Audio Katha Ekadashi Audio Mohini Ekadasi - Prabhuji 4 May 2020

Mohini Ekadasi – Prabhuji 4 May 2020

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The Hearts of the Vrajavasis

We pray with these songs so that we can develop natural love. Do not think that this praying is useless. This is very powerful. You should be serious when you pray. Then, everything will come in your heart. The Vrajavasis will see and hear your prayers, and then they will be pleased with you and the rays of their love will enter your heart. When you are engaged in these prayers and kirtanas, many well-wishers will come to help you go closer to Krsna...


Śrīla Bhaktivinoda Ṭhākura never presented bhāgavata-dharma and prema-bhakti in such a way that it would suit the needs of the ignorant. He again preached the anyabhilāṣitā-śūnya verse to the educated society of the 19th century. This verse delineates the essence of the svarupa-rūpānuga line of pure devotion...

Krsna Sends Uddhava to Vraja

“O master of My life, O master of the goddess of fortune, O master of Vraja! O destroyer of all suffering, Govinda, please lift Your Gokula out of the ocean of distress in which it is drowning!”

Remedy – Bhagavad Gita

When the conditioned souls have lost everything and are in the most dire condition, Kṛṣṇa helps them by sharing His six opulences. If His devotees are very poor and suffering, Kṛṣṇa will give wealth. Then they think, "Oh God is helping me." If they are weak or devoid of any strength, God will give the power to come back to Him. If no one respects or likes them, God will make them famous. God will give a portion of His glory and make whoever He so desires glorious. Then people will respect that person and he will think, "I now am a great personality." God may give śrī; beauty, meaning all good qualities. God also gives spiritual knowledge to defeat everything mundane. Then one will understand what is good and bad for him. If God doesn't give strength, energy and good intelligence then one will never understand that what he has done is bad for him. If God bestows spiritual knowledge, one will understand what is bad and will not act wrongly or go to wrong places...


Jagannātha told Ramānujācārya, “Why did you fight with my servants? This is not your duty. It is My responsibility. You are guru and ācārya; if anyone comes to you for love, affection and shelter then it is your duty to help them. You have no right to judge and punish. You can give advice, but not remove them from My service.” Ācārya Rāmānuja accepted and Jagannātha’s service continued as before. All the pujārīs were serving Lord Jagannātha, offering Him bhoga, distributing prasādam and dressing Him. They have a very strong relation with Jagannātha. If a guru-sevaka or God’s servant does some wrong, any ordinary person cannot give punishment. They should be respected. Don’t criticize or look at their faults or else Gurudeva and God will be disturbed with you. Once there was a cow that went out to graze in the jungle. She saw some clear ponds and lush grass, so she went to drink some water and eat the grass and became stuck in deep mud. The more she tried to free herself the more stuck she became. A tiger saw the cow from the top of a nearby hill and thought to eat the cow. The tiger jumped down and also got stuck in the mud. By the evening the cow’s guardian came looking for the cow. He came and rescued his cow with a rope. The tiger thought that he would also be saved. They used the rope and pulled the tiger nearby but then killed the tiger and skinned it, taking its leather, nails and everything else. Don’t think to attack the servants of guru or God who have relation with Him. Even if they appear to stray or do many wrong things, they have a guardian. The next time Ācārya Rāmānuja came to Purī he never said anything to Jagannātha’s paṇḍās. In Jagannātha Purī, some pandas wear big gold chains and ornaments, abuse others, chew pan, steal, kick, and beat people, but there is not a problem. Jagannātha likes them. They have relation and love for Jagannātha.

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