuja, Madhva, and all other devotees should be taken in abhyasa, practice. The theory of Sankaracarya makes a foundation that we are not this physical body. If everyone is the same brahma as the mayavadis say then why is everyone quarrelling? Why do the husband and wife quarrel? Why do the children quarrel with their parents? If America is brahma, India is brahma, and Pakistan is brahma; they why do they quarrel among themselves?

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