Acaryas Quotes Bhakti Quotes Without Guru-nishta, No One Can Have Any Kind Of Devotion

Without Guru-nishta, No One Can Have Any Kind Of Devotion

I have previously explained about the duties of disciples. I explained that guru-nishta is the backbone of bhakti. Without guru-nishta, no one can have any kind of devotion. One may have taken initiation, but if there is no nishta, he is inferior to a person who has not taken initiation and has not had a fire sacrifice, but is actually following guru.

I have seen and realized this. There was a disciple of Paramapujyapada Srauti Maharaja, named Narayana prabhu, who was totally surrendered to my Guru Maharaja. He was always serving by his mind, intelligence, and by all the limbs of his body. He was living with our Guru Maharaja, hearing hari-katha, and fully accepting all his instructions. We all had so much honor for him. I especially had so much love and honor for him, as did Paramapujyapada Vamana Maharaja, Paramapujyapada Trivikrama Maharaja, and all others. Why? He was not initiated, but he was more than initiated. He was a real diksa disciple. Sincerity and obedience were his main principles.

Murwillumbah, Australia: January 24, 2001

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“Why do so many fail to develop profound hari-bhakti, even though they reside in the temple and follow the practices of devotion? The mouse performed ārati and the pigeon did parikramā, and through this they both achieved perfection; but many in the temple do ārati and parikramā daily with seemingly no advancement. Why?


Śrīman Mahāprabhu instructs, “In this world there are two types of jīvas, one is the conditioned soul and one is a sādhaka. Sādhakas are of two types, one is vaidhi-marga follower and one is rāgānugā. The sādhaka of vaidhī is like a prisoner; by force they follow the government’s rules. But they desire to break out of the jail and go out of the rules and regulations. In vaidhī there is no love, it is only like duty where they follow by force and after duty run to māyā. In the rāgānugā-mārga there is anurāga, deep love, and it is natural affection. Mahāprabhu stayed in siddha pīṭha Gambhīrā where the gurus worped Jagannātha with deep love. Not only with mantra and paraphernalia, not only with instruments, but they offered their own hearts to Jagannātha, served Jagannātha, and had a strong relation with Jagannātha.

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