Audio Katha 2020 Vaisnava-tithis Sita Devi, Jahnava Devi glory - Prabhuji 2 May 2020

Sita Devi, Jahnava Devi glory – Prabhuji 2 May 2020

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Spiritual Matriculation – Rasa-pancadhyayi English

Set Fire to the House

She called an attractive widow, paid her some money, and told her, “Go to the assembly where Raghunātha Bhaṭṭa is speaking. After he completes his lecture, begin to loudly wail. Get the attention of my husband. When he asks you what is wrong, tell him, ‘This bābājī has very bad character, and has assaulted me.’ If you can convince the people, and especially my husband, that the bābājī abused you, then I will handsomely reward you...”


Krṣṇa will not appear in an impure heart. Even materialists will not stay in a dirty area. Cleaning is necessary. Mahāprabhu gave a good chance for cleaning the heart on the day of Guṇḍīcā-mārjana...

Parsva Ekadasi and Vamana Dvadasi

Today is Parsva Ekadasi and Vamana Dvadasi. Both these tithis are together. This is called vishnu-srinkhala-yoga. These tithis have come together to bind Vishnu. In the beginning of the rainy season there is Sayana Ekadasi. On that day, Hari lays down to rest on His left side. Two months later, at the halfway point of caturmasya, Lord Vishnu turns on to His right side. Two of Bhagavan’s saktis are bhu-sakti and lila-sakti. Sometimes bhu-sakti receives prominence in Bhagavan’s service and sometimes lila-sakti has prominence. Sri-sakti and lila-sakti are one and bhu-sakti is separate. If you go to the temples of South India, you will always see Sri-devi and Bhu-devi present in the temple with Vishnu. However, these are extrinsic points on the import of this day. What is the real matter?...

Śrī Upadeśāmṛta, Verse 2: Six Impediments to Bhakti

...Those who desire to obtain kṛṣṇa-prema, which is the ultimate fruit of bhakti-yoga, should never indulge in illicit association with women. Learned sages who know the absolute truth say that for those who desire liberation from material existence and attainment of the lotus feet of the Lord, illicit connection with women opens wide the door to hell...

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